Re:Zero 2 Episode 33: Subaru continued to surprise Echidna

Re:Zero 2 Episode 33 (or 8) – Before I Heard You, I Saw You

Introduction for Re:Zero 2 Episode 33

Before we talk about Re:ZERO 2 episode 33, I’d like to say that the weather’s a bit odd here in Ohio, USA. We’ve had a few storms strike north to south and a few others striking south to north. We’re pretty much a west to east sort of state, so this change in status is bewildering. I think 2020’s trying to tell me something, and it’s probably a monosyllabic Anglo-Saxon word. Ending in “you.” 

How’re things in your part of the world, Irina?

Montreal weather traditionally s*cks. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Aside from about a month and a half during September and October, it’s really more of an indoor city. Winters get unpleasantly cold. There is lots of beautiful snow that pretty much turns to brown slush instantly and freezing rain ice storms have become increasingly common. Our power lines aren’t buried cause we never learn. We cover the streets in salt that corrodes everything, ruining boots and cars alike. The summers get uncomfortably hot and it’s ridiculously humid making everything instantly sticky. 

Let me do some math here as I try to convert stuff to Farenheit. It can get above 100F and does get below -40F. It’s also not unusual to have a 30F difference in a matter of a few hours. I’m saying all this because… This summer has been unusually mild and really nice. A very good mix of rain and sun has made everything green and lush. It hasn’t gotten too hot yet, and yesterday it was about 50F in until lunch and only got up to about 66F which is really lovely. I’m afraid to jinx it, but it’s been good lately. 

I really hope the hurricane hasn’t done too much damage in Texas and Louisiana. I just checked, and as I write it’s been downgraded to a category 3 again, but I haven’t looked up the aftermath yet. There’s not much news out for the moment.

Same lack of news for me. I’m just glad one of the two hurricanes that hit apparently did little damage. Two on top of each other seems excessive, even for 2020.

Re:ZERO 2 Episode 33 (or 8)

Well, I’ll say this about Re:ZERO. It makes a world threatened by COVID seem safe and comfy. Episode 33 (by Crunchyroll’s counting), the 8th episode of the second season, is called “The Value of Life.” It might have put Subaru through some of the worst experiences of his career. And maybe, just maybe, one of the most comforting. Maybe. 

Though it’s really hard to tell with this show.

I’m going to move away from that comment. 

Beatrice: Now an Enemy?

This episode picks right up with Ram’s “old granny” statement from the previous episode. It then quickly descends into a uniquely Re:ZERO kind of hell. Subaru’s goal is to save Fredrica, Petra, and, of course, Rem. So after Otto had rescued him near the end of the last episode, Subaru first took a detour to talk to Roswaal. Their brief conversation proved something as much as Re:ZERO proves anything: Beatrice is not a witch cultist. Though I suppose it doesn’t rule out a meaning of either witch, cultist, or both that’s simply unknown to me. After that, he thought he was ready to go back to the mansion.

Re:Zero 2 Episode 33: Roswaal swears Beatrice is not an enemy.

Is this the face of a man who would like to Subaru? Okay, yeah, it is… Then why do I so want to believe him? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Irina, what did you take away from that scene?

Any scene that Roswaal is in has got my approval. I love the chap. And it seemed like we were finally making some progress in the storyline. I found that it was a nice good setup to the episode. I have no complaints about it at all.

This said, I do think it would have been a good time to develop Garfiel’s character a bit. We have learned a few things about him and his past. He’s starting to get decently fleshed out. I feel like if they really nail down and make us feel his motivation right now, it is going to make everything else just a little more engaging. 

Still, if I can get some Roswaal or some Beatrice, I’m a happy camper. I will gladly watch an episode with just those two. or a season…

Also, I remembered the line “Roswaal said to ask the question.” I remembered it and Subaru had forgotten. Considering this show slips from my mind like sand through my fingers, I was really proud of that!

Garfiel on a Rampage

Now Garfiel’s an Enemy?

Re:Zero 2 Episode 33: Garfiel is quite angry.

