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Synduality Noir Episode 12: Favorites

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Synduality Noir Episode 12 – Quick Summary

In Synduality Noir episode 12, “Mirage of the Ideal,” Kanata and Noir tried to support Tokio and Michael when they attacked the central core of the twin-towered Silver Storm. But the attack did not go well. Kanata and Noir found themselves assaulting the monster alone. Their Coffin took a beating. With it taking more damage by the second, and with Noir having doubts about herself being a “dud,” will Kanata be able to protect his friends and nest? Or will the Silver Storm overwhelm them?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Synduality Noir Episode 12

Synduality Noir Episode 12: Michael was clearly dreaming about Maria

I figured something was up! Capture from the Hulu stream.

Ordinarily, I’d complain about a comedy scene in the middle of the climactic battle. But this is Synduality Noir, and Range and Dolce are two of its characters. The comedy fit the show’s MO, so I was not only cool with it, I’m about to name one of its instances as my favorite quote.

The single enemy core had just slammed Michael to the ground. He hit so hard he began to hallucinate. He saw Maria standing in a field of flowers. She giggled at him and said his name. He told her that he had promised to marry her if he got through this battle.

Immediately I wondered: would Maria really entertain such a thought? She didn’t seem to be the type to fall for Michael. Turns out, Bob knew the score, and he tried to use it to bring Michael back to reality.

“Get a hold of yourself, Michael! That’s what you call a death flag!” he said, desperately trying to bring his master back to the real world (04:04). And then he confirmed what I was thinking when he added, “And that never happened!”

Good to see I have at least some ability to read characters!

Favorite Moment from Synduality Noir Episode 12

Synduality Noir Episode 12: Kanata felt he had taken enough of Mystere's crap

Can’t say that I blame Kanata for being annoyed. Capture from the Hulu stream.

Setup: Three Laws of What?

I have to give the show credit for being ballsy. They actually articulated their own 3 Laws of Robotics. Isaac Asimov came up with them, and within science fiction circles, they’re practically legend. And here comes Synduality Noir, an anime series, to state their own three laws. Maria called them the Three Laws of the Magi:

  1. Law of Contract: The Magus will contract with one human, and only the human can break the contract.
  2. Law of Friendship: The Magus will “befriend” the human they contract with.
  3. Law of Growth: the Magus will help both their human and themselves to grow and develop.

I don’t think they’re quite as well grounded as Asimov’s rules, but seriously: I give the show credit for going there.

Synduality Noir Episode 12: Maria talked to Noir about the Three Laws of the Magi

Maria laid out the Three Laws of the Magi to Noir. Capture from the Hulu stream.

This episode had three distinct parts: the battle, a comedic interlude (thanks, Range and Dolce), and setup for the next season. For my favorite moment, I’m going with something that on the surface appeared inconsequential, but in the context of the whole season, showed some solid character development on the part of Kanata.

Which is great, because I had had enough of his whiny phase.

Noir turned out to be a safe-mode version of Mystere. That’s kinda cool and all – their physical differences were eye-catching and clearly distinguished their personalities. The physical differences, though, were nothing compared to the difference in their attitude towards Kanata. In short, Mystere had no use whatsoever for Kanata.

Delivery: Kanata Growth Preserved His Strengths

She called him a “hack.” She disparaged him and all the modern Drifters. In everything from her body language to the tone of her voice, she made it clear: she felt herself vastly superior and thought they were beneath her contempt.

That also came out in her interaction with Kanata. She still stayed with him. I don’t think she considers herself contracted to him, but she seemed to acknowledge Noir had a contract. At one point, Kanata was working on his Coffin when Mystere woke up, took one look at him, and sighed.

Annoyed, Kanata snapped (17:30), “Can you stop sighing the second you see my face?”

Can you imagine the Kanata from episode 1 saying anything like that? I think in that moment, he showed me he has grown this season. He’s a changed young man, and I like to see that kind of development.

Synduality Noir Episode 12: Mystere is dealing with some stuff of her own

Mystere missed her original master. Capture from the Hulu stream.

I’m going to give the show a bonus moment, too. When he asked her to stop sighing, she answered by sighing again. She kept grousing. Until, almost under her breath, she said (19:29), “Mystere only wants to stay asleep. It’s outrageous to have a master other than that person. Mystere has no need for a world without that person.”

Kanata heard that, and you could see him back down. He understand what she was talking about. After all, he had just lost Noir. The difference was, he still hoped to get her back. That little moment of understanding told me that Kanata may have grown, but he retained his sensibilities. I appreciated that.

What did you think of Mystere’s contribution to the battle? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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