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SPY X FAMILY Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 1, “OPERATION STRIX,” Loid Forger (if that’s his real name!) was a faithful and successful spy for his country. He prided himself on his mission success rate. After a particularly difficult mission, he had no illusions about getting any time to rest. His skills were in high demand! But when he learned his next mission’s cover required he have a family, and that he had a week to prepare, he realized this mission was not going to be like the others. Things only went downhill from there!

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Episode 2: SECURE A WIFE

SPY X FAMILY Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 2, “SECURE A WIFE,” Loid Forger had a huge problem: he needed to find a wife for the interview with the prestigious school Anya had been admitted to – the school headed by Loid’s next target. So Loid put forth all of his skill with disguise trying to make Franky Franklin, his informant, look like a woman. But even with his legendary skills, his failure could only be described as epic. With time running out and his mission in jeopardy, what will Loid do?

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SPY X FAMILY Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 3, “PREPARE FOR THE INTERVIEW,” Loid Forger faced what might be his biggest challenge ever: Getting Anya and Yor ready for the private school interview. First, Anya answered the question of what she does during the day by saying that her papa forces her to stay home alone. When Yor head Loid mutter something about passing, she thought me means in the “dying” and not the academic sense. So her answers would have horrified the private school’s officials! Is there anything Loid can do to salvage his mission? And his fledgling family along with it?

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SPY X FAMILY Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 4, “THE PRESTIGIOUS SCHOOL’S INTERVIEW,” The Forger family had prepared all they could. Now, it was time for the entrance interview! Loid, as an accomplished spy, immediately realized that he and his family were under surveillance the moment they stepped on campus. Yor, too, felt something was amiss. Anya desperately wanted to pick her nose, but she valiantly refrained! With the faculty failing families right and left for the most minor infractions of etiquette, does Loid’s plan have any chance of success?

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SPY X FAMILY Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 5, “WILL THEY PASS OR FAIL?”, Loid ForgerYor Forger, and Anya Forger waited for the day when the school would announce the results of the entrance examination. When the day finally came, even Loid’s boss confidently predicted that Loid would accomplish his mission, because that’s what Loid did. But when Lid, Yor, and Anya looked at the results board, Anya’s name was nowhere to be seen. Was it a mistake? Did Loid’s actions during the interview sabotage their chances for success? And if the decision stands, how will Loid accomplish his mission?

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SPY X FAMILY Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 6, “THE FRIENDSHIP SCHEME,” Anya might have gotten into Eden College, but that only meant a whole new world of challenges opened up for her. First, Loid and Yor had to take Anya to the tailors for her new school uniform. There, Anya learned of a terrifying trend: the seamstress said that kidnapers had targeted many commuter students because most parents of Eden College students were rich! Will Anya even get a chance to go to school? And if she does, how will she overcome the academic hurdles and social cliques – many of which are based on family income?

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SPY X FAMILY Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 7, “THE TARGET’S SECOND SON,” Loid had a problem. Plan A required Anya to become an Imperial Scholar, one of the elites at the Eden Academy. That didn’t look likely. So, Loid needed Anya to become friends with his target’s son, Damian. That meant Loid needed Anya to apologize for punching Damien, which Anya wanted to do. What’s Loid’s problem? Anya’s new best friend Becky! Becky did not want Anya to lower herself to interact with Damien. What’s Loid going to do? He can’t exactly arrange for Becky to have an accident! Or can he?

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SPY X FAMILY Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 8, “THE COUNTER-SECRET POLICE COVER OPERATION,” Anya faced her arch-nemesis: math, specifically fractions. After having embarrassed her in class, it seemed like fractions were moving in for the kill. Can even Bondman help her defeat this enemy? Meanwhile, Yor’s brother Yuri wanted to meet his sister’s new husband, Loid. And Yuri has vowed not to accept the man who took his sister away! Can Loid earn Yuri’s trust? Just who is Yuri, anyway? And what is he willing to do to protect his big sister?

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SPY X FAMILY Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 9, “SHOW OFF HOW IN LOVE YOU ARE,” Yuri Briar asked Loid and Yor to kiss to prove they were married. Loid was ready to go, since his experience and training prepared him for such an emergency. Yor, though, could not face such a situation sober. So she inhaled some wine and suddenly found her courage. But is Yor we’re talking about. Did she actually kiss Loid – or wreck the neighborhood? And how will Yuri respond to either event?

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SPY X FAMILY Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 10, “THE GREAT DODGEBALL PLAN”, Anya faced her biggest challenge yet – a dodgeball game. It was also her greatest opportunity. Hearing a rumor that whoever earned MVP would also earn a Stella, Anya asked Yor to help her train. And, wow, did Yor rise to the challenge. From basic strength training to a secret technique to throw a killer dodgeball, Yor did everything to help Anya train. Would it be enough? And how will Damien react, given that he is also after the MVP spot?

Episode 11: STELLA

SPY X FAMILY Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 11, “STELLA,” Anya’s test scores made something utterly clear: her route to Stellas were elsewhere. Loid and Yor helped Anya try her hand at sports, but missing 100% of the tennis balls and face-planting on the pommel horse proved that route, also, was closed to her. What’s left? And even if there is another route left, will Anya be any more successful at that? Is it time for Loid to ask for a new plan?

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Episode 12: PENGUIN PARK

SPY X FAMILY Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

In SPY x FAMILY Episode 12, “PENGUIN PARK,” Loid had a huge problem, and it was mostly his own fault. He was too good for his own good! His superiors had seen he could juggle both Strix and other side projects. It didn’t help that they had a personnel shortage, either. But when the neighbors started talking that he wasn’t home and that he was probably therefore having an affair, Loid knew he had to do something. How can he be seen having fun with Yor and Anya, accomplish the side missions, and keep showing progress on his primary mission? Is that even possible? Or will he collapse from exhaustion first?

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