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Review: One Punch Man Episode Season 2 Episode 10 – Best In Show

Quick Summary

In One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 10 (a.k.a., episode 22), “Justice under Siege,” the Monster Association makes their move. They offer a faux-proposal to the Hero Association executives, but both sides are not negotiating in good faith. What’s the Monster Association’s real plan? What’s the Hero Association intent? Meanwhile, Garou wakes up and wonders how King beat him so handily. He hides out to heal, but he didn’t know Death Gatling saw him and formed a posse to come after him. Will a severely wounded Garou be able to defend himself against several strong heroes who are following a clear-headed, disciplined leader? And most importantly, will Saitama get the trash out in time for the trash truck?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

I don’t want to take anything away from some of the memorable moments in this episode. Early on, for example, King and Saitama were playing a video game, and King’s character was a bunny girl with pink hair. He consistently defeats Saitama’s character, which is this huge hulking monster! Another fun moment was the Monster Association’s faux offer of co-existence with the Heroes. That was pretty funny (5:32) — and in keeping with the characters. The fight at the end between Garou and Death Gatling’s posse was particularly fine.

But my favorite moment in this episode? It wasn’t one of those.

No, my favorite moment was when Saitama accidentally destroyed a new wave of Monster Association recruits. After hearing the leaked news of the hostage situation, many monsters headed for the abandoned city where the Monster Association hung out. It was their misfortune to encounter Saitama as he was trying to take out his trash. He was late for the garbage truck! The shots were dramatic: a growing horde of monsters were heading moving down the street. Various deep voices said that the message hadn’t been for humans only. “They’re talking to us, too” (13:50). They all wanted to join the Monster Association so they could “…wipe those bastard heroes out.”

A red-gloved fist appeared briefly on screen, and then all of the monsters were suddenly dead and in pieces all over the street. And buildings. And utility poles. 

Yes, I’m enjoying this season, and yes, there were some entertaining moments other than this one in this episode. But for whatever reason, I still can’t get enough of Saitama just being Saitama. 

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