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Review: Campione! Episode 6 Best in Show

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In Campione! episode 6, “The Kings Converse,” Touma Amakasu helped Godou Kusanagi and Erica Blandelli identify where Duke Sasha Dejanstahl Voban and his knight Liliana Kranjčar were holding the princess shrine maiden Yuri Mariya — Godou’s friend. Erica told Godou to conserve his strength for his upcoming fight against Voban, while she cleared. They battled their way to his throne room, where the door swung open to welcome them. Can Godou, who has formidable powers but is a very new Campione, convince Voban to surrender Mariya? Will his youthful hot-headedness cause more problems than it solves? And if Voban decides he wants a battle, how can Godou compete with several centuries of Voban’s battle-honed guile?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show: Erica’s Expert Diplomacy

I think it’s a good thing Erica winked at him. I’m not sure Godou’s quick enough to pick up on his knight’s more subtle clues. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This episode reminded me how much I enjoy the teamwork between Godou and Erica. But it’s not just their teamwork. I thoroughly enjoy strong women characters. With the grace and tact she brings to the table, Erica might just be the epitome of that character type. That’s why I chose this moment as my favorite.

After Erica and Godou fought their way through Voban’s undead servants (and a huge golem — sans Somali), they came upon Voban’s makeshift throne room. Keep in mind that Godou is this high school kid. He’s facing a Campione who’s hundreds of years old — and hundreds of times more arrogant. Godou, feeling like he’s completely in the right, demands that Voban return Mariya, and Godou reacts as you might predict when Voban claims she’s his property.

Godou is livid.

“That’s bull!” he said (10:30).

Godou was so indignant and furious at Mariya’s abduction that he wasn’t seeing the tactical picture — and it almost cost him big time. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Voban paused for a signifiant half second before he said, “We are negotiating here as Kings.” He then went on to explain to Godou that if he wanted to take something from a King, he should offer something of comparable value.

Godou almost attacked Voban right then and there. I suspect that if he had, he would have met Pandora again (which is to say, Voban would have killed Godou — Godou was seriously underestimating the older man).

And that’s exactly when Erica acts. She gently touched Godou’s hand to get his attention (and to shut him up!). In her sweetest voice, she suggested Godou take the advice of his “close friend” Salvatore Doni. That’s hilarious, because though Salvatore thinks of Godou as his best friend and arch-rival, Godou can’t stand the guy.

But it’s also an example of Erica’s political genius. She knew the role Salvatore had played in thwarting one of Voban’s plans years ago. She knew how Voban would react to knowing a “close friend” of Salvatore was standing right in front of him. Voban even said as much, and that gave Erica a chance to introduce herself.

As experienced and canny as Voban was, Erica still out maneuvered him. She played her hand perfectly. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

She was all sweetness and light. She not only gave her name and rank, but identified herself as “the current Red Devil” (11:16) — knowing full well that Voban knew her successor. Then she poured it on thick, saying that Salvatore suggested that Godou seek out Voban for a “contest of power” (11:46), which was a temptation Voban could not resist.

She was right.

But just in case that wasn’t enough, as Godou watched in shock, she said that Salvatore told her “It is ‘the duty of the young to teach the elderly the sorrows of age, and submit themselves to a younger power.'”

Erica’s spell of diplomacy was cast. Voban laid our the terms of the engagement. If Godou had let his temper get the better of him, he would have been slaughtered. Erica used her skills to change the conditions of the contest so that they’d at least have a chance.

Raw power, diplomatic supremacy, a lively intellect, impressive courage, and stunning beauty — there’s not much that Erica lacks. I really liked how this moment highlighted her character.

What did you think of Mariya’s back story with Liliana? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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