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In Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2 Episode 50, “Offbeat Steps Under the Moonlight,” Subaru stood hand in hand with Beatrice against the horde of hungry, hungry bunnies that made up the Great Rabbit. But even with Emilia’s heavily upgraded firepower, what can they hope to accomplish against a such a foe? Will Subaru have to use Return by Death to start again? Will he need to gather a host like he did against the White Whale? Or can one man in a tracksuit and one Great Spirit stand against the tide?

Irina’s Turn to Host!

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Can Emilia’s new-found firepower turn the tide? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

It’s the last episode. All of Roswaal’s machinations, all of Echidna’s hopes and plans, all of the fights and the deaths and the pain brings us to this moment: Subaru and Beatrice, hand in hand, facing the Great Rabbit in all of its tiny red-eyed famished fury.

Noticing that Subaru’s hand shook in hers, Beatrice drying asked if he was scared. He tried to brush it off, saying that he wasn’t because (01:05), “I’ve got Emilia behind me and you beside me. I’m feeling stronger than ever!” And Emilia indeed has come a long way since we first met her. However, all of the villagers are hiding in the graveyard, and only Emilia, Beatrice, and Subaru stand between them and a terrible death.

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2 thoughts on “Re:ZERO 2 Part 2 Episode 50 – Watership Down

  1. That post I made for Irina might be the longest one I’ve ever made. I do think it was worth it to help someone understand what was happening in one of my favourite shows.

    Talking about themes, TCrow, the main theme this season seems to be about loving yourself. Satella told Subaru to love himself and that people grieve when he dies as a reason for why he shouldn’t use his deaths as test runs for a final loop. Emilia had to overcome her feelings of weakness by accepting that Subaru really believed all the positive things he thought about her. Yeah, I didn’t find their kiss scene romantic given that Subaru had made some entitled remarks about Emilia not long before, but I do believe the main point of that scene is that Emilia needed some reassurance from Subaru that he was telling the truth after she was mentally not in the best shape because she was unsure about whether she’d even still be the same person after all her memories returned, because Puck had broken his contract with her, and because Subaru broke his promise with her to stay with her through the night. I still feel that the pink glow White Fox added to the kiss scene was probably made without consulting the author as I’ve seen a lot of people who are more casual fans say they were quite bothered by Subaru’s entitled remarks.

    1. That was an impressive bit of research over on Irina’s site!

      I see what you’re saying about the theme. I think that Satella, certainly, said as much to Subaru. Still, I think Irina made some good point on I Drink and Watch Anime, and I still see some evidence for the three themes I suggested.

      I think you’re likely right, but as was the case with the rest of this season, I wonder if even the theme(s) should have been more clear?

      As far as Subaru’s entitled remarks, I agree they were off-putting. They were considerably better than the first season, though — so progress!

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