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Review: Darwin’s Game Episode 7 Best in Show

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In Darwin’s Game episode 7, “Eighth,” Ichirou Hiiragi decided to take on two of the most powerful members of the Eighth clan — but he didn’t intend to take them on at the same time. Can he survive either encounter? Does he even intend to? Meanwhile, Rein Kashiwagi continued to search for an answer to the question: What is this event really about? Because it’s not just about the rings. As she was searching the train station, Wang captured her, as he was invisible to her Sigil. Is there Kaname Sudou, Shuka Karino, and Ryuuji can do to track down Rein? Or will she simply become Wang’s latest victim?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

It’s not that Rein didn’t believe Wang’s threats. It’s that her tactic required focus and courage — so that’s what she showed. She’s a brave and strong young woman! Capture from the Funimation stream.

Darwin’s Game continued its trend of delivering action scenes that were well thought out and exciting to watch. Given the subject matter, that’s a very good thing: It’s a show about a violent game, and without at least some solid action scenes, the show would feel like it wasn’t delivering on its promises.

What I’ve really enjoyed, though, are the characters. In my Best in Show moment for this episode, for example, Rein had her moment to shine. She’s a middle school girl, so you would normally expect a certain level of immaturity. I’m not slandering people in middle school, but they generally don’t have the emotional maturity of adults. They are (generally) immature.

But Rein’s anything but immature.

She had tried to infiltrate a train station. She had figured out a lot about the true intent of the event, but she needed more data. Unfortunately, some of the Eighth clan discovered her, and she tried to make a run for it. Her Sigil would usually show her a safe path, if any existed. But for whatever reason, Wang was invisible to her Sigil, and he caught her.

Among Wang’s weaknesses, you won’t find a lack of intelligence. He knew that if someone was trying to snoop around the station despite the Eighth’s strong presence, then she knew something — and he really, really wanted to know what it was. So when he perceived she started to dissemble, he snapped her arm.

He broke a middle-school girl’s arm.

And far from showing remorse, he seemed positively delighted.

I remember breaking my left arm in high school. I was nowhere near as calm as Rein! The girl’s got courage and self-control to spare. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Now, most of the middle-school-aged girls I know would burst into hysterics if someone broke their arm. But not Rein. “You’re not the King of venom for nothing,” she said cryptically, trying to both keep his attention and buy time. She gave an intentionally verbose description of how the Chinese court had, in ancient times, used the venom of insects to kill dissenters. He twisted her arm again and told her he wanted to know about the event’s treasure.

“Please be a little more patient. I’m going somewhere with this,” she said (13:25).

She had the presence of mind, in spite of her pain, to continue her delaying tactic. Despite the threats, despite the pain. Despite the very real possibility of death at any moment from an individual who had proven time and time again that he killed anyone, anytime, for fun. How could I do anything by acknowledge her spirit as my Best in Show moment?

What do you think of the event so far? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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