Re:CREATORS Episode 7: Altair Unveiled and a Dangerous Chance Meeting

Quick Summary of Re:CREATORS Episode 7

In Re:Creators episode 7, “I don’t want to make a mistake for the sake of the people who are in my story,” last episode’s fight rages into the evening — is there any end in sight? Will the city survive? Meteora Österreich and Selesia Upitiria race to find Makagami Chikujouin’s Creator — will they find him before Chikujouin does? Masaaki Nakanogane comes up with a new theory, then makes an even more shocking discovery. Mamika Kirameki meets Souta Mizushino on a train and talks to him about Altair; how much did Chikujouin overhear? And why is she grinning so big?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious!

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What Happened in Re:CREATORS Episode 7

The Magical Slayer Doesn’t Back Down

Selesia’s shocked and a little touched that Kirameki would try to protect everyone. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Kirameki continues to defend the fallen Meteora against Blitz Talker’s gunfire; Selesia and Alicetelia February trade hammering blows. As Meteora uses the Magical Slayer’s cover fire as a chance to retreat, Kirameki intervenes between her friend and Selesia. Alicetelia objects, but Kirameki says that if they can’t stop hurting each other that she’ll use her magical splash flare — even against a friend. Yuuya Mirokuji picks that moment to arrive and says he wants in on the fun.

Mirokuji wants a rematch with Blitz. As the latter takes aim, Mirokuji releases his spirit familiar Hangaku, who, after pushing Blitz back, goes after Alicetelia to keep her out of the battle. Kirameki is determined not to let anyone fight, so she tries to stop Blitz and Mirokuji, the but latter is so strong she can’t keep up. As she urges Alicetelia to retreat, Rui Kanoya arrives in Giga Machina (after Aki Kikuchihara called him). Alicetelia takes Kirameki and retreats. Chikujouin slips away, and Blitz flies off after saying their time is growing short. Relieved that the battle’s ended, Kanoya uses Giga Machina to ask Selesia and Meteora if they were okay.

Chikujouin may be evil, but she enjoys a good show. She actually cheered Kirameki on. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Mirokuji goes back with Kanoya, Meteora, Selesia, and Kikuchihara to a government safe house, where he eats ice cream and Kanoya eats chips. Selesia says that with Mizushino’s help, they identified the novel Yasoukiroku as Chikujouin’s origin. Of course, she’s the villain. Her lies are so powerful that she can actually bend reality. The government official immediately calls to put the novel’s author under protection. Selesia and Meteora prepare to search for Chikujouin, knowing that she tends to kill people for fun. Mirokuji suggests that she may have changed and grown, like he has changed — the conditions of this world are different than the fictional world.

Chikujouin is Not Kind to Her Creator

Unfortunately for him, Chikujouin finds her creator before protection arrives. She samples various items from his refrigerator and reads his notes for his next work. Her research tells her what the others have learned: simply changing a scene on paper doesn’t give her different powers or change her world. Leaving her creator hanging dead from the ceiling, she leaves to start her plan of world conquest.

Marine tries to encourage Mizushino, but she interrupts him trying to confess, and he loses his nerve. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Mizushino tells Marine, Nakanogane, and Takashi Matsubara that Blitz is a mercenary from a manga called Code Babylon. They’ve already contacted Kikuchihara to ask the author be placed under protection. Mizushino shifts uncomfortably as Nakanogane reasons that Military Uniform Princess couldn’t have been a minor character, since only characters who made a big impression on readers or viewers have been able to come into this world. He’s even more uncomfortable when Marine asks to see his pictures (Selesia mentioned his drawing skills to Marine). When he complains that his drawings aren’t good enough, the others encourage him, though Nakanogane mentions that in their line of work, they get a lot of harsh criticism.

Remembering the web pages about Altair and World Étude, he starts to confess what he’s been hiding about the Military Uniform Princess. Marine, though, tries to encourage him about his drawings at the same time, and he loses his nerve. He excuses himself and takes a train home. After he leaves, Nakanogane and the others keep trying to figure things out. They get so far as to assert that their enemy has been pulling characters from anime, manga, and video games because that was the scope of her creator’s interests. Meteora interrupts them with a phone call to say that Chikujouin’s creator has been killed.

Kirameki Tried To Do the Right Thing

Kirameki surprises Mizushino when she ran into him on a train. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

On the train ride home, Kirameki happens to see Mizushino. She convinces him that she just wants to talk, and they head for a cafe. Chikujouin coincidentally sees them and, an evil grin on her face, follows them. She tells him that she thinks she’s grown since she arrived in this world, and she wants his honest answer: does he know the Military Uniform Princess? Even as he confesses that he does know her, Nakanogane calls everyone else together and announces that he found their enemy on a Doujinshi web site. On the video screen, he displays a picture of Altair; it’s a perfect match. Back in the cafe, Mizushino tells Kirameki that Altair’s planning something terrible because she likely hates the world. At a table nearby, Chikujouin smirks in delight.

