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Review: Fairy gone Episode 23 Best in Show

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In Fairy gone episode 23, “One from an Unending Dream,” the newly awakened divine beast shambled out of its cave and immediately began destroying everything in its path — including the architect of its reanimation, Marco Bellwood. Meanwhile, as they recovered from their battle with Giff Mercer, Marlya Noel and Veronica Thorn saw the divine beast reawaken. They decided to take it on together. Then they saw the destruction that the best is capable of. Even if they are willing, is there anything they can do? Meanwhile, Nein Auler continued her fight against Beevee Liscar, and while she’s amazingly skilled and strong, so is he. Can she get free to help Marlya? And how about Free Underbar, who’s still locked in mortal combat against Wolfran Row? Free’s record against his old comrade isn’t good. Can he beat the odds this time?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Nein may not have been one of the main characters, but she pretty much dominated any of the scenes she was in — this one included. Capture from the Funimation stream.

As much as I’d love to keep my focus on Marlya and Veronica, I think I want to show some love to the other characters in the show. One of them in particular has never had a Best in Show moment, and I think it’s long overdue. The only down side is that I also have to mention one of my least favorite characters in the show.

Beevee and his enormous sword had been pounding away at Nein since the previous episode. When the ferocity of his attack had shattered her fairy weapon, he had his team provide her with another one. Chivalrous? No. He just wanted to keep fighting.

As they fought, they argued. Beevee wanted to fight eternally. That’s all he wants. Nothing else matters. She protested, and his response was typical of his perspective (07:04): “Look how the peace you guys obtained came crashing down.”

I really didn’t care for the Beevee character, but I had to admire his dedication to an ideal. Capture from the Funimation stream.

It’s her response that earned the Best in Show moment: “We’ll just have to take it back.”

Through the whole series, she’s been a pillar of sanity. She’s been a great leader for Dorothea, and she’s treated her team well. Now, near the end of the series, we get another glimpse of her steely determination. I have to say that I admire that in a leader!

What did you think of the divine beast’s destructive power? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Fairy gone Episode 23 Best in Show

  1. Meh, Beevee won this one. If you want to fight, you attack people and make them defend themselves. If you’re a pacifist, you’re only true option is not to defend yourself and hope you don’t die. Fight to take back peace? Yeah, and then keep yourself trained and armed, so you can fight for peace the next time it’s necessary. Look at your screen shots: compare Beevee’s expression to Nein’s expression. He’s a loathsome person, but he won this hands down. All Nein had was a silly cliché, IMO. (I like her; I don’t like Beevee. I’d be on her side no questions asked. But she didn’t make a good case for herself in that scene, as I see it.)

    I found Wolfran disappointing, too. Not my favourite episode.

    1. “All Nein had was a silly cliché, IMO. ”

      I (obviously!) didn’t think she was as much cliche as trying to take a leadership position. Though now that I say that, I wonder how much of leadership is appearing to archetypes — essentially, invoking cultural cliches?

      That said, Beevee had the upper hand the entire fight. The finishing move is what got him. Thankfully, previous episodes showed that Nein has real fighting skills, so the outcome wasn’t out of the question.

      Regarding Wolfram — I thought the show foreshadowed Veronica’s change of heart, but I didn’t get a similar sense for Wolfram. I was borderline surprising that Free could win, though we did see him get somewhat stronger throughout.

      Kinda curious what route they take to conclusion…

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