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Review: Listeners Episode 3 Best in Show

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In Listeners episode 3, “You Made Me Realise,” µ (Mu) had just taken a terrible beating at the hands of the Neubauten sisters, who were apparently trying to “awaken” her. Just as they thought they’d defeated µ, a new figure in a four-legged mech dropped among them. Calling her the “she-knight of a fallen country,” the three sisters attacked. However, they were no match for the newcomer, and they had to quickly withdraw. The “she-knight” scooped up both µ and Echo. When they came to, they found themselves on a flying ship under the deputy-directorship of Bilin Valentine. But it wasn’t a rescue. They were in Valentine’s custody. What are Bilin’s intentions? Why did she go to the trouble of fighting the Neubauten sisters to retrieve µ? And how will Echo fix their Equipment — without any spare parts?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

µ didn’t seem to believe she deserved Echo to accompany her. Fortunately, Echo convinced her otherwise. Capture from the Funimation stream.

I’m going to cheat a little bit this week. The Best in Show moment I choose should have been dramatic and powerful. It should have been preceded by an episode or two of build up and anticipation. It should have been preceded by character moments that brought µ and Echo closer together while playing up the developments that were trying to force them apart. This moment should have been the climax that happened after all of those things came together.

Unfortunately, to me at least, it feels like the show skipped some steps. So I’m going to pretend that the extra scenes will be in the Blu Ray (if it ever comes out), and I’m going to react to my Best in Show scene as if those things happened. Yeah, it’s wishful thinking, but I really want to like this show, and I’m not above tricking myself to do it!

Echo and µ had been on uneasy terms since Bilin picked them up. The Player was obviously wrestling with her feelings for Echo. She also felt guilty that she’d lost control in the previous episode and had crushed Echo’s body. It was an illusion or simulation, so Echo was not in fact injured. But at the time, she hadn’t known that. In fact, I think she was shocked to find Echo still alive. That contributed to her telling him he’d be better off away from her after he’d awakened.

After Kevin Valentine helped Echo fix the amplifier, he told Echo it had to have a name. So he named it and wanted to share it with his Player. Echo was all proud and happy as he trotted the Equipment out to meet µ, who was standing, wrapped in a blanket, on the platform in the open air. He told her that he had always loved tinkering, and he figured that was the best he could do in Liverchester. He was clearly looking forward to traveling with her.

µ didn’t know how to react when Echo said that of course he wanted to go with her. Capture from the Funimation stream.

“That’s right,” she said (17:06). “You would’ve been happier if you’d stayed there. They tell me I’m real dangerous. If you stay with me, I’m sure you’ll also end up in danger…”

He seemed a bit miffed that she’d say that, and he brushed aside the possibility of danger. “I don’t know who told you what, but there’s no way I’m just going home now. μ, I want to see the world with you.”

His words seemed to shock her. It was like after seeing herself destroy his body, she couldn’t let herself believe they should be together. His saying very clearly that’s exactly what he wanted to do brought tears to her eyes.

It was a touching moment. And I’m looking forward to the Blu Ray.

What did you think of Bilin and Kevin’s mech? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Review: Listeners Episode 3 Best in Show

  1. Great review. This sounds like a fascinating series. I wonder if there are music references in the episode names and characters since the name of the episode is the same as a My Bloody Valentine song. I did laugh at the name Kevin Valentine because the lead singer’s name of that band is Kevin Shields. Could Echo be a reference to Echo and the Bunnymen or the first episode’s name of Live Forever be a reference to an Oasis song?

    1. “I wonder if there are music references in the episode names and characters since the name of the episode is the same as a My Bloody Valentine song. ”

      Scott seems more clued in than I am, but reading the Reddit threads, the series is thick with those references!

      Makes me wish I knew more about music and music history.

      1. It sure sounds like it. That might be a selling point since I’m a musician and I used to be knee-deep in the music scene over a decade ago. Hahaha!

  2. I do think today the moment between Mu and Echo was good, but I loved the fight between them and the Valentines. It really gave the show some interesting energy.

    1. “but I loved the fight between them and the Valentines.”

      I’ve been meaning to ask you what you thought of the mechs in this series. They look distinctive to me — like using woofers for flight engines!

      1. I really like them. I do think Mu and Echo’s is pretty generic, but it makes sense considering it was built from scrap. In general, all of them have been pretty distinctive and cool to look at.

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