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Review: Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 7 Best in Show

Quick Summary

In Somali and the Forest Spirit episode 7, “The Footsteps That Stalk the Witches,” Golem and Somali needed to part ways with Haitora and Uzoi. Golem and Haitora had spoken the previous night, and though Haitora knew nothing of where humans might be, he did have one very useful tidbit of information: he knew where an important village was. A village that collected information from all over the world! Somali took an immediate liking to the city, since all the witches there offered her delicious food. But it was the library that most interested Golem. Hazel, a witch librarian, helped them locate an index entry for a helpful book, but it wasn’t on the shelf, and it had not been checked out. So they headed for Praline’s room. But they had no way of knowing what they’d find there — or what it would do to Somali and Golem!

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Golem’s full combat mode sure came in handy in this episode! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This was a delightful episode! It gave me all sorts of choices for Best in Show moment! Do I want to go with heart-warming reaffirmation of affection? Somber companionship of two mortals longing for more time to protect their loved ones? Childish delight at so many new and scrumptious treats?

Or something more visceral? Unexpected at first, then perfectly sensible after a moment’s thought?

Yeah, let’s go with that last one.

Hazel had located a perfect book to help Golem search for humans. Unfortunately, though it was in the index, it wasn’t on the shelf. With a heavy sigh, Hazel realized where it would be: in her sister Praline’s room.

Praline’s room was such a mess that they couldn’t find the book right away. Somali actually tracked it down on a shelf, but when she pulled it out, it was covered with a strange green slime that soon transformed into pescafish, book-eating flying fish. Between the two of them, Praline and Hazel thought they’d exterminated them. But suddenly, a previously unknown subspecies appeared and went right for the book Somali was holding.

Hazel, with a little help from her sister Praline, thought they had taken care of the pescafish. unfortunately, they were mistaken. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Knowing how important the book was, our brave little Somali declared she’d protect it (19:13). She ran for the door hoping to carry the book to freedom, but the enormous flying fish, its face a skeletal mask with piranha-like teeth, blocked her exit. It surged hungrily right at her.

With a sound like shattering porcelain, Golem hurled his crossed arms into the fish’s face (19:40). It stopped in mid air. Somali looked in horror at the shards of Golem’s arms raining down around her.

Then something unexpected happened. Remember that Golem is a forest guardian? I’d almost forgotten. Invoking some mode fundamental to his original role, Golem said, “Foreign hostile detected. Purge required.”

His vertical eye opened. It was a strange yellow orange, not the green we’d seen before. Enormous demonic (angelic?) bone wings explosively grew from his back, then viciously curled around to hack into the fish. Within seconds, it had been shredded.

Praline and Hazel were amazed at Golem’s abilities. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

My jaw literally dropped. It remained attached, but it had dropped as far as it could.

Astonished, I think it was Praline who said, “Golems are… something else…” as his wings folded and retracted.

It’s rare that a series can deliver a moment that is simultaneously so surprising yet so consistent with the world. Of course Golem would have an advanced combat mode. He’s a forest guardian — he had to be well prepared! But I’d gotten so used to thinking of him as Somali’s Dad that I’d lost sight of his more fundamental aspects.

BTW: Back in the library proper, when Hazel called her sister a “book worm,” was I the only one who expected an honest to goodness worm that either a) like reading a lot or b) loved nom-ing books?

What did you think of the library? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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