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Review: One Punch Man Episode Season 2 Episode 09 – Best In Show

Quick Summary

In One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 09 (a.k.a., episode 21), “The Troubles of the Strongest,” Saitama stands between a badly injured Suiryu and the powerful monster Bakuzan. Will our title hero’s streak of defeating opponents with a single punch remain intact — or will something unspeakable happen? And if Saitama manages to defeat Bakuzan, what of the even more powerful Goketsu? Meanwhile, Garou attacks Watchdog-man. Will the poor loyal hero become another notch in Garou’s belt?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

If only Saitama could remember Bakuzan’s name. It wouldn’t have made a material difference, but it might have helped Bakuzan feel a little better before he was destroyed. Capture from the Hulu stream.

If I have a complaint about this episode, it’s that my favorite moment came so early that it made what came after seem somewhat diminished. Notice I say “seem.” There were a lot of moments I found hilarious, like Puripuri Prisoner’s fight, or the aftermath of the battle between Garou and Watchdog-man (who’s rapidly becoming one of my favorite secondary characters). Heck, I even enjoyed the philosophical conversation between King and Saitama!  I’ve always been partial to heart-felt, honest arguments about philosophy, even if one of the parties decides to quote manga.

But for whatever reason, I just don’t get tired of seeing enemies try to fight Saitama. This episode starts where the previous one ended: The badly beaten Suiryu was trying to get away from Bakuzan, who was casually destroying him. The previously arrogant playboy had been reduced to calling out for help from a hero — any hero. And Saitama answered.

Bakuzan, of course, thinks Saitama is just another over-hyped hero, so he starts smacking him around (2:43). All it does is shuffle Saitama over to where the other martial arts tournament contestants (the one who didn’t eat the monster cells) are sprawled unconscious. Of course, Saitama is completely unharmed. Bakuzan continues his attack, and Suiryu thinks that Saitama is trying to protect the fallen — when he’s actually trying to remember where he saw Bakuzan before. As the monster waxes ecstatic about his own power, Saitama basically shrugs, and the monster’s top half just disappears.

The acoustic guitars in the background as Saitama talks to Suiryu about the victory were a nice touch.

I’ve read a lot of complaints about the difference in the animation style between the first and second seasons. But the two things that I liked about the first season — Saitama himself and the question of what makes a hero — are still here, so I’m really enjoying this season.

Besides, Fubuki is in this season. 

So it’s all good! 

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