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Synduality Noir Episode 2: Favorites

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Synduality Noir Episode 2 – Quick Summary

In Synduality Noir episode 2, “My Master,” Kanata wants to help Noir recover her memories. At the same time, he’s mindful of his lack of skill in a Coffin. So it’s with mixed emotions that they found her original mech. Complicating matters was the camera under the seat. What was her mech doing there? What’s on the camera? And just how much damage did Noir do to Kanata’s Coffin in the previous episode?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Synduality Noir Episode 2

Synduality Noir Episode 2: Mouton is full of useful information.

I think Mouton just might have the gift of understatement. Capture from the Hulu stream.

Mouton, who is the Magus working with Tokio (I think; I’m still a little unclear on the Magus/human dichotomy here), is starting to grow on me. He’s a good counterpoint to his human pilot, and he’s kind and helpful to Noir. Who, let’s face it, needs all the help she can get.

Until she gets pissed off. Then she’s more than self-sufficient. But let’s put that aside for now.

Tokio, Mouton, Kanata, Noir, and Maria went back to where they had found Noir. They wanted to see if they could find clues, or even better long-term memory storage, that would help Noir regain her memories.

All while they were there, Tokio and Maria bickered. It got so bad that Kanata asked Mouton about it.

“Their male-female relationship is complex,” the butler answered (01:25).

I’ll say this for the show: the characters interact freely! And yes, I think that’s a good thing.

Favorite Moment from Synduality Noir Episode 2

Synduality Noir Episode 2: Ellie could have let Noir leave. She didn't.

Ellie likes Kanata enough to help him with Noir. Capture from the Hulu stream.

Setup: The World and Characters Show Promise

The world-building is moving along at a good clip. I’m curious about what a Magus really is. I had thought Ellie and Ange were human friends until I noticed Ange has the Magus neck hardware. And did I catch that Dolce had been a human farmer in that nest? If you think you’ve figured it out, I’d love to know! But please, no spoilers. 

We’re meeting more and more characters, too. Ciel shows promise. Range and Dolce? It’s not that I dislike comedic villains. It’s that I wasn’t expecting their level of comedy. As a vehicle to flesh out the world, they worked. It’s a bonus that Dolce is a well-designed, well-executed character model.

Okay, she’s hot. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Synduality Noir Episode 2: Dolce is attractive

Dolce has a certain appeal. And she likes to eat healthy, too! Bonus! Capture from the Hulu stream.

In the previous episode, my favorite moment was Noir going into power-up mode and kicking ass. She did it again in this episode. Was it as much fun? Since she also blew off a door to get to Kanata, sure. But there was another moment that actually struck me harder.

Ellie could be a cliche – the poor, pining, unsung girlfriend whose affection goes unrequited. For all I know, she could end up there. But for now, she put her trope aside to help her friend Kanata.

Delivery: Ellie is a Good Friend

Ellie’s been uneasy since Noir showed up. Well, she’s been uneasy since she found a naked Noir in Kanata’s bed. There’s a difference. But regardless of the source, Ellie feels unsure of how to get her feelings across to Kanata. I suspect she wants Noir to just go away. Not go away injured; just leave their lives.

A perfect opportunity presented itself. One of the weathermen saw Noir entering Range’s carrier. To Kanata, it seemed plain that Noir was going of her own free will. Because of that, he was all ready to give up and return to his mopey self.

Did Ellie let that stand? Did she chuckle to herself at having achieved victory without lifting a finger? No! Ellie decided to help her friend.

She demanded he explain himself. When he tried to assert that he thought Noir was leaving because she wanted to, Ellie practically screamed at him (14:30), “But this is Range! He must have tricked her.”

Synduality Noir Episode 2: Tokio took a little of Ellie's tunder

Tokio stole a little of Ellie’s thunder, but he meant well. Capture from the Hulu stream.

She could have savored victory. Instead, she did the right thing. Kanata’s lucky someone like her is looking out for him. 

What did you think of the value of fresh produce in this world? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Synduality Noir Episode 2: Favorites

  1. Ellie is actually my favorite character so far—she’s just such a good kid—but Dolce gave her some competition. I felt like I’d been transported to the 80s! She’s just too cool for school!

    1. Yeah, you’re right! Dolce was very much out of the 80s. That must be why she clicked with me! I was in college back then, and I remember that much makeup being popular then.

  2. Well, Ellie has certainly gained my respect and admiration for putting her friend first, instead of trying to swoop in like some vulture. And I am enjoying Tokio’s insane ideas like riding one of Maria’s rockets, and leaving the job of landing it to Kanata! LOL! And I liked this anime’s version of Team Rocket getting their butts handed to them by the guy they belittled, but that’s always satisfying to see. 🙂

    1. I hope we see more of Ellie. She’s a good kid.

      I was afraid that Tokio might end up dead early on, to serve as the vehicle for Kanata’s character growth. I’m less worried about that now, though maybe I shouldn’t be!

      Team Rocket was the first thing I thought of! I think I saw that mentioned in the Reddit thread, too. I really hope that’s what they were going for!

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