Garfiel looks angry… Capture from the Crunchyroll stream

Satisfied that he wouldn’t have to consider Beatrice an enemy, (Subaru pretends not to trust Roswaal but in the end, he’ll just believe whatever the guy tells him. Subaru is a Roswaal Tsundere.) Subaru, Otto, and Ram prepared to leave. Unfortunately, Garfiel wanted to stop them. Like, really, really wanted to stop them. He wanted to stop them in the worst way. And I mean that literally. Otto and the townsfolk tried to shield Subaru, but Garfiel not only killed them. He slaughtered them. Otto was in at least two pieces. Garfiel even crushed Patrasche after she tried to throw Subaru to safety.

I realized I was strangely attached to Otto. I have made no secret of liking everyman characters, so it’s not exactly surprising, but I honestly had a bit of feelings in this scene. A first for reZero, since I know none of the deaths have to stick. That’s probably why they are making them so gruesome this season. It’s a good way to get an emotional reaction even when your audience knows there are no true stakes.

I have to admit, there was something about Otto’s expression as he died that got to me, too.

Re:Zero 2 Episode 33: Otto didn't deserve to die like this.

I hated seeing this happen to Otto. It was harder on Subaru, though hardest, of course, on Otto. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Subaru Pushed Past His Limit

Subaru was ready for Return by Death even before Otto tried to save him by getting in the way of Garfiel’s blow. By the end, Subaru was begging everyone to let him die. He knew he’d come back. They didn’t know that, so they kept throwing themselves in front of danger to save him.

That might have been the hardest thing Subaru ever had to watch. He was a wreck by the end. I kept thinking, what else can this show throw at him?

Irina, did you expect Garfiel to be so ruthlessly murderous?

I guess?

I mean, they’ve been building him up as an antagonist for weeks. Maybe I jumped the gun a bit on this one, but as I mentioned above, I do think that considering the laws of this universe, in order to really make the events visceral, they need to be really brutal. More than they would in a universe with permanent deaths, if that makes sense. Since re:Zero is a drama, establishing a more serious emotional connection with the audience is probably important.

You Think Garfiel Was Bad…

Subaru Awakens in an Empty Cell

At the end of the fight, Garfiel knocked Subaru unconscious. He awoke in his cell, but the door was open. It was winter. The village was empty; there were no people or bodies anywhere. There wasn’t a creature anywhere to be seen. Until he came across the cute little bunny with a small horn.

Re:Zero 2 Episode 33: Beware the cute horned bunny.

To be fair, even if Subaru had listened to me when I screamed “Run for your life!” at the screen, it wouldn’t’ve have made any difference. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This was actually the scene in which I started to worry and feel uneasy. Not the bunny, before that. I thought oh noe, the idiot, now months have passed and his reset point will be after all the bad stuff’s happened and he won’t be able to change it. 

I know this very episode gives me a good answer to the question later on, but I often wonder why Subaru doesn’t try to reset the second he suffers unacceptable losses. If he knows that he is currently in a timeline that he doesn’t want to exist for some reason, why take the risk?

Adorable Death Awaited

I kid you not. I yelled at my screen, “Subaru, you fool! Stay away from the cute bunny thing!” But did Subaru listen? No! When he reached out to pet it, the cute bunny thing ate his hand. Two of its friends ate one of his legs. Then hundreds emerged from the snow, and they feasted on our track-suited hero.

If I were Subaru, my last sounds might have been hysterical laughter. I mean, what else is this world going to throw at the guy?

What did you think of Re:ZERO’s answer to Monty Python’s Vorpal Bunny, Irina? 

Re:Zero 2 Episode 33: The bunnies attack in hordes.

On the plus side, at least what happened to the villagers isn’t a mystery. On second thought, maybe that not very plus-y… Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

It was hilarious, and of course that’s the first thing that came to my mind. Holy Grail had enough of an influence for me to always be mildly suspicious of lone bunnies! I don’t know if it was entirely meant to be comedic, but I think so, even without the Python reference it’s a ridiculous scene. I had a great laugh about it and it was a good moment to inject some humour. Kudos on that.

