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SPY x FAMILY Cour 2 Episode 17 Review – Best In Show

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SPY x FAMILY Cour 2 Episode 17 – Quick Summary

In SPY x FAMILY Cour 2 Episode 17, “CARRY OUT THE GRIFFIN PLAN / FULLMETAL LADY / OMELET RICE♥,” Anya thought that after naming Bond, she might have a chance to attract Damian “Second Son” Desmond’s attention. But her plan to get him to notice her new family photograph, complete with Bond, fell short. Worse, it seemed that her best friend, Becky Blackbell, had developed a crush on Loid! Can Anya salvage the situation? Or is world peace doomed?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from SPY x FAMILY Cour 2 Episode 17

SPY x FAMILY Cour 2 Episode 17: Damian wasted no time making his feelings known

I’m putting this post together the day after watching this, and I’m still laughing about it. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I literally laughed out loud at this quote. Not in the LOL sense. No, I so laughed out loud that I scared my cat. The problem is, I shouldn’t’ve have laughed. I should definitely not laugh at children using inappropriate language.

But damn, it was funny!

Our favorite elegant teacher Henry Henderson served as a substitute teacher for art class. They were to make three dimensional paper works of art. Henderson announced they would have to work in teams, and the teams would be chosen randomly. Of course, he announced that Anya and Damian would be on the same team.

Anya smiled big in the hopes she would have a chance to persuade him to let her visit. That way, she could bring her father and save world peace.

In the back of the room (05:52), Damian had a very different reaction. He screamed, “God damn it!” In English! He completely freaked out!

I know. I’m a bad man. But that was funny!

Best in Show Moment for SPY x FAMILY Cour 2 Episode 17

SPY x FAMILY Cour 2 Episode 17: Henry Henderson quietly encouraged Damian

He couldn’t force Damian’s dad to change. But he could encourage Damian to get through that moment. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

On one hand, this episode felt like a comedic interlude between two dramatic arcs. On the other hand, it seemed like an origin story for the Yuri’s invincibility. Though I suppose it could be both! I guess my point is that I have a lot of really funny moments to choose from as my favorite. And yeah, I’m still laughing about my favorite quote.

Damian was so furious!

But there was another moment, one that was serious and quiet, that got to me. It came from a character I’ve come to respect: Henry Henderson, the dignified teacher dedicated to elegance. And it came out of nowhere!

Anya tried to help Damian by making jet engines for his griffin. Strangely, he did not approve. He yelled at her so harshly that another little girl tried to defend Anya. So Damian tore into her, too. Anya and the other girl began to cry.

“I cannot let this pass!” Mr. Henderson thought (11:37). He came up behind Damian and declared, “Not elegant!”

SPY x FAMILY Cour 2 Episode 17: Damian ran roughshod over everyone's feelings

Damian had gone on a bit of an emotional rampage. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

That got Damian’s attention. The teacher gave the boy a chance to explain himself. Did you see how Damian reacted? He was furious that Anya had used so much paper. But really, he was heart-broken that he couldn’t take advantage of this opportunity to connect with his father – as hopeless as that effort was. Frustrated tears welled in his eyes.

Observing this, in a quiet voice, Mr. Henderson said (12:00), “You do not need to rush, Desmond. Just do everything you can within your limits right now.”

Mr. Henderson could have just scolded Damian. Instead, he first restored peace, then tried to encourage his student. Like I said: it’s a quiet, serious moment. Not flashy and not hilarious. But it was my favorite from this episode.

What did you think of Loid sharing Anya’s exploits with Sylvia Sherwood? What were your favorite moments in the episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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  1. My favorite part was definitely when Henderson explained why Damien got first place in the art competition! So funny! I also really liked the moments when Henderson does something to remind us that he’s not just obsessed with elegance, he’s also a really great teacher too.

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