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Review: Tower of God Episode 6 Best in Show

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In Tower of God episode 6, “Position Selection,” Rachel approached Aguero Agnis Khun with a request: when and if Bam regained consciousness, tell him that she wasn’t who he had thought she was. Khun doubted her motives but considered her request. Meanwhile, Bam was still unconscious from the blow to the head in in the previous episode. If he does not regain consciousness very, very soon, he will be disqualified. That leaves Khun and Rak Wraithraiser in a difficult position. Should they abandon Bam now on their own terms? Or wait to see if he is disqualified? And if he is, what happens to his quest to be reunited with Rachel?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show: Rachel’s Lie Weighs Heavy — On Her!

Rachel seems torn up about “needing” to lie to Bam. What is so important to her? Why is she doing this to herself and to Bam? I’m dying to know! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Remember the “This post may include spoilers” warning above? Just checking! Because I’m about to drop one.

Did you catch what the floor administrator said to Bam? In order to manipulate Shinsoo (I think — I’m still learning this world’s physics), Bam had to make a contract with the floor’s administrator. A floor administrator who looked like freaking Cthulhu, the the way! As he did so, the administrator told him, “For you, this isn’t a contract. It’s a shackle” (10:50).

What what the heck is Bam? And please don’t tell me if you know. I’m having too much fun wondering!

My Best in Show moment this week is something I don’t see all the time in action-oriented series. It’s something that if it’s present, it can make the story more robust, the action more impactful, and the world more real. It was something I was really glad to see.

While Bam was still unconscious, Rachel visited. She asked Khun to lie to Bam, to tell him that she wasn’t who he thought she was. She tried to make it sound all noble-like, saying (03:03), “If we’re together, we’ll become each other’s weakness. A burden. Try to understand. It’s what’s best for both of us.”

Khun didn’t buy it for a second. He thought, “You mean you, not both of you.” But he agreed to help her for Bam’s sake. They parted.

Khun remembers the pain of betrayal all too well. He’d like to protect Bam from that. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

In most of the series I can think of with similar scenes, that would have been the emotional end of it. They would see each other on the battlefield later and interact, but the moment and the possibility of emotional continuity would be gone. Tower of God had another idea.

The next time we see Rachel, she’s lying in bed. The room is dark. There are empty candy bar wrappers all around her. She’s not only upset by the situation. She’s devastated.

Why is she so upset? What is so important to achieve that she’s willing to put herself through this? Why did she think she could trust Khun to help her in the deception? How did she honestly think that Bam, honest little guy that he is, would be deceived?

And once again, those questions drew me in a little deeper. It made me want to know more about what’s going on. To be honest, I’m really happy about it!

What did you think of Endorsi and Anak’s fight? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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