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Review: Tower of God Episode 7 Best in Show

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In Tower of God episode 7, “Lunch and Tag,” Endorsi and Anaak cut loose against each other — with near-fatal results. Training for the others continues, with Bam making remarkable progress — much to the anger of Hoh, who we learn has a dark past. But this is the world of the Tower of God, so we expect that, don’t we? As the training comes to an end, the proctors come up with the next test: a game of tag. Bam and Aguero Agnis Khun end up on opposing sides. The scoring system for the game might well disqualify one or the other team . If that happens, how will Bam continue his journey with Khun? Or will it come to an end in this game?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Best Moment in the Show: Khun’s Natural Leadership – In Smug Form!

Khun’s smugness skill is top notch! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I did not know that Endorsi had a little horn (11:22). It’s absolutely adorable. Why is a little so horn adorable? That makes no sense…

This was a character- heavy episode, and I loved it. For my Best in Show moment, I’m going to choose a moment that showed just how helpful Khun can be — it he can get what he wants!

Shibisu was distraught. His task had been to get 10 new friends, but he only had eight, in part because Hatz was so anti-social. The deadline was today, and Shibisu really wanted the points. He asked Bam for help.

Kuhn didn’t want to help. After all, weren’t they enemies in the end? Should they really help their enemies? But Bam is Bam, and while he’s not on the same level of goodness and light as Tohru Honda, he’s still no slouch in the doing good to others department. Since it seems like he can’t say no to Bam, Kuhn agreed to help. But in his own way.

“Fortunately” for them, there were two potential friends recovering after their nasty fight early in the episode: Endorsi and Anaak. Khun came up with a plan that included free meals for the Princesses and a script for Hatz and Bam to follow. Both Princesses, as befitting someone in their position, initially refused. But the offer of free and delicious food, plus the fact they’d both spent their last “money” on medical treatment, left them very little choice.

Endorsi tried to protest that she didn’t need their food. Her loudly growling stomach suggested otherwise. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Shibisu ended up with all 10 friends!

However, Khun wanted his payment. Was it cash? Extravagant gifts? Nope. He wanted Hatz to thank him. Loudly. With the same over the top gratitude that Shibisu showed when he thanked Bam. I think Hatz actually made it worse when he turned his back on Khun and thanked Bam instead.

“Hey,” Khun said (12:58). “I’m the one who came up with the plan. I even wrote the script for you inarticulate oafs.” They almost got into an argument before Shibisu stepped in and practically begged Hatz to say thanks.

Khun’s smug expression made even me want to smack him — and I was on this side of the screen! Still, it was a great insight into Khun’s priorities. Plus, it showed that he is seriously bright. It was a good plan, and it worked. Plus, he and Bam got to have lunch with two Princesses of Jahad.

Seems like everyone won!

What did you think of Endorsi and Anaak’s fight at the beginning? What was your Best in Show moment? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Well none surpass the Angil of Fruits Basket well as a human the Goddess and Norn of the Present Beldandy of Ah My Goddess does but she’s perfect without the dead mother issues Honda is dealing with keeping well surpassed. Beldandy has her problems, she can be a touch “small natural disaster threaten” jealous, and there is a mystery in her past. I though it a wonderful mostly slice of life show. I will spoil she really is the Norm of the Present and the three Norns she is one of are the all powerful beings in Norse Mythology. Beldandy when viewed with the Budda’s aspect actually is that Budda not just a enlightened Ahat follower as Shinto treats all gods of all religions as real and the top gods are just avatars of one another. And it is stated the Beldandy you see is not her true form and when this avatar Beldandy struggles it only because real Beldandy allows it. Unfortunately manga ended without fully dealing with the core of the story.

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