What I Liked about Re:CREATORS Episode 7

Alicetelia and Selesia’s Battle

Alicetelia and Selesia could have pounded away at each other all day. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Alicetelia and Selesia seem almost evenly matched. Alicetelia’s heavily armored with a lance to match, but Selesia is no less strong and had greater speed and maneuverability. I think they could have gone at it all day! I also thought it was a nice touch that Alicetelia felt compelled to argue her case as they fought, saying that her cause was more urgent than Selesia’s. Maybe Alicetelia’s feeling a little doubt about her leader, the Military Uniform Princess?

Kirameki’s evolved a bit, too. When we last saw her fight, she became almost frantic when she couldn’t convince Selesia to surrender. In this episode, she tries to convince Alicetelia that if they can’t agree, that they should just leave each other alone. It feels odd to say, but the little magical girl is turning out to be one of the more complex characters in the show.

I know that Chikujouin is completely evil, but how can I not chuckle at her enthusiasm as she watches the battle?

Kirameki’s reaction to the Giga Machina’s landing was completely understandable. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

I think Kirameki’s reaction to Giga Machina showing up was probably close to what mine would be. That thing is huge, and it landed right in the middle of the river.

Giga Machina, The Friendly Mech

Seeing the gigantic Giga Machina standing in the middle of the river, waving its arms and asking if Selesia and Meteora were okay, was surreal. That’s among the last things I’d expect a giant mech to do.

Chikujouin’s power is called “Infinite Deception of Words.” Gotta say she seems like she’s an expert at it!

I think that Kanoya’s developing a man-crush on Mirokuji. I guess he’s at that impressionable young age!

Seriously, I hate that Chikujouin is so adorable: she calls her plan to take over the world “My Miracle Great Emperor” plan — that’s so cute! And yet — she says it out loud in such an innocent voice as her creator hangs dead from the ceiling. Casual evil is so chilling!

That scene was even more disturbing because of the cooking utensils on the floor; she apparently had interrupted him preparing a meal. The flicking light also gave the scene a Doom 3-like feel.

Marine looks so proud that she’s keeping up with what other artists are doing! Mizushino, meanwhile, still struggles with his conscience. Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

I had to smile when Marine announced proudly that she kept up with other artists so her work wouldn’t begin to look dated. She looked so pleased with herself that it was contagious!

Nakanogane and an Occupational Hazard

When Nakanogane said that as professionals, “we get harsh criticisms all the time,” I had to wonder: was Mizushino’s friend an amateur who couldn’t handle harsh criticism? Nakanogane’s point seemed pretty important given how upset it seemed to make Mizushino feel.

As much as I like Meteora, I have to say that it was a pleasant change of pace to see the three main Creators trying to think things through on their own. They seem to have made a lot of good headway, too!

It’s cliche, but Kirameki’s hood had cat ears. She’s standing on the train talking about very serious matters, and she has cat ears. This show is so much fun to watch!

Kirameki had to calm Mizushino down before he agreed to be honest with her. And come on — could you lie to that face? Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

She’s a polite girl — she pushed the sugar to Mizushino after she was done. And though she’s clearly the younger of the two, she had to take the initiative to calm him down as the situation nearly drove him to panic.

What I Liked Less about Re:CREATORS Episode 7

I’m getting a little impatient with Mizushino. I think that Selesia and Meteora at last should have earned his trust by now; not to mention Marine, Nakanogane, and Matsubara. Why won’t he tell them? I fully expect the next several episodes to answer that question, and this complaint may only be evidence of my impatience. But jeesh, kid, at least tell Selesia! She kinda saved your life!

Thoughts about Re:CREATORS Episode 7

We learned more about this world’s mythos in this episode. We knew that just rewriting a scene to change a world, or re-drawing a character to add a new trait, didn’t work. Now we know two more important things:

  1. Once they arrive in this world, the Created begin to change and grow
  2. The death of a Creator at the hands of a Created has no apparent affect on the Created
Chikujouin was already deadly before she arrived in our world. What’s she going to become as she evolves? Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

Changing and growing might be dangerous for our heroes. So far, the Uniform Military Princess has her own aims, and we think they involve the destruction of our world. But now Chikujouin’s here. She was a) delighted to hear this was the world of the gods, b) she’s learned more about the Creator’s powers, and c) she’s adapting her plan to rule the world. Will she conflict with Altair? Is this all part of Altair’s plans?

When will Mizushino man-up and tell his friends what he’s telling Kirameki?

This week, I saw the first evidence that Kanoya wasn’t happy with this character design. Maybe because of his bromance with Mirokuji, he went on about how he wished he’d been designed as cool as his new friend. I wonder how feelings like that will play out now that we know the Created can develop independently now that they’re in the real world? We get to play with so many interesting ideas because this show’s so serious about developing its concept!

Mirokuji and Kanoya really hit it off. Kanoya’s already agreed to take Mirokuji up in Giga Machina! Capture from the Amazon Prime stream.

So, about the villain: will Altair continue to be the main villain? Will Chikujouin supplant her? Or will Mizushino snap and overshadow them all? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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