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Re:CREATORS Episode Guide Part II

Episode 14: I feel painful and so useless that I want to cry but it’s fun nevertheless

Re:Creators Ep 14: Kikuchihara In Charge And When Artists Attack

In Re:Creators episode 14, “I feel painful and so useless that I want to cry but it’s fun nevertheless,” Aki Kikuchihara herds both industry executives and artists towards the Elimination Chamber Festival — but will they buy into the plan and give it their all? As Selesia UpitiriaRui KanoyaMeteora Österreich, and Yuuya Mirokuji try to track down two magnetic field fluctuations, Takashi MatsubaraMarine, and the other artists clash on how to best move forward. And the clock is ticking…

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Episode 15: This is perfect! She couldn’t have been any more perfect!

Re:Creators Ep 15: A Mighty Newcomer And A New Side Of Chikujouin

In Re:Creators episode 15, “This is perfect! She couldn’t have been any more perfect!”, Hikawa Hikaru joins Selesia UpitiriaRui KanoyaMeteora Österreich, and Yuuya Mirokuji as part of Team Aki Kikuchihara, but her powers seem to be a bit… underwhelming. Alicetelia February attempts a perilous task: to make a deal with Magane Chikujouin and walk away with her life. A new Created joins Altair’s forces, and he has a bone to pick with Mirokuji. Finally, we get to meet Hikaru’s creator — and Hikaru is not a fan.

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Re:Creators Bonus Episode: The Talent Behind The Scenes

In the Re:Creators Bonus episode “ENTER THE WORLD OF Re:CREATORS,” we find out the writer’s past credits include an action-packed, gritty anime series. The director’s pedigree is even more impressive! We find out some of what makes Re:Creators’ soundtrack so powerful and distinctive. Finally, we meet the voice actors for Souta MizushinoSelesia Upitiria, and Meteora Österreich. The latter makes a hilarious comment about Meteora’s hair.

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Episode 16: This is the actual beginning, isn’t it?

Re:Creators Ep 16: Preparing For Battle And Baiting The Trap

In Re:Creators episode 16, “This is the actual beginning, isn’t it?”, Selesia Upitiria and Souta Mizushino discuss writing philosophy as Selesia drives a sports car — at a high rate of speed. Later, at the hot springs, Selesia has to practically drown Marine to keep her from embarrassing Hikawa Hikaru with memories about a steamy high school trip. Aki Kikuchihara gives her team an inspirational pre-game speech, but it wasn’t tea she’d been drinking. Later, Team Kikuchihara kicks off their plan on a much larger scale than I anticipated — with the voice actors making an appearance! Yes. The real voice actors. In the episode.

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Re:CREATORS Bonus Episode: Summer Special Spending Time with the Girl Creations

Re:Creators Bonus Episode: Hanging Out With The Women Folk

In the Re:Creators second bonus episode, “Summer Special Spending Time with the Girl Creations,” the voice actors for Meteora ÖsterreichSelesia Upitiria, and Alicetelia February play a Re:Creators version of Concentration. Who wins is a little ironic! Next, they play a game to guess the character’s next spoken line from a specific scene. After that, to continue the game theme, they to guess the fictional anime/light novel slogans for the various characters. Finally, they make an announcement that isn’t surprising in an anime, but was unexpected from the voice actors.

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Episode 17: I mean I’m the CREATOR

Re:Creators Ep 17: The Birdcage Shuts And Blitz Confronts His God

In Re:Creators Episode 17, “I mean I’m the CREATOR,” Meteora Österreich captures AltairAlicetelia February, and Shou Hakua in the birdcage. But the captured sure don’t seem to be acting like prisoners… Selesia Upitiria attacks Altair using an upgraded Vogelchevalier and lights up the sky. So why isn’t Altair even breaking a sweat? Yuuya Mirokuji, a favorite especially of the girls in the stadium audience, greets his old friend Hakua and wonders where Blitz Talker is. Meanwhile, Blitz confronts Shunma Suruga, his creator, with the memory of his daughter’s death still fresh and raw.

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Episode 18: As long as we’re alive, we have to enjoy our lives to the fullest

Re:Creators Ep 18: The Power Of Eroge And That Should’ve Worked

In Re:Creators episode 18, “As long as we’re alive, we have to enjoy our lives to the fullest,” Magane Chikujouin and Souta Mizushino share life philosophies, with possibly world-changing consequences. Shunma Suruga presides over a touching — and strategically important — reunion. Hikawa Hikaru makes her big and breezy debut. Her face was as red as her costume. Finally, Meteora Österreich plays her trump card with Selesia Upitiria and Alicetelia February. Why doesn’t Altair look even a little worried?

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Episode 19: The story continues, as long as there is someone out there, who believes in my existence

Re:Creators Ep 19: A Desperate Charge And A Blaze Of Glory

In Re:Creators episode 19, “The story continues, as long as there is someone out there, who believes in my existence,” Charon’s arrival severely tests Selesia Upitiria’s loyalties, much to Rui Kanoya’s fury and dismay. True to her hero’s nature, Alicetelia February refuses to back down and makes a final, desparate charge against Altair. Later, forced into a corner, having to question everything that she stands for, Selesia makes a fateful decision.

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Episode 20: Somebody receives the power of creation, and the spirit is redeveloped from their passion

Re:Creators Ep 20: The Shattering Mirror and a Ghost from the Past

In Re:Creators episode 20, “Somebody receives the power of creation, and the spirit is redeveloped from their passion,” Team Kikuchihara reels in the aftermath of the explosive climax of the last episode. Altair continues to give the concept of “Over Powered” (OP) an even worse reputation. Takashi Matsubara urges the use of their secret weapon, which, of course, doesn’t go as planned. Finally, Souta Mizushino and Magane Chikujouin follow their own train of thought…

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Episode 21: I love you too

Re:Creators Ep 21: Challenging Fate and the Spirit of Recreation

In Re:Creators episode 21, “I love you too,” Altair comes face to face with the recreated figure of her creator, Setsuna Shimazaki, and the world hangs in the balance. Will Shimazaki try to argue Altair out of destroying the world — and risk triggering her rage? Or will she side with her creation? How will Souta Mizushino deal with the revelation about whose glasses Shimazaki is wearing — and why she was wearing them?


Episode 22: Re:CREATORS

Re:Creators Ep 22: The Roads Home and a Meta Finale

In Re:Creators episode 22, “Re:CREATORS,” Yuuya Mirokuji and Shou Hakua take their creator, Yatouji Ryou, on a harrowing farewell journey. Hikawa Hikaru has some choice words for her creator, Nishio Oonishi — but what are they? Meteora Österreich and Souta Mizushino visit Setsuna Shimazaki’s grave in search of answers and come away with surprising answers. And you’ll never guess (or maybe you will!) who really authored Re:CREATORS!



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