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Review: Darwin’s Game Episode 3 Best in Show

Quick Summary

In Darwin’s Game episode 3, “Ignition,” Kaname Sudou found himself alone in a hotel room when the scavenger hunt began. He still didn’t know how to use his Sigil well and he needed to find three rings before the timer expired. Or he’d be dead. Shuka Karino was no where to be seen. He was completely on his own. It didn’t help that as soon as he opened the door to the hallway, he saw not one, but two outlines left by dying players. It further didn’t help that the first person he met carried a heavy machine gun. Deciding discretion was in fact the better part of valor, he tried to run down the stairs — only to find that they were blocked by thick jungle growth, of all things! Can he find a way to evade the heavy machine gun? Or has his luck finally run out?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Kaname was surprised to see a “kid” in the game. But he was smart enough to hear what she had to say. It probably saved his life. Capture from the Funimation stream.

I like how Kaname’s developing. He can pull weapons out of thin air, which you’d think would build his confidence a bit! He’s even showing some signs of tactical awareness. As the treasure hunt started, he carefully thought through his first move; he didn’t just waltz into the hallway. But there’s something else about him that I should probably have picked up on sooner, and that something struck me during my Best in Show moment.

Remember how he felt completely humiliated by Machine Gun Guy (another completely realistic reaction)? He was still berating himself when pushed the elevator’s call button. Rein Kashiwagi came out of hiding to warn him not to use the elevators (10:09). He was surprised to see a “kid,” as this was (I think!) the first time we’d seen someone who wasn’t an adult in the game. It would have been easy for him to laugh off her advice, or treat her with disrespect, because kid. But he didn’t.

Rein decided to take a risk and trust the Kaname wouldn’t shoot her on the spot. Though thinking about the information at her disposal, it was a well-calculated risk. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Of course, it helped Rein’s case that the elevator doors opened and there was Machine Gun Guy encased in vines. But he didn’t dismiss her even before that, and he didn’t treat her poorly because she was a kid.

Little details like that help me to like a character. Nothing says “good guy” like treating children well!

I think it’s really in his best interests anyway — Rein’s likely going to be key to his survival!

What did you think of the Florist’s Sigil? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Review: Darwin’s Game Episode 3 Best in Show

      1. He already copied a pen in the first episode so it would appear that it’s not just weapons. The question is how long the stay there. If it’s forever then it’s time to make it rain. Also he could use them to lure the other players into a trap…

        1. “Also he could use them to lure the other players into a trap…”

          I can tell you’re a writer!

          And TBH, I’d love to see that kind of plot development…

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