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Review: Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 4 Best in Show

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In Fruits Basket Season 2 episode 4, “I Got Dumped…,” Momiji Souma burst into Tohru Honda’s home room where she, Kyou Souma, Arisa Uotani, and Saki Hanajima were planning their school trip. Well, except that Kyou really wasn’t participating. But Momiji’s news was dire: Hatsuharu ‘Haru’ Souma had manifested his dark self, and he was on a rampage in another classroom. Kyou, Momiji, and Tohru rushed to the classroom, joined by Yuki Souma. When they arrived, they found that Momiji had been right. The classroom was a mess. An unrepentant Haru stood defiant. Will Yuki and Kyou be able to stop him? What will they do when Haru lunges for Tohru? What part did Rin Souma play in all of this — and who the heck is she?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show: Kyou Shows His True Feelings

Kyou was instantly by Tohru’s side. He made absolutely sure dark Haru couldn’t hurt her. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Very interesting episode. Lots of great moments and little details. Do you remember the video game that Haru was playing when Yuki visited him in the Souma compound? Haru had named the three characters Yuki, Haru, and Kyo. He didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed that Yuki saw it!

Also, I have a strong feeling I’m going to like Rin. I’ve seen a lot of manga readers getting exited about her introduction in the anime. She has quite an intense look in her eyes.

Wow — talk about “the story in your eyes…” Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

For my Best in Show moment, I’m going with a moment that shows how far Kyou has come, at least emotionally. Even if he doesn’t realize itself.

At the beginning of the episode, Kyou was arguing with Arisa and was adamant that he didn’t want to go anywhere Yuki was going. But did you notice something? As soon as Momiji made it clear Haru had not only gone dark, but had gone very dark, what did Kyou do? He immediately headed for Haru — right beside Yuki (04:50). All argument had been forgotten. They were united by the need to contain dark Haru.

That was nearly my favorite moment. What came immediately after was even better, though!

Haru was indeed very dark. He’d torn up a classroom and was completely unrepentant. Both Yuki and Kyou tried to talk him down, but to no avail. It looked like there might be a significant fist fight when Yuki said Haru shouldn’t do this at school. Haru immediately knew what Yuki was talking about — Yuki was afraid Haru would transform into a zodiac animal in front of the students!

Yuki tried to talk Haru down. Tohru looked scared, but I think Momiji might be just enjoying the show… Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Haru even said that Yuki might feel better if everyone knew! That was the moment that Tohru tried to interject. In an instant, Haru grabbed her and was about to pull her into an embrace — guaranteeing that he’d transform — when Kyou punched him so fast and so hard that he flew across the room, bounced off some desks, and crashed to the floor.

Total time between Haru touching Tohru and Kyou flinging him: about one second. And Kyou didn’t back down, either. He stood resolute in front of Tohru, one hand lightly on her forearm. The look on his face as he told Haru not to “drag Tohru into your dumb tantrum” (06:29) was ferocious. Previously, he might have acted in a way that showed he cared for Tohru, but he’d get all embarrassed. Not this time.

I like moments of characters under duress — we got to see exactly how Kyou felt and exactly what he was willing to do because of it. I think even Momiji was impressed.

What did you think of Rin breaking up with Haru? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Review: Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 4 Best in Show

  1. Similary to the other comment, my favorite moment was seeing yuki trying his best and entering the sohma estate despite the traumas that he has.

    1. Yumi’s development really impressed me in this episode. The stress made him almost physically ill, but he pushed through. Tohru’s had quite the impact on him!

  2. Heh, yeah, Haru playing a RPG with those names was cute.

    I think my favourite moment was Yuki entering the Souma estate, hesitating, being caught off guard by spotting Rin, and then going in (with slight hesitation). That was a great, subtle sequence.

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