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In My Hero Academia Season 4 episode 84, “Deku vs. Gentle Criminal,” you’re likely able to guess, based on the title, that Deku does, in fact, face off against Gentle Criminal. And you’d be right! How did the fight start? What’s Gentle Criminal’s Quirk?

Do we get to see Yuuga Aoyama as a disco ball?

This week, Irina (from I Drink and Watch Anime) hosts our collaboration review on her site. You can jump right to the post using this link!

Does Gentle Criminal have a worthy Quirk? How does it compliment his style? You can find out in our post! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The stakes are high in this episode — if Gentle Criminal makes it to the school and/or trips any alarms, they’ll have to cancel the festival. That means disappointing Eri!

What kind of monster would want that?

Please do take a look at our review over on I Drink and Watch Anime!

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2 thoughts on “Review: My Hero Academia s4 ep84 – The Show Must Go On

    1. Milking versus gentle pacing — toe-mae-toe versus toe-mah-toe?

      (Bad) joking aside, I’m actually enjoying these last few episodes. After the battle to conclude Overhaul’s story, I was ready for something with somewhat lower stakes. But it’s a major change, that’s for sure.

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