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Review: Astra Lost in Space Episode 02 – Best In Show

Quick Summary

In Astra Lost in Space episode 02, “Wilderness,” Kanata Hoshijima, Aries Spring, and the rest of the crew set down on the planet Vilavurs to restock their food and water supplies. At first, all seems well — even the “dragons” didn’t seem interested in eating humans. But then Quitterie Raffaeli got into an argument over Kanata’s fitness for command, and one things led to another until Funicia Raffaeli ended up in harms way — as a potential snack for one of the “dragons.” Can Kanata and the crew save her? Or will they, too, become “dragon” food?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Review: Astra Lost In Space Episode 02: Kanata was almost a complete hero

There’s no question Kanata is brave. But I think it’s going to take the whole crew’s efforts to keep hi alive! Capture from the Hulu stream

This episode showed some plotting skill — almost everything we needed to know about the climax was carefully prepared throughout! I appreciate that in a show, especially when what seemed like a random throw-away joke turns into something important.

Early in the episode, when the team Kanata had selected to forage for food was goofing off, Quitterie kept trying to pick plants that looked edible (whatever that meant in the context of Vilavurs!). When she pulled down on what looked like the red fruit, it exploded upward (5:53) — taking her with it. Fortunately, it also acted like a parachute, so it brought her safely back to the ground.

Later, that turned out to be the key that saved Kanata’s life.

After an argument where Quitterie stormed out of the ship, the crew went looking for her. Funicia took a break and played on top of one of the flat trees that acted like a trampoline. Unfortunately, he grew upwards and exposed her to the “dragons.” Everyone froze until Kanata started jumping from the cliff to one tree, then another, until he got closer to Funicia. 

Review: Astra Lost In Space Episode 02: Quitterie's fast thinking saved Kanata

Quitterie has great aim! She also showed more sense early in the episode than most of the rest of the crew! Capture from the Hulu stream

Seeing he was exhausted, knowing he would likely not make the last jump, Quitterie ran off. Sure enough, after killing the “dragon” with the spear Luca Esposito had forgotten (pretty good setup, actually!), he tried to make the last jump. 

The good news is that he made it.

The bad news is that he lost his balance and started to fall over the edge. That’s when Quitterie aimed one of the parachute plants at him and fired. He was able to catch it to save himself.

I haven’t worked the models, so I don’t know if what happened as likely from the perspective of physics. But dang, it really looked good.

What did you think of that moment? What was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Review: Astra Lost in Space Episode 02 – Best In Show

    1. “I like Quitteri and I’m glad she apologized for her behavior by the end.”

      I loved how she showed character development — and it’s only the second episode!

      And seriously, I thought she showed the most intelligence when they first started scouting for food.

  1. Started watching this yesterday, although Kanata seems to have generic leader quality, but the way it was presented is quite splendid.

    I look forward to what this anime could hold!

  2. I overall liked this episode, but Kanata one-shotting that dragon thingy with a spear was a little… surprising. With skin this fragile, they’ll have to worry about wounds a lot; better not get into a fight. Or maybe Kanata has just super spear throwing powers? I mean, yeah, what else could he have done? But I suspected you’d have a wounded and mad dragon at hand. Must have been a critical hit…

    That said, the landscape actually looked like an alien planet, and it’s interesting to see the sphere make a return. Is the thing chasing them? Pre-empting them? Is this someone’s experiment or what? Or some sort of teleporter experiment gone wrong? I’m curious.

    1. “Or maybe Kanata has just super spear throwing powers?”

      Yes. Yes, he has special spear-throwing powers. That’s the only logical explanation!

      Seriously, I see what you’re saying. Those creatures must have evolved in a bubble-wrapped environment! But I was willing to overlook it because it’s just fun.

      “Or some sort of teleporter experiment gone wrong? I’m curious.”

      Me, too. Why did it consume/teleport them on the first planet, but just herd them on this one?

      I’m starting to think this show might be deliberately setting up these questions, too! That means we might get answers!

  3. I really liked the set up this episode did. It was kind of obvious set up with them having played with the plants and then leaving the spear, but it made it all nice and cohesive when Kanata did his thing at the end. So far Astra Lost in Space has been pretty entertaining and I hope it can continue like this.

    1. “It was kind of obvious set up with them having played with the plants and then leaving the spear, but it made it all nice and cohesive when Kanata did his thing at the end. ”

      And it felt so right! It might have been obvious, but like you said, it was nice and cohesive.

      I’ve been itching to see a straight-forward science fiction series for awhile, this seems to be the perfect figurative back-scratcher!

      1. It is nice that they don’t seem to be going out of their way to be weird. There is a bit of a mystery but for the most part this is fairly straight forward so far.

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