Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2 Episode 46 – Fire And Ice

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In Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2 Episode 46, “Reunion of Roars,” Garfiel shocked both Subaru and Otto when he announced that he could, if he wanted, leave the Sanctuary. The reason had to do with his mother’s poor taste in men. But that gave Subaru an idea. And you know how Subaru’s ideas go… Ram approached Emilia and, shockingly, begged her for help. What with? The answer interrupted them — Roswaal. What did Ram want Emilia to do about Roswaal? Why did Roswaal choose this moment to visit the Graveyard? And has everyone, including Subaru, forgotten what’s going to happen, soon, at the mansion?

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Flipping Garfiel to their side is sure paying dividends! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Re:ZERO has always had more than its fair share of gripping dialogue. This episode had two such conversations. The first was between Emilia and Roswaal. He felt shocked that Emilia had come through her first Trial. Yet, he could not let go of his preconceptions about Emilia. Seeing Emilia’s calm resolve wipe the smirk off Roswaal’s face was pretty satisfying. But that was just the beginning!

The other conversation was between Ram and Roswaal. Ram has her own view of the world, and she doesn’t think much of spell that Echidna placed on Roswaal. Now, Ram intends to do something about it. But with Roswaal’s power still overshadowing hers, what can Ram do?

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3 thoughts on “Re:ZERO Season 2 Part 2 Episode 46 – Fire And Ice

  1. Ohm had a really good post about why Roswaal took out his not-quite-Tome of Wisdom when he did. It did not occur to me that he was making a point about how he could save Ram and Rem’s village but chose not to to force them to be his servants. This is one of those important context details that Re:zero loves throwing in instead of explicitly explaining it. I like the ‘show’, not ‘tell’, aspect of the show.

    On Ram, I know her relationship with Roswaal is still murky, but I am speculating about something regarding their relationship based off of what we’ve seen in Season 1 and Season 2, inferring that Roswaal is the one keeping Ram alive. Roswaal indicated in Season 1 at the end of the first arc that Ram had used a lot of mana, so he’ll have to tend to her, which entailed touching her horn area. At the time, I thought it had a sexual purpose given Ram’s reaction to it, but after episode 40 when Ram started bleeding from her horn area when she used her demon powers to fight Garfiel, it’s clear that Ram overburdened herself by attempting to tap into those powers without her horn, so given Roswaal’s remark that she had lost a lot of mana, I now conclude that Ram cannot regain her mana naturally because of her horn being cut off, meaning that Roswaal is the one keeping Ram alive. I remember in Season 1 during the White Whale fight that the Night Banisher’s brightness dimmed some time after Rem used her horn, which shows that demon horns draw in mana from the atmosphere, and that’s how I came to this conclusion.

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