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Review: Tower of God Episode 3 Best in Show

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In Tower of God episode 3, “The Correct Door,” Aguero Agnis Khun briefly lost himself in memories of a tragic (for him!) event within his family. The sound of death screams brought him back to his present where he, Bam, and Rak Wraithraiser were waiting for their next test. They had been watching as a hostess let teams one by one enter a long dark passage. The team would either pass the test, or they’d die screaming. As Bam waited, a stranger tried to give him a clue. Bam gratefully and enthusiastically accepted, but Aquero was dismissive, saying he couldn’t rely on what anyone else told him. Their turn came, and they learned the test appeared to be intellectual — but with almost no clues! Can they figure out the answer in time? More importantly, can they figure it out before Rak looses patience and starts tearing things apart?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show

Aguero did not like hearing what Han Sung Yu had to say. But he needed to hear it. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Are you enjoying this show’s world-building? I am! The “sky” was designed to look like what the legends about the real sky described? That’s good stuff…

If you haven’t watched this episode, please be aware that my Best in Show moment spoils the end of the door game for Bam, Aguero, and Rak. So if you want to experience it first hand, please watch it before reading this!

It’s kinda fun to see — so I want to give you the chance to reconsider!

Aguero’s past, especially regarding his family, played a big role in this episode. His past include a traumatic event that destroyed Aguero’s ability to trust anyone. Even in this episode, it undermined his confidence in himself and caused him to reject the advice from a Regular in the waiting room.

So when presented with the question of which of 12 doors to open within 10 minutes, he completely froze. Memories of the betrayal flooded his mind. He couldn’t make a decision because he couldn’t find enough information. As they approached the 5 minute mark — the point at which previous teams had failed — he was no closer to a decision.

So Rak, because he’s Rak and he’s wildly impatient, just kicked open a random door. Han Sung Yu, the test’s observer, announced that they’d won! What was funny about it was that the test wasn’t picking the correct door. It was picking any door within 5 minutes.

Rak’s command decision saved their lives. Well, more like his impatience was fortuitous in this case. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Aguero was furious and asked (11:35), “What does this test measure?”

The observer was well aware of Aguero’s past. He said the wounds were deep and forced him to need certainty before he would make any choice.

“So what?” Aguero demanded.

“The world won’t wait for your certainty,” Han Sung Yu said (11:52). “…You need companions who will open doors without hesitation.”

The psychological aspects of these tests elevates them. There’s a level of thought that goes into them, and it makes them more than just puzzles. They’re windows into the participants’ psyches. It’s like the test was specially designed to hit Aguero where he was weakest. Or where he needed to learn how to rely on his companions. That single act had so many implications that I’m more and more convinced we’re looking at a wonderfully realized fantasy world. That just rocks.

What did you think of Rak’s solution to the test? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Tower of God Episode 3 Best in Show

  1. I loved Rak’s solution to the test. I thought the scene was well thought out and cleverly exposed more about the characters then we would have known otherwise. So far the story has me engaged and has my attention.

    Sometimes the best solutions are also the ones that require the least amount of thought.

    1. “I thought the scene was well thought out and cleverly exposed more about the characters then we would have known otherwise. ”

      Wasn’t that cool? I loved how they animated his impatience as he literally climbed the walls. Had to laugh when he said, “I hate thinking and needles!”

      I’m particularly fond of humor that gives us character insight.

      “So far the story has me engaged and has my attention.”

      Glad to hear it! Same for me. The hints at a wider, fully developed world along with the suggestion of character backgrounds and the peeks we get at the world beyond what we’ve seen so far are really working for me.

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