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Review: One Punch Man Episode Season 2 Episode 07 – Best In Show

Quick Summary

In One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 07 (a.k.a., episode 19), “The Class S Heroes,” several S class heroes are trying to push back the growing monster flood. Some, like Tatsumaki the Terrible Tornado, we’ve met before; others, like Pig God, we’re meeting for the first time. They are as powerful as they are arrogant (which is to say, very powerful), but can they stop the Monster Association’s foot soldiers — much less affect the Association on a strategic level? Meanwhile, Saitama makes it to the martial arts finals to face Suiryu, who is not only undefeated, but is practically untouched. Can Saitama keep his wig on? Most importantly, will he learn anything at all about martial arts? 

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

I think the Monster Association made a mistake when they made Atomic Samurai angry. Capture from the Hulu stream.

I like it when an episode makes it hard for me to pick a best moment! There were several dealing with Tatsumaki and some of the other S Class heroes (seeing what Pig God did to his opponent made he scared for Miia’s sake!); there were others dealing with the usual stages of misunderstanding that Saitama’s foes go through. So instead, I’ll pick a moment that’s a little out of the way but is still appallingly cool. Five highly skilled swordsmen who call themselves the Holy Order of the Sword met to discuss what to do about Garou the Hero Hunter. Four of them, including the Atomic Samurai, had decided to go after him when Haragiri began to taunt them for not pursing their real mission: to become stronger swordsmen. Then he revealed that the Monster Association had reached out to him and had given him three Monster Cells. The four of them had 3 seconds to decide to join him and the Monster Association or die. And why only 3 cells? Because Haragiri’s orders were to kill Atomic Samurai no matter what. 

Then Haragiri showed that he’d already taken a cell and transformed into a monster right in front of them. The four of them looked a little concerned, but not alarmed. 

This show’s all about the true nature of power. It’s not necessarily just physical prowess. Certainly, Saitama is physically powerful in a supernatural way. He’s almost like an immortal object from Sword Art Online! But he’s not the only example of a character who’s strength is also spiritual. Atomic Samurai is one of those characters. 

As Haragiri grew larger and more ferocious, Atomic Samurai almost sounded sad as he lamented that Haragiri had lost his way. Then, as Haragiri launched his savage attack (12:16), Atomic Samurai just sliced him up with an economical, skilled move. 

Moments later, Atomic Samurai emerged, and his disciples ran up to him. They could see that he was displeased.

“We’re going,” he said to them (12:29). “But now our target is the Monster Association.”

It looks like the Monster Association has made a grave strategic error!

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  1. You know, I really like your writing style. It would be very well suited for stories and novellas. Do you write fanfiction or any stories of your own creation?

    1. Your post is in contention for the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me! Thanks!

      I have one fanfic published, and it was based on Sekirei. You can find it here:

      I’m also working on a series of novels, and I’m chronicling the effort here:

      I need to update that site. I’ve made some progress, but nothing like what I want to. Pesky needing a full time job to earn money for food and housing and stuff…

      Thanks again for your comment!

      1. I’m glad I could be uplifting. I was being perfectly honest! Thanks for the links. I’d like to start a A03 account of my own soon. I haven’t really used it before for reading or for sharing.

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