Second Anniversary Celebration: Thanks for Two Years (And Counting)!

Two years and more than 240 posts. Seems almost unreal!I hope you’re enjoying the site as much as I am!

It’s hard to believe that I published my first review (a preview, actually, of Crunchyroll’s 2015 summer slate) on August 5, 2015. Now, 2 years and more than 240 posts later, the site’s still gaining in popularity. I have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and, more recently, Instagram.

I started the site so I’d have an excuse to watch anime despite my schedule. At some point while reviewing Gate, Overlord, and The Asterisk War (the first three series I reviewed), I discovered a wider community of anime bloggers where I actually felt at home.

Yeah, I was pretty shocked, too. You have no idea how unusual that is!

In these two years, I’ve seen a lot happen in this community. I’ve seen sites I loved go silent, like the Little Anime Blog. I’ve seen new individuals grow in talent and ability, like Shay with her Twitter presence and her Youtube channel. And I’ve come across others who are trying to enrich the community, like Fujinsei and its Blog Carnival and Seasonal Prattle’s website and Twitter presence. I love the vibrant community, and I enjoy the challenge of trying to produce content that is original, authentic, and that celebrates anime.

If you’re a regular reader, thank you! If you only stop by from time to time, thank you, too! And if you’ve never stopped by — please do! I welcome anyone who enjoys anime. That’s really the only pre-requisite I suggest for visiting (I won’t enforce it). I may get all riled up about politics in relation to a series’ content, like I did when Concrete Revolutio’s plot dealt with events that looked suspiciously like the recent presidential campaign in the United States, where we insanely decided to recreate some of the conditions that led up to Kristallnacht (is learning from history really that hard?). But that angst doesn’t extend to readers or viewers. Whatever you believe, if you enjoy anime, I welcome you here at Crow’s World of Anime.

Let me know what you think of the site. Let me know what you think about the format, the content, or the series I’ve chosen to review. Or, just read the reviews without commenting. It’s enough to know that there’s growing interest, and I hope that I can continue delivering content you find entertaining and enjoyable.

To celebrate this milestone, I plan to bring you a review of the Gate Premium Boxed Set (which you can buy from Amazon) and an unboxing video of Miia from Monster Musume (which you can also buy from Amazon). Please look for those in the next week or so.

Here’s hoping for an even brighter future!

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