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Review: Darwin’s Game Episode 4 Best in Show

Quick Summary

In Darwin’s Game episode 4, “Fireworks,” Kaname Sudou and Rein Kashiwagi were trapped on the hotel’s upper floors by the Florist’s plants, which both blocked their escape routes and enslaved other defeated players. Kaname’s quick thinking helped him shoot out the cameras, but the Florist countered by sending his minions searching for them floor by floor. Can Kaname and Rein stay ahead of them long enough to come up with a plan? Will they be able to stay alive long enough to collect enough rings — to stay alive longer? And what about the other players outside of the hotel who are also after the rings?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Rein’s intelligence just might be the most powerful weapon they have. Her plan might also be the perfect expression of social evolution — at least the most perfect possible at this stage of our development. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Let me just say up front that this show has officially exceeded my expectations. I mean, intelligently referencing and using the concept of Laplace’s demon (and how it represents determinism)? That’s just cool.

Also, I think the show just might be using Darwinism in an unexpected way. A way related to my Best in Show moment. More on that in a moment.

Kaname and Rein together came up with a series of tactics that divided the Florist’s soldiers and let Kaname get close enough to face the Florist himself. It all went according to plan until the Florist’s Sigil — the ability to control plants — was way more useful than Kaname expected. He had to reach deep into himself, again relying on “the poor looser within” (15:33), to overcome the Florist (whose real name was Ichirou Hiiragi). It was just icing on the cake when Kaname refused to outright kill him.

I love it when a hero refuses to give into their darker nature.

Kaname had decided he didn’t want to kill anyone. This was another test of his resolve — and he passed with flying colors! Capture from the Funimation stream.

That was a great moment. I actually planned to use it as my Best in Show. But then Rein arrived and one-upped it. She had already figured out everything about their situation, but she wanted to bring Kaname and Ichirou along. So she carefully explained the distribution of rings and other players. When they understood, she pointed out that the Eighth Clan — those folks who brutally murder everyone who gets in their way — probably had their sights set on the hotel they were standing in.

And all of them had just exhausted themselves in the recent fight.

So Rein made what I think is a capital suggestion (22:07). She suggested that she, Kaname, the Florist, and the remaining soldiers under the Florist’s control form a clan. Otherwise, there was absolutely no way they’ll be able to withstand One’s (Wang’s) oncoming assault. What’s more, Rein, the middle school girl, just out-thought and out-planned both Kaname (a high school student) and Ichirou (a full grown adult). And best of all? They both listened to her!

That’s good stuff.

Now, what does the actual Darwin have to do with this Best in Show moment?

I wonder if the show’s presenting the creation of social groups — like gaming clans — as an evolutionary step — a necessary element of Darwinism within the game? It’s certainly served us well in our climb to the top of the food chain. Maybe it’s a really obvious, but I like how Darwin’s Game is playing with these ideas. That’s another way it’s exceeding my expectations! In fact, the only downside in this episode was a distinct lack of Shuka Karino.

What did you think of the fights in this episode? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Darwin’s Game Episode 4 Best in Show

  1. This is interesting to read. I was initially interested in this show because it seemed like my kind of show. I am also really interested in Darwin’s ideas. I watched the first two episodes and wasn’t too impressed. Your post has convinced me to give it another try!!

    1. I really hope you like it! It’s not that I disagree with the reviewers who won’t like it; it’s more that I see something in the show that I like, so I’m sticking with it!

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