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Review: Tower of God Episode 1 Best in Show

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In Tower of God episode 1, “BALL,” Bam was in a panic. Rachel, for reasons not yet disclosed, was running away from him. Even though he caught up with her and begged her not to go, she was still determined to climb the tower and see the stars. She began to glow, then disappear. He was alone in the dark cave. He pounded the stone floor in anguish until a voice told him that his answers could be found on top of the tower. A giant ethereal hand grabbed him. The next thing he knew, he was in a strange room facing an unknown bipedal creature who introduced himself as Headon. What is this tower that Rachel wants to climb? Who is Headon, and what’s the massive staff he carries? Who’s the acrobatic Princess and her somewhat obedient Navigator who suddenly show up out of nowhere — and why are they so angry with Bam? What the heck is this place?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Black March didn’t get the answer she expected. Which is part of what made that my Best in Show moment. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The reason I chose a series to review varies from series to series. I decided I was going to review The Asterisk War the instant I saw Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld, wreathed in flames, standing defiantly before Lester MacPhail. In Tower of God, it was the instant Princess Ha Yuri Jahad and left a footprint on Bam’s face. Her power was undeniable; so was her grace. To me, she’s Tower of God’s answer to Julis.

But she wasn’t in my Best in Show moment. Bam earned that alone.

Bam had just faced death literally in the face when he allowed the huge leviathan to swallow him — so he could slice it up from the inside with Black March, the powerful sword Yuri had loaned to him on a whim. As the beast lay several meters away, Bam tried to cut an orb in half — ostensibly the goal of this trial. Yet, the sword would not bite.

The noise of his attempt reawakened the beast, which sped to attack. Evan, Yuri’s “Navigator” (whatever that is), screamed at him to ask the sword to lend him its strength. Bam asked. The sword answered.

Yuri was furious with Evan for trying to give Bam advice. But it’s a good thing the navigator didn’t listen — he probably saved Bam’s life. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

The resulting explosion of energy threw the beast back. The sword transformed into a tall woman with flowing blonde hair. Her golden irises had vertical slits (just like Rachel’s eyes — I wonder what that means?). In a voice that fully expected an affirmative answer, she asked if he wished the strength to climb the tower.

This is the cool part.

He simply said (17:11), “No.”

That surprised her. And it’s what made this my favorite moment. I’ve always enjoyed the character who goes their own way for their own reasons. I sometimes wonder if people pursue fame because they don’t really know what they want to do. Fame, after all, seems like a relatively hollow pursuit in and of itself. Bam, though, knew what he wanted. He wanted to be by Rachel’s side. That’s why he wanted the sword’s strength. That’s part of why she granted it to him.

The other part was that she liked his face. For some reason, I found that kind of refreshing…

What did you think of the first episode? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “Review: Tower of God Episode 1 Best in Show

  1. Yeah, they mystery and the world is so amazing that I have been binge reading this manwha ever since I have been quarantined. It is really worth the read.

  2. I didnt put together that the art style seemed like Seraph of the End until I read your tweet. I have been hearing a lot of good things about this anime and enjoyed the first episode myself.

    1. Black March also reminded me of Yuuchirou’s blade Ashuramaru — another similarity! But I don’t think it’s derivative. I mean, it’s common for inanimate objects to take on human forms, but I thought it was interesting. Actually made me like the series a little more, because I really liked Seraph of the End.

  3. I was so hyped for this series. And now I can happily say that it met my expectations. The animation was great, the voice acting was pretty good, and I’m liking Bam so far. But I think I like Yuri a little bit more.

    1. “and I’m liking Bam so far. But I think I like Yuri a little bit more.”

      Nothing against Bam — I’m liking him, too. But Yuri brings so much personality to every moment she’s on the screen. Her reactions and assumptions hint at such a large world — and that’s interesting, too!

      I haven’t followed the Webtoon, but as I’m reading reactions to the first episode, I’m getting the idea that it has quite a following. I hope that doesn’t set up a confrontation between the various fan camps. But if the rest of the series is as interesting as this episode, and it continues the approach of showing us the world through the characters, I’m in!

      1. I tried to read the webtoon in anticipation for the show. But I just couldn’t finish the first chapter. I plan to do what I did for “Fire Force;” watch season 1, and then read the source material.

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