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SPY x FAMILY Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

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SPY x FAMILY Episode 12 Review – Quick Summary

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 12, “PENGUIN PARK,” Loid had a huge problem, and it was mostly his own fault. He was too good for his own good! His superiors had seen he could juggle both Strix and other side projects. It didn’t help that they had a personnel shortage, either. But when the neighbors started talking that he wasn’t home and that he was probably therefore having an affair, Loid knew he had to do something. How can he be seen having fun with Yor and Anya, accomplish the side missions, and keep showing progress on his primary mission? Is that even possible? Or will he collapse from exhaustion first?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from SPY x FAMILY Episode 12

SPY x FAMILY Episode 12: The older lady wanted peace

She did what she thought was necessary. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Another episode of SPY x FAMILY, another abundance of favorite quotes (and favorite moments, for that matter)!. To commemorate my sadness that this cour is over, I’m going to pick a somber quote – one that set an interesting tone for the episode.

One of Loid’s sources for missions was an older woman who worked at a train station refreshment stand. She’d apparently been doing it for years, which means she must be quite good at it. Otherwise, she’d be dead. It’s a dangerous profession.

She wearily heaved herself into her chair and watched the crowds stream past. She began to reflect on her life, especially the need for her profession.

She asked herself (01:05), “Will we ever see a day when we’re not needed anymore?”

Loid answered her question, or at least an advance on it, in my favorite moment.

Best in Show Moment for SPY x FAMILY Episode 12

SPY x FAMILY Episode 12: Loid saw Anya and Yor as worth protecting

Loid realized that no, he really didn’t need a vacation right then, because his family needed protecting. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Yor Almost Claimed the Prize

I was this close (holds fingers about two inches/a couple of centimeters apart) from picking Yor’s attack on Anya’s “kidnapper” as my favorite moment. Anya wanted to help her dad, so she latched onto the bad buy’s coat and screamed that she was being kidnapped. Point one seconds later, Yor went into motion and kicked the guy so hard he lost two teeth (at least) and ended up stuck in the ceiling.

I tell you what, Anya’s learning to get things done and protect her secret! They grow up so fast…

But my favorite moment is a bookend for my favorite quote. The world these characters live in is dangerous. SPY x FAMILY treats it lightly most of the time. But we get glimpses into its darkness. Dead and/or unconscious men scattered around a case Loid picks up; the smell of blood stubbornly clinging to Yor’s hands. And that’s just what we can see!

SPY x FAMILY Episode 12: Yor, Loid, and Anya are dangerous -- in a dangerous world

Their world has dangers – including all three main characters! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Loid is a top-notch spy in this world. Twilight, master of disguise, and one hell of a fighter. But the dude’s getting tired. His agency has him working overtime, and he’s running out of energy. So much so that he almost decided to ask for a vacation.

Delivery: Loid is Too Successful for His Own Good

But – and I blame Loid himself for this! – he screwed up. He might not even admit it to himself yet, but he loves his family. He needed a cover story to explain why he wasn’t with Yor and Anya at the aquarium, so he won a huge plushy penguin for Anya. He didn’t need to get her something so large. Something half the size would have provided enough cover. Instead, the penguin he won for her was huge. 

That was his first mistake. His second was that in the middle of his resolution to ask for time off, he looked at Anya and Yor. Anya was laughing happily as she played with the penguin. Yor seemed elated at her daughter’s reaction. They were a microcosm of familial joy.

“No,” he said, discarding the idea of asking for time off (18:10). “Maintaining a world where children don’t cry… A World with no war… That is my duty. I have no time to stand by idly.”

SPY x FAMILY Episode 12: Loid decided he could postpone his vacation

A vacation could wait. His family needed him. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Loid is working to bring about a day where not only the older woman’s desire can come true. He’s working to bring about a day where families like his can go to the aquarium and laugh. He’s still exhausted; he still needs a vacation. But he knows his mission, and it goes beyond even what his agency wants from him.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the next cour!

What did you think of Loid’s solution to getting the mass of penguins out of his way? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “SPY x FAMILY Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

  1. The Agency won’t even forgive Loid when he’s taking the lead on such an important mission… that’s personnel shortage for you, lol.

    Yor has generally had my favorites moments of the eps, but I’m growing worried that among the main three, she’s the one with less to do other than being cute and generating some nice gags. I kinda understand that well, showing her profession as a killer isn’t really the vibe of the story but I hope to see her being more active in the future.

    Anyway, that was a good way to wrap up the cour. Heartwarming, even. Fall can’t come sooner.

    1. I have to say I’m a tiny bit worried about Yor, too. I like everything I’ve seen about her so far, but like you, I’m worried about her becoming one note. I’ve decided to try to have faith in Tatsuya Endo, though. So far, he has impressed me with his character work!

  2. A great end to this cour. I liked how it was able to mix its comedy and tense action stuff together as it did here. Looking forward to the next cour as well — a little sad we have to wait, but building anticipation for a season off isn’t a bad idea assuming this wasn’t just a break they had to take. I especially look forward to seeing how the “fake family” keeps growing, I’m hoping into a very real one (and that’s the natural place for the story to go.)

    1. I enjoyed the seamless mixture of comedy and action, too. The writer has an amazing sense of pacing!

      I’m a bit sad I have to wait until fall. I just have to remind myself that anticipation can be fun, too!

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