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Review: Dr. Stone Episode 15 – Best in Show

Quick Summary

In Dr. Stone episode 15, “The Culmination of Two Million Years,” now that Chrome has defeated Magma, the way seems to be clear for Chrome to become chief. But an innocent comment from Ruri drives Ginrou to unheard of levels of performance in his bout against Senkuu. Can the scientist evade the inflamed Ginrou? Can he come up with a scientific counter attack? Most importantly, will Gen ever get his cola? Or will the ingredients go to Ruri’s medicine? And how will Gen react to that?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

It’s become a cliche for Best in Show, but once again, an episode has presented me with multiple outstanding choices for Best in Show moments. Do I pick a well-earned emotional reaction? The response to an intriguing revelation? The euphoria of the team accomplishing a difficult task?

While all of those are worthy, I’m going to go with a moment that practically redefined a character for me. Who was the character? You might be surprised to learn it was Gen.

After the Grand Bout’s unusual finale, the science team retreated to the laboratory. The show treated us to a montage, complete with a Fun with Making Sulfa Drugs placard (10:31), showing the whole team pulling together. Senkuu verbally walked Chrome through the complex chemical process, step by step. Chrome struggled hard to keep up and failed utterly, but he’ll eventually catch on. Everyone pitches in; even Suika.

Gen, meanwhile, has been babysitting a strange device that Senkuu had asked Kaseki, their craftsman, to make. He couldn’t figure out what it was. It just sat under a waterfall and spun. Finally giving into his curiosity, he poured the contents into a beaker and was amazed to find it was carbonated water! Could it be he was about to get the cola that Senkuu promised him?

Gen barely dared to hope that the carbonated water was destined to make his cola. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

All giddy, he went running back to camp. Of course, he couldn’t come straight out and ask, so he tried to be indirect. “I’m not expecting anything, but…” he said (13:40). Senkuu even led him on by asking if Gen knew what carbonated water meant — and it meant mixing it with sodium hydroxide to make baking soda.

I didn’t know how Gen would take that. Remember, he agreed to follow the kingdom of science if Senkuu could make a cola for him. Sure, it was a way to do what he wanted to do anyway while saving face, but how would he react if Senkuu forgot?

At first, he just seemed resigned. He tried to hide any negative reaction. He was even happy when they finally made the drug — along with everyone else, though no one was as happy as Kohaku. She actually wept.

Kohaku had worked for years to heal her sister. Now, they had completed the drug. The only thing left was to try it. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Gen couldn’t go into the village with them, and Senkuu told him to have fun in the laboratory all by himself. I wondered how Gen would react now that he was alone? Would he storm off? It didn’t seem like he’d do nothing.

Then he walked into the lab. There, sitting on the table, was a bottle of cola. It had a hand-drawn label, and its logo looked sort of like Senkuu’s hair if you squinted just right. But it was an honest to goodness glass bottle of cola.

Mecha Senkuu even gave us an overview of how he’d made it.

Gen almost cried as he drank it.

What must it be like for Gen to not only get to taste cola again, but to be associating people he now knows more than ever that he can trust? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This cast is just amazing. I’m now rooting for a character I didn’t even think I’d like. How fun is that?

What did you think of the last sprint to make their medicine? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Review: Dr. Stone Episode 15 – Best in Show

  1. I am enjoying this show so much more now than I was during the first handful of episodes. My favourite thing about this one was how Senku totally ass-backwards himself into not only winning the bout, but becoming the village chief despite running away from the job anyway.
    The fact that he never really showed an interest in being in charge of them kind of makes his inevitable rise to power all the funnier.

    1. “The fact that he never really showed an interest in being in charge of them kind of makes his inevitable rise to power all the funnier.”

      With everything else going on, I hadn’t even thought about that — and you’re right!

      I wonder if the show’s also making a statement about humans and power? Senkuu’s going to be a great leader (well, I hope…), and he didn’t look for power. Tsukasa actively went after it, and he’s not exactly an upstanding role model for leadership!

      The characters overall are really enjoyable in this show.

    1. “after the obvious ‘it is not going to be cola’ sequence.”

      Senkuu’s nonchalant attitude really sold me on the idea that he’d forgotten!

      “the reveal of cola. that made the show for me.”

      That was really something, wasn’t it? Great moment!

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