Saga of Tanya the Evil – Recap O-Rama!

No, literally.

Yes, Salaryman, episode 6.5 is a recap. Your reaction is the same as mine, at least at first! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This episode was a recap of the series to date. War Report, episode 6.5 of Saga of Tanya the Evil, contained no new material (that I saw).

According to comments in the Crunchyroll newsfeed announcing this episode (numbered 6.5 instead of 7), there was some kind of production issue with episode 7 (or the production process for the series in general). So, instead of new material this week, we got a series summary episode.

In spite of that, there are two bits of good news.

First, episode 6.5 doesn’t seem to count against the 12 episode season. The next episode is number 7, and we should get to see episodes through number 12.

Second, the episode recapped many of the most dramatic moments of the series, like the strike on the Dakian capital and meeting of Being X in the dead body of the enemy pilot. While the recapped moments were dramatic, their impacts were nothing like the original presentation. Why’s that good? Because it highlights the writers’ skills. Each episode meticulously builds the plot and character developments necessary to pull off dramatic moments.

Tanya should be back next week — all the better for the extra week of production. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream

Without that build up, the moments are still interesting, but they fall short of the original. So, for those of us who have watched the series up until now, this proves something we already knew: this series is well written and well directed. Sometimes it takes an alternate presentation to drive that home.

The production values of Saga of Tanya the Evil have impressed me so far. So, if the company thinks they need another week to give us a quality episode 7, I’m cool with that! They’ve earned my trust. The disappointment I feel at not having new content will disappear quickly (probably as I watch episode 7). If they instead rushed episode 7 out the door before they were ready? That’s a pain that would linger!


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