Another Tea Party

Too Much Too Fast for Subaru

Subaru went back to his save point, but I don’t think his mind went with him. The bunnies were too much. He smashed his head into the marble floor beside Emilia until Echidna took pity on him and invited him to another tea party.

That was a little odd. Don’t get me wrong, Subaru has plenty of reason to be sporting some deep PTSD. I just wondered why now? Shouldn’t he be really used to it at this point? Last time he reset (last episode), he was super happy about it. It made his day to see everyone again and get a chance to make it perfect. What’s different this time? Is getting eaten by bunnies more traumatic than getting eviscerated by a witch after watching all your beloved friends die before your eyes? Maybe. 

Maybe the townspeople plus Otto plus the bunnies were just too much?

Fortified by Echidna’s “Tea?”

Re:Zero 2 Episode 33: Echidna wanted Subaru's praise.

Echidna wanted Subaru to praise her for making him stronger. Seriously, what is it that makes this witch so attractive? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Echidna explained that his soul hadn’t crumbled because he’d drunk her “tea” during the first tea party. She playfully asked for him to show her his gratitude. One thing led to another (including Subaru begging to be able to remember her after he left the tea party with such sincerity that I think Echidna was actually touched) until an idea struck him. He wanted to test her, and she said it was okay.

He confessed to her that he’d been Returning by Death. Echidna simply said, “Hmmm.” She didn’t die. Puck didn’t show up to end the world. He couldn’t believe it. In a gentle voice, she explained that she had heard him on his path. “And before I heard you, I saw you,” she said.

Subaru collapsed and balled his eyes out. Can’t blame the guy. He told her that he had died “over and over… all alone… alone this whole time…” Echidna came over to him and gave him a huge hug. She told him that she’d been watching him since he arrived in this world. Then, as if we had forgotten she’s the Witch of Greed, she asked him to tell her everything about his experience.

“I want to know,” she said.

Re:Zero 2 Episode 33: Echidna wanted to hear Subaru's story

Subaru’s encounter with Echidna bordered on a religious epiphany. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Echidna’s Real Role in Re:Zero 2 Episode 33

Subaru’s Lonely Journey — Until Now

Irina, do you think she’s a passive observer? Did she set up some of what’s going on? 

You know, I liked this scene. I still don’t understand the timing of Subaru’s breakdown but hey, I guess burnout doesn’t need a catalyst or anything. And I’m not sure re:Zero has ever really addressed how isolated Subaru’s unique condition makes him. Obviously we’ve known for a while that it’s traumatic and the grisly events are taking a toll on his mental state, but I never realized he felt so alone. It makes sense. He alone had to bear the burden and memory of countless deaths that no longer matter in any real way but he still had to watch a friend die. And even if he does tell someone, they’ll forget at the reset. 

In many ways, no one actually knows him at all. Not only his restart ability but him. He learns and grows from all those cycles but everyone else stays in stasis. They only know him at specific points in his life. Finding someone who has seen it all and wants to know it all must be such a comfort. And although it’s a bit overdramatic, it finally gives me a tangible reason for Subaru not wanting to reset even when things go very wrong. Let’s see if he stays consistent in that.

Why Does Echidna Get a Pass?

One small thing I’m wondering about…. Echidna is a witch. A dead one, but still a Witch Occultist of high rank. We know it and so does Subaru. There’s no doubt about it. There’s a chance she’s linked with the imprisonment of the people in the village and she is at least indirectly responsible for all the pain Emilia is currently going through with these trials. Yet Subaru has no issue with her. Never has. He may not trust her all the way, but their relationship is cordial and occasionally flirty. He talks to her. And after today’s events I have a feeling he trusts her a lot more. They could be called honest friends.

Re:Zero 2 Episode 33: Echidna reacted romantically to Subaru's request.

