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Review: Fairy gone Episode 14 Best in Show

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In Fairy gone episode 14, “Wheel-Stopping Castle,” Free Underbar, Marlya Noel, Klara Kisenaria, and Serge Tova guard the train taking Ray Dawn to Kay-o. Unfortunately, that’s not enough to prevent agents from Arcame from blowing up a train bridge even as Veronica Thorn was chasing the train on a motorcycle. Free and company found an old castle where they intend to guard Raw Dawn until morning. Will Veronica make a move before then? Why is Wolfram Row meeting with Raw Dawn behind the backs of Free and the others from Dorothea? And what will all of them do if Arcame launches an attack in the middle of the night?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Something just happened in Fairy gone. Something amazing. Something I never expected. You should probably sit down.

Are you ready?

Fairy gone just gave us a moment of genuine emotion.

No, really! Don’t stop reading! Give me a chance to explain! Though if you saw the episode, I call on you to back me up here! The claim is so momentous…

We all know how Marlya has been literally chasing Veronica since the first episode. In the previous episode, we learned a little more about how Veronica showed compassion to the little Marlya when everyone else called her the Cursed Child. Veronica couldn’t change the people in town, but she made it clear she didn’t believe in that nonsense. That’s when Marlya began to flourish.

Free arrived to pick up the fight against Wolfram. That gave Veronica a chance to escape. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Until Raw Dawn decided to murder her foster father and burn her village to the ground. Oh, and he killed all the fairy primordials, too.

In this episode, after a solid fight sequence, Veronica was seriously beat up. Wolfram and his fairy were formidable; as hard as they fought, Veronica and her fairy were no match. Only Marlya and Free’s arrival took the pressure off Veronica long enough for her to jump into the lake to escape. Faced with the choice of backing up Free or saving Veronica, Marlya chose to dive into the water.

When Veronica regained consciousness, she found herself lying by a fire. Marlya sat nearby. They tried some small talk, but emotions eventually come to a boil. Veronica angrily asked Marlya why she’s guarding Ray Dawn. Veronica seemed really hurt; she didn’t understand why Maryla was trying to stop her revenge. Marlya tried to voice the thought that had been growing in her mind by saying (19:01), “But… even if you kill Ray Dawn… Suna is…”

Veronica honestly didn’t understand why Marlya seemed to oppose her. But it wasn’t opposition that Marlya felt… Capture from the Funimation stream.

Veronica verbally lashed out and demanded that Marlya get out of her way, but Maryla gathered her courage and grabbed one of Veronica’s hands in hers. In a voice wracked with pain, voicing feelings I’m not sure she knew she had, she said (19:23), “You’re right here!” Her tears fell on their hands. “I haven’t lost you, Ver!”

Veronica demanded she let go, and when she didn’t, Veronica pushed her away and turned. Marlya tackled her and landed on top.

Veronica’s shocked and vulnerable expression was one of the most honest moments this show has give us. Both of them just stared at each other for a wordless moment. The tension was beautiful. In that instant, all I could think of was how much the two of them belonged together.

Veronica has been focused so much on revenge she’s forgotten what it is to be human. Marlya wants to remind her. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Maybe this is an indication of where this cour’s going. I certainly hope so!

What did you think of Free’s upgraded fighting abilities in this episode? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments?

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4 thoughts on “Review: Fairy gone Episode 14 Best in Show

    1. I didn’t think much about it until this episode. Now, I think they’re perfect together! I still can’t believe we got a moment like that in Fairy gone. What an unexpected treat!

      1. I definitely thought of this pairing before this episode but didn’t know if it was a deep platonic love/connection that Marlya has for Ver or a romantic connection on top of the deep care and affection. After this episode… I’m not sure what I would ship more. Just hope it doesn’t end in absolute tragedy but we’ll see.

        1. “but didn’t know if it was a deep platonic love/connection that Marlya has for Ver or a romantic connection on top of the deep care and affection. ”

          One of the things I really liked about the scene is that I don’t think either Marlya or Veronica knew for sure, either. But that look they shared sure clarified things!

          “Just hope it doesn’t end in absolute tragedy but we’ll see.”

          Me, too. They’re both been through so much. It’d be nice to see them have some time to celebrate life together.

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