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Synduality Noir Episode 3: Favorites

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Synduality Noir Episode 3 – Quick Summary

In Synduality Noir episode 3, “Behind the Mask,” Tokio decided to take Kanata out to celebrate his first battle experience as a Drifter. Did he take Kanata to a movie? A bar? No and no. Tokio planned to take Kanata to Desire Nest. He even said something about “boing boing.” What does Tokio have in mind? Will Kanata go along with it? How will Ellie react? And will Noir even know what’s going on?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Synduality Noir Episode 3

Synduality Noir Episode 3: Kanata didn't buy Tokio's BS

Kanata didn’t buy the dream fulfillment argument. Capture from the Hulu stream.

I’m still not sure why Kanata followed Tokio to Desire Nest. Maybe Kanata’s just weak-willed. Maybe he was curious. But even after Tokio told him it was time for Kanata to become a man “down there,” Katana still followed him — despite his apparent outrage.

By the way, I’m really digging the show’s backgrounds. They’re vibrant and detailed. They’re making it fun to explore this world!

Anyway, Tokio gestured around the city Desire Nest. He played up how their jobs were so dangerous that they deserved places like Desire Nest so they could have fun. In fact, Tokio called it paradise on Earth – the fulfillment of all of his dreams.

Apparently, that touched a nerve. Kanata immediately grabbed his friend by the jacked and yelled (04:42), “Apologize to me for shitting on my dreams and to my parents who didn’t fulfill theirs!”

Seems Kanata’s got a complicated past.

Favorite Moment from Synduality Noir Episode 3

Synduality Noir Episode 3: Apparently, Tokio had an unpleasant first time

Well, something happened in Tokio’s past – and I’m kinda curious what it was! Capture from the Hulu stream.

Speaking of complicated pasts…

In the section talking about my favorite quote, I mentioned the background art. I’d also like to mention that the action sequences kept me interested. I’m not one to complain about CGI – one of my favorite series is Arpeggio of Blue Steel, after all! – so the sequences in this series looked exciting to me. That alone would be enough to keep the show entertaining.

But I have to say I’m also catching on to its sense of humor. Partly comedic timing, partly a reference to a twelve year-old’s sensibilities, the show makes me smile. In some cases, it even makes LOL literal.

My favorite moment came on the heels of my favorite quote. Tokio said he wanted to help his buddy celebrate his first time (Drifting) with his first time (with – well, I think you get the picture). Kanata said he wanted his first time to be someone he loved.

Synduality Noir Episode 3: Kanata and Tokio had very different ideas about what sex meant

Kanata had very different ideas about human sexuality than Tokio. Capture from the Hulu stream.

When Tokio grabbed him and got a serious expression, I figured I was in for more twelve year-old humor. But the show switched to comedic timing and threw in some characterization for good measure.

“Kanata!” Tokio said sternly (05:10). “I’m making sure you won’t live with this regret for the rest of your life.”

I was still expecting some kind of punchline when he added (05:17), “I won’t go into details, but your first time should be with a pro.”

I laughed in surprise – but I really, really wanted to know what happened. What could possibly make Tokio act so seriously?

By mixing things up, by keeping me guessing, the show delivered a memorable moment. Between that, the artwork, and the animation, I’m having a good time. How about you? Please feel free to let me know in the comments!

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