Flirty indeed. Echidna almost seemed to respond romantically when Subaru asked that he be allowed to remember her when he returned to the world. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Yet, when he just suspected long time friend and confidant Beatrice of having some association with the witch cult, he was ready to call her an enemy right then and there. It broke his heart to do so, but that’s how dangerous and unacceptable he considers the cult. 

So why is Echidna getting a pass? Is he setting her up for something or did that tea of hers have some charming effects?

I think two things are going on here: First, it might well be a side effect of the tea. Second, I think Subaru finds her really attractive. Don’t underestimate the impact that can have! There’s a reason patriarchal societies had to bad-mouth witches and downgrade goddesses. They had to contain the power of feminine appeal. Remember: It took the combined ingenuity and political might of the Bene Gesserit to restrain the Honored Matres in Heretics of Dune. Males were spectacularly helpless before them. 

I need to read Dune again! But I want to see the next Re:ZERO episode even more!

Reviews of the Other Episodes

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17 thoughts on “Re:Zero 2 Episode 33 (or 8) – Before I Heard You, I Saw You

  1. Subaru isn’t as opposed to Echidna because of what she did for him in his first Trial (even if it wasn’t really FOR him) and because he finally has someone he can talk about RbD to. Subaru has been longing for this relief for a long time, and the inability to share his burden resulted in many breakdowns, the most notable ones being in EP13 & 17. He’s always been walking the path of hell so others don’t have to.

    And I’d say getting eaten alive in tiny pieces by dozens of small animals is probably the worst way to go… and enough to make a mind snap.

    1. I suspect you’re right about why Subaru has opened up to Echidna. And I think Fred added a good point: She’s very attractive, and Subaru reacted to that. Irina, too, mentioned how they’re practically flirting in this episode.

      “and enough to make a mind snap.”

      Yeah, I can see that. On top of seeing the villagers die for him, and Otto, too, he’d just had enough.

  2. “I remembered it and Subaru had forgotten.”

    Me too! I was shouting, “Ask the friggin question!”

    How did he stay unconscious for so long? Or was that an unnatural snow? Emilia could make it snow. (So could Elsa… oops sorry… wrong cinematic universe.) Could this be a manifestation of Emilia’s earlier trauma that she can’t relive? This is probaly another witch monster, like the whale.

    You know Anya in Buffy the V.S. was terribly frightened of bunnies. Maybe she knew something. Gabriel in Xena had a run-in with a vorpal bunny too.

    Echidna hasn’t done anything bad. She has behaved very kindly. And yeah, she is the hottest female in the show, IMHO. (Subaru is pretty much a push-over.) The witch’s cultists have all done pretty bad stuff. And they were all very much alive and Echidna is dead. She also knows about return by death which gives him someone to talk to who appears to understand his pain.

    If Beatrice did not do anything actively evil I don’t think Subaru would move against her. He’d talk to her. If she killed him a couple of times, maybe then. I don’t think he holds any hatred against Garfiel and Garfeil has done some bad things. Subaru still remembers good(-sh) Garfiel. Personally, I think the loli hag is behind it all.

    My concern as Subaru would be that return by death may not be unlimited. He might run out of restore points. Obviously, someone is helping him on his journey, and as far as he can tell their objective seems to line up with his. Or maybe he has more control over his return points than he thinks. He should really talk to Echidna in-depth about all this.

    1. “Emilia could make it snow. (So could Elsa… oops sorry… wrong cinematic universe.) ”

      The cold never bothered her anyway!

      But switching back to this universe, can you imagine if Elsa/Knifey had snow powers? She’s dangerous enough as it is!

      “You know Anya in Buffy the V.S. was terribly frightened of bunnies. ”

      Anya was very wise. She knew years before this episode! I still remember her singing (in “Once More, with Feeling”) when she ended her part of the song “Except for bunnies…”

      “And they were all very much alive and Echidna is dead. ”

      That’s an excellent point. I’ll need to rewatch some of the earlier episodes this season, but didn’t Echidna say that the Witch of Envy/Satella killed her and the other witches? There’s still so much about that mythology that we don’t know…

      “If she killed him a couple of times, maybe then. I don’t think he holds any hatred against Garfiel and Garfeil has done some bad things.”

