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Re:CREATORS Episode Guide Part I

Re:CREATORS Episode Guide Part I

Episode 1: I will remember everything that happened to me

Re:Creators: A Broken Tablet Wreaks Havoc

Episode 2: ……. that wasn’t funny

Re:Creators: Selesia’s Creator and Magical Slayers

Episode 3: Don’t worry about what others said. Just be yourself.

Re:Creators Ep 3: A Winged Horse and Temporary Partings

Episode 4: If so, I want to protect what he loved

Re:Creators Ep 4: The Coefficient of Elasticity and a Very Unusual Sense of Sincerity

Episode 5: So, why don’t we have ourselves a guys’ night out?

Re:Creators Ep 5: Meteora Takes Command and the 40th Saber

Episode 6: You are the one who knows where justice lies

Re:Creators Ep 6: A Deadly Schoolgirl and a Shifting Allegiance

Episode 7: I don’t want to make a mistake for the sake of the people who are in my story

Re:Creators Ep 7: Altair Unveiled and a Dangerous Chance Meeting

Episode 8: I CHOSE this way of life

Re:Creators Ep 8: Faltering Bravery and the Fall of Innocence

Episode 9: The world requires choice and resolution

Re:Creators Ep 9: Her Virgin Heart and the Souvenir Blade

Episode 10: We know exactly how you think and how you’re fighting

Re:Creators Ep 10: A Fleeting Upgrade and the Pillar of Worlds

Episode 11: We cannot decide where we go but you can

Re:Creators Ep 11: The View from Gigas Machina and It’s About Time, Souta!

Episode 12: Be desperate and draw something fascinating

Re:Creators Ep 12: Confession on Winged Horseback and a Daring, Double-Edged Plan

Episode 13: An unpredictable story that no one knows where it’s leading to

Re:Creators Ep 13: A Retrospective and Meteora’s Very Positive Self Image

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