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Review: Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 7 Best in Show

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In Fruits Basket Season 2 episode 7, “Let’s Start the Watermelon Splitting Contest!,” Shigure Shouma arrives at the vacation home — and he’s not alone. At first, he risks the wrath of both Yuki Souma and Kyou Souma by “jokingly” asking Tohru Honda on a date. But they didn’t yet know the real reason they should be angry with him. Momiji Souma suggested they have a watermelon splitting contest, but he didn’t have a blindfold or staff. Hatsuharu ‘Haru’ Souma tries to get around that limitation by splitting the melon with his bare hands. Inspired by his strength, Tohru tries the same thing. Were her tears from pain or embarrassment? And just who else did Shigure bring with him to the beach?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show: An Easy Closeness

It’s been a full season plus 7 episodes, and in that time, Tohru and Kyou have grown so comfortable that each other that a moment like this just flowed. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I think this episode might have convinced me that Kyou and Tohru make a great couple. And I think Tohru agrees!

And I had such high hopes for Kyou and Arisa Uotani

Especially during the last couple of episodes, Kyou has really seemed attuned to Tohru’s emotions. In this episode, when they were talking about smashing watermelons, Tohru started to say she remembered bashing a watermelon with her mom, but mid-word, she tried to retract it and said instead that she had bashed watermelons with her gumshoe. Everyone looked at her in concern except Haru, who contentedly munched the watermelon he had already smashed.

Later, while Momiji, Hiro, and Kisa took a nap (and the shot of Tohru covering them up was just wonderful (07:32)), Kyou basically told her that she didn’t need to stop talking about her mother. Why? Because her mother and his parents (and the parents of all the Soumas) had nothing to do with each other.

“Actually, I’m more annoyed that you’re trying to be considerate about it,” he told her (09:37). He came right out and asked her to tell him the about the story about her mom and watermelons. It took some encouragement, but she finally told him. She’d been a little girl when her mom tried to teach her to smash watermelons the traditional way. Unfortunately, her mom destroyed one of the landlord’s planters (Tohru was careful to say they’d paid for it!) and had to take their little party inside.

To be fair, Mom didn’t really destroy Dad. She just destroyed his photo. Still, I can see how the moment would have been shocking. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

“And this time, Mom destroyed Dad,” Tohru said (10:13). It wasn’t as bad as it sounded. Tohru’s mom had accidentally taken the staff across her husband’s picture and momentos (is that called a Butsudan?). The look of shock on little Tohru and her mom’s face was hilarious.

The story ended with the two of them happily sharing the watermelon.

She broke off, suddenly aware that Kyou was staring at her. His expression was completely unguarded. It was as if her story — her very presence — had completely captivated him. She was a little embarrassed, but that completely disappeared when he quietly asked her if she had had fun. She had. The memory was clearly precious to her.

And then came my Best in Show moment. She was all smiles as she talked to him. He had been sitting on a cushion or low chair like an ottoman, while she had been kneeling on the floor. As they talked, she placed her hand on his knee, like it was no big deal (10:37). They just sat there, enjoying each other’s company, as if no one else existed. They were both fully present to each other; they were on the same wavelength.

In that moment, they were perfect for each other. It was an astounding contrast to the episode’s final moments between Yuki and Tohru.

What did you think of Akira’s visit? What was your Best in Show moment? Please let me know in the comments!

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