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Review: One Punch Man Episode Season 2 Episode 04 – Best in Show

Quick Summary

In One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 04 (a.k.a., episode 16), “The Metal Bat,” Garou’s rein of terror continues because a) he can’t remember what happened last night (when Saitama brushed him aside and nearly killed him) and b) no one else saw the encounter. The hero’s Association pulls S-Class heroes from their jobs to protect the executives, because they’re the ones who generate income. That’s how Metal Bat gets assigned to protect an executive and his son. As the monster attacks on them escalate, Metal Bat needs to fight harder and harder until a Dragon-class monster arrives. Can Metal Bat fight it off? Will Garou interrupt the fight for his own purposes? Worst of all, will an ex-member of Bang’s dojo recognize that Saitama’s not who he’s pretending to be?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious. 

Best Moment in the Show

Metal Bat is serious about his vocation! Capture from the Hulu stream.

With Saitama in the cast, it’s sometimes hard to remember that other heroes have to work at their craft — perfecting it over time. Metal Bat had to exert himself to defeat both Centikohai and Centisempai (are those great names or what?), to the point where he got so into the fight that forgot to question them (17:44). He was ticked off with himself, but he didn’t have time for that sort of thing, because a Dragon-class monster named Centichoro showed up, and it was huge (18:35). Despite the prowess he just demonstrated, Metal Bat’s first strike didn’t even annoy it — but it did give him a chance to demonstrate his craftsmanship. It hurled him away, but he didn’t give up. He’d been paying attention. He had noticed that when he swung his bat, it ducked its head (well, one of two) out of the way (19:45). He’d used his powers of observation and not only his might to plan his next strike (20:07). The monster wasn’t completely defeated, but it showed that at least this S-class Hero was serious about doing well — and not just drinking in the attention from adoring fans! I think Saitama would approve. 

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