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SPY x FAMILY Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

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SPY x FAMILY Episode 7 Review – Quick Summary

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 7, “THE TARGET’S SECOND SON,” Loid had a problem. Plan A required Anya to become an Imperial Scholar, one of the elites at the Eden Academy. That didn’t look likely. So, Loid needed Anya to become friends with his target’s son, Damian. That meant Loid needed Anya to apologize for punching Damien, which Anya wanted to do. What’s Loid’s problem? Anya’s new best friend Becky! Becky did not want Anya to lower herself to interact with Damien. What’s Loid going to do? He can’t exactly arrange for Becky to have an accident! Or can he?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from SPY x FAMILY Episode 7

SPY x FAMILY Episode 7: Becky had good intentions.

Anya tried! But I can’t blame Becky for looking out for Anya’s interests. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This episode really drove home two points. I’ll talk about the first point now and the second point in my Best in Show Moment, below. 

School places a lot of pressure on kids, even under normal circumstances. A prestigious, high-performance school like Eden only increases the pressure. But you know what makes the pressure even more intense for Anya? She can read her dad’s mind. And Loid has some weighty thoughts about Anya and Eden.

As he sent her off on the bus, he thought, “I’m counting on you, Anya. The peace of the world rests on you two making amends,” meaning Anya and Damien. Of course, Anya heard him by reading his mind.

Anya’s a girl with a big heart. She loves her new family. She loves her Papa. So she wants to do the right thing. As she and Becky walked towards their first class, Anya caught sight of Damien. She tried to rush over and apologize. The problem was, Becky didn’t want her associating with someone like Damien. So she pulled Anya away.

“But world peace!” Anya shouted (05:20).

I did not expect this show to do such an emotionally-solid job of showing just what Anya’s going through. But this quote nailed the sentiment, even with its use of humor.

Best in Show Moment for SPY x FAMILY Episode 7

SPY x FAMILY Episode 7: Yor tried to be a good mom

Yor felt so certain she had no real role here that she apologized for being a mom. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Yor Touched on the Universal

I started this site to celebrate anime. That means I look for shows that I enjoy and share the quotes and moments that are enjoyable. Most series have those moments, and that makes it easy for me to write reviews. But there are some shows that rise above mere enjoyment. There are some shows that make me reflect on larger realities. I don’t mean the show reminds me of of philosophical or theological issuesI can relate to in an abstract way. I mean there are times when a show delicately, without me even realizing what it’s doing, brings me face to face with an idea that makes me pause and re-examine my life.

SPY x FAMILY just did that to me.

Loid had been trying to help Anya with her homework. Like any overachiever to whom excellence came easy, he could not understand why she did not understand. Even Yor tried to help, but when she visualized fractions, she ended up murdering a ginger-bread man, and that just freaked out Anya. The overwhelmed little girl retreated to her room.

SPY x FAMILY Episode 7: Yor's attempts at helping Anya did not work out well

Yor tried to help, but her mental imagery pushed Anya over the edge. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Loid started to go after her, but Yor suggested that maybe he should give her some space. Yor’s expression softened, and she spoke of how she would like “Miss Anya” to enjoy school. She even wondered if becoming an Imperial Scholar was something Anya even wanted for herself.

It wasn’t that Yor was arguing with Loid. In fact, Loid wasn’t forcefully advocating for his own position. Her words made him reflect, and his expression showed that.

Maybe she misinterpreted his expression, because she said (16:20), “Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t butt into another family’s affairs.”

Delivery: The Beauty and Opportunity of Impermanence

Yor, the hyper-capable assassin, the woman whose skills bring death to her targets, felt guilty for asserting her responsibility as a mom because she saw herself as a fake. She doesn’t know that Loid sees himself as a fake. She only sees herself as fake.

I found her apology heart-breaking. And then I had to pause the show. Yor saw her role as a something made up, or at least temporary. Yor did not think that her position in the family would last. Do you know what this show made me realize?

We’re all in the same boat. No matter how strong the bonds of family, no matter how good the relationship, it’s timeboxed. Nothing human endures. I’ve been lucky enough to be married for 35 years. I’ve been alive for almost sixty years. At some point I didn’t notice, I transitioned from feeling invincible to taking what I have for granted.

SPY x FAMILY Episode 7: Yor seemed touched that Loid supported her role as Anya's mom

Loid’s affirmation that Yor was Anya’s mom seemed to touch her deeply. ​​Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Impermanence is foremost in Yor’s mind. For me, I’ve forgotten that everything could change in an instant. The things that define my life now, in this instant, are not permanent. They’re not guaranteed to be here tomorrow, or even in the next minute. Yor reminded me I need to be mindful of that and appreciate the people and relationships around me, while I still have the chance.

That’s a pretty impressive achievement for a spy comedy.

What did you think of Anya’s apology to Damien? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “SPY x FAMILY Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

  1. You know? The more I learn of this series the less I seem to like about this.

    So yeah. Twilight Not Sparkle aka Loid has to get close to this one guy in order to stop two countries from going to war… By getting close to him at his sons school events. But in order to do that he needs a family to infiltrate the school to get to this one person to stop a war… Sigh. Because reasons I suppose not desiring to dive deeper into the lore at this point.

    So Loid adopts an orphan girl whose dad might be Professor Charles Xavier… She’s a telepath?? And marries a woman who is actually an assassin. Either plot convenience knows no bounds or his bosses has zero faith in him to do this job.

    Speaking of which if the young girl is a telepathy why not put those skills to better use. Come to think of it why this whole convoluted plot past family… Oh right. Family. That’s it isn’t it… Sigh.

    Don’t need to further explain… The next five sources I find will no doubt school me hard on all I need to know on this series. Probably pass on it though. I need to find a new series nobody is talking about yet and travel the path less traveled.

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