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Review: Astra Lost in Space Episode 12 – Best In Show

Quick Summary

In Astra Lost in Space episode 12, “Friend-Ship,” Charce Lecroix is ready to be locked up for what he did to the crew, but Kanata Hoshijima won’t hear of it. The crew follows his lead, so Charce tries to brief them about what he knows of their history — their real history — and he knows quite a lot. It helps Kanata and the crew plan how they’ll approach their homecoming. They decide to trust Aries Spring’s mom and a police officer who had helped Ulgar Zweig’s brother. Can those two people prepare for their return in a way that won’t expose them to danger from their originals? If they can’t, does Kanata’s crew of any hope of surviving their homecoming — much less thriving? Or will things work out?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Aries was touched that Kanata wanted to hold her hand as they faced the unknown intentions of the five ships greeting them. Capture from the Hulu stream

Kanata’s made a reputation for himself as being utterly, totally, and completely clueless when it comes to understanding how Aries feels about him. At one point in this episode, he accidentally gives her quite a nice compliment (18:55), prompting the rest of the crew to give him a good ribbing. He still doesn’t quite get it.

Later, though, he proves the issue isn’t that he doesn’t return her feelings. He’s just clueless about recognizing how she feels about him. In fact, with a simple gesture, he clearly shows her that he does, in fact, care for her.

The whole crew understand that Kanata had just complimented Aries. Well, except for Kanata. Capture from the Hulu stream

After carefully crafting and sending a message to Aries’ mother Emma, they drop out of hyperspace near Astra. The crew is in the conference room, and they’re talking about what’s next. The proximity alarm sounds because ships are closing in on them. Everyone files out. Aries clutches her arms to her chest; she’s clearly anxious about the situation. Suddenly, she stops because Kanata has come to a halt. She looks down to see him holding his only hand out to her (22:26). Blushing, she takes in hers. Hand in hand, they faced the view screen and the image of the five ships approaching them.

Kanata might sometimes struggle with emotions, but when it came to the most important moment of their mission, he wanted Aries beside him. I think she appreciated that.

What did you think of their homecoming? What was your best in show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Review: Astra Lost in Space Episode 12 – Best In Show

  1. Good wrap-up episode, but this is where I still felt things were rushed, because the expository treatment of the hush-up felt a little… odd. Such a big hush-up isn’t easy to accomplish, and there are hints that it’s not perfect in the show. This is basically Ulgar’s story-line, and it didn’t receive enough attention. There’s got to be some political powerstruggles going on in the background. We don’t need to experience them; that’s beyond the scope of the story. But apart from a short mention that the media weren’t entirely unprepared… nothing. The entire ending felt a little too smooth for me as a result. It’s a very minor niggle, though, and I loved the 7-years-later segment

    A really fun show, and I’m glad they got a double episode again for the final.

    1. “There’s got to be some political powerstruggles going on in the background. ”

      Remember how their fake history kind of breezed over how they achieved universal peace? That was clue that the history had been doctored.

      I almost felt like the final episode was so perfunctory that it, too, was a clue! But I think they just ran out of time.

      “It’s a very minor niggle, though,”

      That’s the bottom line for me. I so thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the show that it more than made up for it.

      1. I’ve read comments about the 100 year roll-back that suggested if you compare the general quality of the writing this seems tagged on for a quick solution. They mentioned things I missed. For example:

        Remember the episode where a micrometeroid almost shot them down? Okay. And now imagine the same ship 100 years in the orbit of a planet that had a major meteor strike, and it’s still in operable condition. (I’ve always assumed someone planted the ship, but I still didn’t think of that.) Not impossible, but together with other minor things…

        The ending definitely felt to smooth, but I still don’t much care.

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