      Well, just about everyone has tried to kill Subaru at some point. Even Rem! And he’s on pretty good terms with her.

      But man, just thinking about how things unfold from his perspective… I’m starting to get a headache just thinking about it, and I haven’t head to deal with the bunnies.

      “My concern as Subaru would be that return by death may not be unlimited.”

      I’m seeing more and more people bring that up. The Witch of Envy controls that power, doesn’t she? I wonder what she’s up to? Why did she pick Subaru? What’s she ultimately want him to do?

      “He should really talk to Echidna in-depth about all this.”

      And they should show us the conversation!

  3. There is a lot to be speculated about this episode. Even though this was the shortest episode of the season, I think it raised the most questions of any episode.

    Even though Subaru was not wearing Frederica’s crystal, the crystal somehow teleported itself to Subaru (Subaru did not seem like he was wearing it until after he he was thrown past the barrier) when Patrasche threw him past the barrier, and then it teleported Subaru away and disappeared as it was no longer on Subaru when he woke up. The crystal wasn’t on his body after he finally woke up when it was winter, so it appears the crystal can selectively make its way to him in particular. What kind of magic is this?

    Subaru seemed to be transported not only spatially but also through time, which is why it became winter when he woke up. Perhaps Emilia passed all three trials and freed the Sanctuary’s residents by then, and everybody just up and left before Subaru’s body returned to the world. This poses a major question though: Where was Subaru’s body if he disappeared for months/years? Was it lost in spacetime during that entire time? Are we heading into sci-fi territory now too? Given that Frederica does not know of this teleporting function, it begs the question, “Just what kinds of things can this crystal do?”

    Could Roswaal have tampered with the crystal since Frederica was not wearing the crystal when she greeted Emilia and Subaru in episode 2 of this season? Maybe that is why it teleported Subaru to someplace within the barrier but not quite at the testing site the first time. Is it a sense of distress or another emotion that causes it to activate the teleportation? Subaru thought the crystal was dangerous the first time, so he did feel some distress or an impending sense of doom about the crystal. The second time, he was about to be mauled by an enormous tiger, so he was feeling distress or an impending sense of doom. Given that the crystal’s normal function is to react to the barrier, glowing in the process, I don’t think there’s anything inherently suspicious about the crystal glowing when someone reaches the barrier, but teleporting should not be a normal function of the crystal if Frederica is to be believed.

    I see three possibilities here. 1. The crystal was tampered with. 2. Someone is actively controlling the crystal, and it might be Echidna since the crystal reacts to the barrier of the Sanctuary, which means it was likely that both the barrier and the crystal were things created by her. 3. The crystal actually has a mind of its own. And I believe the first possibility to be more likely. But if Echidna is controlling the crystal, why would she want Subaru to get killed by rabbit mabeasts? That’s why I don’t think the second possibility is all that likely. An inanimate object having a mind of its own is improbable although I grant that it’s still possible given that Re:zero has yet to show us all this fantasy world has to offer.

    Subaru really is kind of dumb. Up until this episode, he had seen three different types of mabeasts, the Ulgarm, the White Whale, and the mabeast that attacked the mansion that was in the Frozen Bonds OVA that I can’t remember the name of. All of them had one horn on their heads, so the lone horn on the top of the head should have clued Subaru in to that rabbit-like creature actually being a mabeast, but he stupidly touched it instead of running away.

    Also, I saw a mark on the rabbit mabeasts and wonder if the mark means that they have an owner. The mark is located on the right side of the rabbit mabeasts close to the rear end. I remember the White Whale had a strange halo above it, and it is the same as the mark on the rabbit mabeasts aside from the whale’s mark protruding out at the top, but maybe a mabeast having a distinct mark means someone owns it. I think Lye Batenkaitos, the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, said that the White Whale was his pet in episode 1 of this season, and maybe the halo was a mark that indicates that it had an owner.

