Review: My Hero Academia s4 ep80- A Mild Cheese

In this week’s episode of My Hero Academia, BakugouTodoroki, Inasa, and Camie face off against the students from Masegaki Primary School. If you’re the impatient sort and want to know what Irina (of I Drink and Watch Anime) and I said in our review, it’s her turn to host. You can read it right here!

Did our heroes trounce the kids? Did the kids trounce our heroes? Will their teacher ever stop crying? Screen capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

It was touch and go at the end of the last episode, what with Bakugou wanting to teach the ring-leader a lesson and all. That seems like a pretty violent approach to classroom discipline! But maybe the kids are too powerful for anything else? Well, we learn what solution our heroes attempted in this episode.

By the way, what in the world is Aoyama doing with all that cheese? And why?

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