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Review: Fairy gone Episode 20 Best in Show

Quick Summary

In Fairy gone episode 20, “Forest of Beginnings,” Free Underbar and Marlya Noel led the raid on the Ministry of Fairies, but they were too late. The Minister and his trusted lieutenants had already escaped. Free, Marlya, and the rest of Dorothea had to rely on good old fashioned detective work to find their next lead. Their path took them to one of the old Suna Guardians, who’s moved to tears when he sees that Marlya is still alive. But what he had to tell them changes everything — including who they can trust. Can Marlya bear what he has to say? Will Free stay by her side? And what is Wolfram Row up to, anyway?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

The blast nearly killed him, but Free was thinking clearly. He knew where he belonged and what he was willing to do to protect the people like Marlya who were important to him. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Dorothea’s raid on the Ministry of Fairies was well orchestrated and executed. Nein Auler, as their director, was on site overseeing the raid, but she stayed well away from the front line — standing by until they really needed her. She had a fairy weapon, after all. Meanwhile, Free and Marlya headed for the office of the Minister of Fairies, Marco Bellwood.

When they burst into his office, they saw only a single robed and hooded man standing in front of the desk. It became immediately apparent that he was a religious zealot who was not only willing to die to protect Marco. He wanted to die to protect him. He lit the match to ignite the multiple bombs around his person.

Free unleashed his fairy, and its strike nearly prevented disaster. The the match managed to light fuse. Realizing what was about to happen, Free did two things.

First, he ordered his fairy to grab the bombs and leap out the window. Glass shattered after it grabbed the bombs and leaped outward.

Seriously, what is it about religious fanatics? How did we evolve this way? You’d think that line would have died out, they’re so willing to blow themselves up… Capture from the Funimation stream.

Second, he threw his arms around Marlya and knocked her to the floor. The move saved her life.

When she basically asked him what he thought he was doing (01:15), he laughed weakly and said, “It’s not so bad… Risking your life to protect someone.”

Trying to get his breath (he felt the explosion through his fairy), he explained he needed to prove he wasn’t just a weapon or a killing tool. He, too, belonged in Dorothea.

I’ve enjoyed watching him confront and overcome his past. He’s much more confident now, and I think he and Marlya are great partners. Though I love a good romance, I’m glad that’s not how their relationship has developed. They’re too good as comrades. Besides, I think Marlya and Veronica Thorn are this show’s perfect couple. And I think Marlya might agree with me!

What did you think of their trip to Suna? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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