    Roswaal is still highly suspicious. He wants Subaru to ask Beatrice, “Roswaal said you are to ask the question” and said Subaru needs to respond to her question with “I am that person.” Roswaal said this interaction is part of a contract she has with Roswaal and that she’s powerless to override it. Why would he make up such a weird contract? It seems needlessly complicated. And if you remember from episode 5, Ram passed part of this message to Subaru in the first loop saying that it would help get Frederica to cooperate if Beatrice heard from him, “Roswaal said to ask the question.” Why is Roswaal setting up so many oaths and contracts, and yes, even Frederica is under one since she says she is bound by an oath by her master to not discuss more details. It seems like Roswaal is precisely giving all the people involved some information but not all of it. What could he gain from doing this?

    Given that Elsa knew the exact day Subaru was returning to the mansion in the first loop, whoever Elsa hired has something that allows for you to get a glimpse of the future whether it be a defective Witch Cult Gospel or the not-quite-Tome of Wisdom. I think she’s more likely to be acting on the information gleaned from a Witch Cult Gospel since she expected Subaru to return to the mansion at the same time in the second loop even though he didn’t, meaning whoever hired her knows of the future but not in a precise way, which makes that person highly likely to have a Gospel.

    I wonder if Subaru will have a new save point after this since he has been invited to yet another witch’s tea party. Subaru appeared to have literally gone insane this episode as he was smashing his head on the ground violently as opposed to that time he faked insanity as Petelgeuse told viewers in season 1, but it seems Echidna has somehow taken a liking to him and stopped him from killing himself. I wonder what is the qualification for being invited to a witch’s tea party given that Subaru met the qualification. Does getting getting teleported by the crystal give you the qualification? Subaru was invited to a witch’s tea party shortly after both times he got teleported by the crystal. Or is it something trivial like you can meet the witch if you’re in the right place, and she wants you to meet with you? That would make witch’s tea parties merely plot conveniences if that was the case, and hinging the qualification on being the whim of the witch would not be a good way to tell the story, so I hope that’s not what is happening.

    1. “What kind of magic is this?”

      I wondered about that. For a moment, I thought the animators had made a mistake, but in retrospect, I don’t think they make that kind of mistake. Not in Re:ZERO. So your questions stand!

      “Subaru seemed to be transported not only spatially but also through time, which is why it became winter when he woke up.”

      Either that, or it’s the next day after Puck laid waste due to Emilia’s death. Or both. Though I tend to think your interpretation is right.

      “but teleporting should not be a normal function of the crystal if Frederica is to be believed.”

      Good points. I’m kinda suspecting that Frederica doesn’t know everything about the crystal. For all I know, it reacts different to Subaru because he’s Subaru!

      “but he stupidly touched it instead of running away.”

      That’s what I thought the instant I saw him reach for it! Now, to be fair, if he had run, it would not have made any difference. Still…

      “I think Lye Batenkaitos, the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, said that the White Whale was his pet in episode 1 of this season, and maybe the halo was a mark that indicates that it had an owner.”

      Interesting. I don’t know enough to even make a guess, but I’m having a heck of a lot of fun watching the story unfold!

      “What could he gain from doing this?”

      I would answer that by saying that I think he really wants to see Emilia on the throne. But then I have to ask, “Why?” And I have no idea. Unless it has to do with the witches, and Roswaal is really working for them. At the very least, we saw a couple of episodes ago that Roswaal is very respectful of Echidna.

      ” which makes that person highly likely to have a Gospel.”

      I really like that line of reasoning!

      “Does getting getting teleported by the crystal give you the qualification? Subaru was invited to a witch’s tea party shortly after both times he got teleported by the crystal.”

      The narrative here is so complex, that I think it’ll be hard to tease out the answer. Still, you’ve asked some thought-provoking questions! I really like it when a show can inspire this kind of discussion.

