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Review: Campione! Episode 2 Best in Show

Quick Summary

In Campione! episode 2, “The Landscape with a King,” a week had passed since Godou Kusanagi and Erica Blandelli faced off against Verethragna, the god of victory — and survived. In that time, Godou had to fight other Campione (god killers) who wanted to test their strength against his. After Erica’s attitude towards him changed — and changed a lot! — he had to carefully resist her wiles, because he had no idea what her intentions were. He even had to be cautious of Erica’s maid, Arianna, who of course was complicit in Erica’s intentions. But Godou didn’t plan on also having to withstand the scorn of a much more potent source: his sister, Shizuka Kusanagi, who was convinced her brother had just turned into a reckless playboy. Will Godou be able to smooth things over with his family? Will Erica let him? And why is Yuri Mariya, a shrine maiden princess, terrified thatGodou is about to kill her?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Well, I guess that settles that! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The characters and mythology are the two elements that make this show so attractive to me. So, you can expect many of the Best in Show moments will revolve around them. In this case, Erica takes the spotlight for behaving in a way very unlike many harem cast members.

Godou is a normal young man. While being reasonable self-confident, he has self-doubts. So when a woman like Erica throws herself at him, he had a hard time accepting that there might not be an ulterior motive. He asked her about it several times, and each time, she answered that she liked him because she liked him.

Not only did he have his own doubts, but the Japanese government’s representative, Touma Amakasu, inflamed them — intentionally. The Japanese government didn’t want the Italian sorcerers to gain influence over Godou, so Touma said that Erica was trying to seduce him so her order, Cooper Black Cross, could control him.

Godou really didn’t understand much about Erica. But even as Amakasu’s words ate at him, even as he wondered why she had snuck into his bed to wait for him, he still didn’t believe she was the kind of woman who would use something so personal in such a crass way. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

So after she basically tricked him into traveling to Italy to show off his powers to the Italian officials, Godou had had enough. He point blank said to her (20:43), “…tell me what you’re really after.”

I think a lot of other characters would have been hurt or offended. I expected her to verbally lash out at him. Erica, though, said, “I am quite a prideful woman. Do you really think I would suck up to you simply because I can use you?”

Godou’s lack of confidence spoke on his behalf as he said, “Then why?”

“It’s because I’m truly in love with you. Not because you are a Campione or because someone ordered me to do so.”

His reaction was almost cute — it was as if their roles were reversed, from the perspective of “traditional” couples. He blushed and had to look away! But what struck me was Erica’s response. She might be the foundation of a harem, but she’s anything but passive. I like that in a character!

What did you think of how suspicious Shizuka was of Erica? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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