      1. I rewatched the moments before Subaru got teleported away, and I think I saw a speck of snow fly by before the crystal appeared and teleported him away. So maybe it wasn’t that Subaru was teleported to the future, but I still can’t believe that Emilia died because if she did, Puck would have froze everybody, and there’d be bodies everywhere. So I wonder if it’s actually the white rabbit mabeasts that are causing it to snow. But if everybody fled the Sanctuary, what happened to Emilia, Ryuzu, and Garfiel since they can’t leave the barrier?

        1. “Puck would have froze everybody, and there’d be bodies everywhere”

          That’s a good point. I remember how the world looked when Puck was done with it in the first season. Still, if not Puck, was it the white rabbit mabeasts, as you suggested?

          “But if everybody fled the Sanctuary, what happened to Emilia, Ryuzu, and Garfiel since they can’t leave the barrier?”

          One of the many things I like about Re:ZERO is it supports this kind of discussion. I’ve watched other series where you just kind of have to chalk certain events up to mistakes in plotting. Here, every little detail matters. I love that aspect of this series!

          1. I too love this aspect of Re:zero that requires you to pay attention of all the little details. After rewatching episode 33 and getting additional context from episode 34, I now believe I understood what happened. Episode 34 had Echidna saying that the only evidence the Great Rabbit leaves behind is a deserted field, and Subaru put 2 and 2 together and realized that the Sanctuary trial structure being destroyed and the building with the empty clothes of the Arlam villagers means that the rabbit mabeasts ate everybody and even drank all the blood too. The speck of snow from episode 33 before Subaru got teleported must have been an indication that Emilia had been killed by the Great Rabbit, leading to Puck growing huge and making it snow. That Puck was nowhere to be seen while all the rabbit mabeasts were alive show that the Great Rabbit even devoured something as huge as Puck. That is a scary thing.

  4. Had to laugh: Garfiel is a huge orange cat… like Garfield. I bet he hates Mondays (probably because he hates every day of the week).

    Yeah, being eaten alive from all directions must have been one of the most gruesome deaths yet, but I also wonder if return-by-death costs sanity points and there’s some sort of cumulative effects. That Echidna’s tea prevented him crumbling planted the idea in my head. It could easily just be the disturbing events, but I wonder…

    Also, when Subaru stepped out into the snow field I wondered whether it’s just time passing, or whether him not being there led to Emilia catastrophe, and Puck layed waste to the world. Snow’s his element after all.

    1. “but I also wonder if return-by-death costs sanity points and there’s some sort of cumulative effects.”

      I think it would have to. I mean, I remember burning my hand on a stove when I was a kid, and I still shy away from putting my hands on the burner. Maybe not a great example, but I gotta believe dying, especially some of the horrible ways he’s died, would take a toll.

      “r whether him not being there led to Emilia catastrophe, and Puck layed waste to the world. ”

      I have a terrible feeling that’s what happened.

      But where is Puck now? Why’d he entrust Emilia to Subaru’s care?

  5. Interesting how you actually found the rabbit scene funny. For me it was genuinely the most disturbing re:zero moment so far i think, reminded me of that horrible (attack on titan spoilers) mike death in attack on titan. Needed a minute after that one.

    And good point on echidna and beauty. Also worth mentioning that she does have some similarities to emilia in terms of looks

    1. Yeah. That death was bloody horrifying. It reminded me of those parasite monster movies where the creature tries to crawl inside the human

    2. “Interesting how you actually found the rabbit scene funny. ”

      I’m the kind of person who almost gets into a car accident, then laughs about it! I don’t laugh because it’s funny. I laugh to burn the nervous energy.

      Just like this seen. You’re right — it was disturbing!

  6. I think its perfectly justifiable why Subaru broke at that moment. A majority of his deaths were somewhat quick. In this one, He was slowly being eaten alive. There was even an implication that some of the rabbits crawled inside and ate him inside out and he was still alive to feel every moment of that pain. I would actually be surprised if he didn’t break from that experience

    1. “There was even an implication that some of the rabbits crawled inside and ate him inside out and he was still alive to feel every moment of that pain.”


      That’s not something I’d want to experience!

      And here I was thinking Subaru was lucky to have some quality time with Echidna. Well, he was, but the price of entry was pretty high!

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