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Synduality Noir Episode 5: Favorites

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Synduality Noir Episode 5 – Quick Summary

In Synduality Noir episode 5, “Drifting the Maze,” Noir is serious about becoming a better partner for Kanata. He’d be serious about it, too, if he could get around his own awkwardness at how often Noir talks about “boing boing” and misunderstands subtle concepts like “husband and wife.” The good news? Claudia and Flamme had a suggestion for them! The bad news? Claudia and Flamme had a suggestion for them! Because nothing from Claudia comes without hidden clauses. Kanata finds he’ll have to risk everything to keep Noir safe.

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from Synduality Noir Episode 5

Synduality Noir Episode 5: Noir is very concerned about "boing boing."

Noir gets points for trying. Kanata’s got to get a grip! Capture from the Hulu stream.

Noir is growing on me, and I mean that in a good way. She’s not like a fungus or anything. The reason I say that is honestly, the show has me conflicted, even with me trying to adjust my expectations. But, you know what? It’s helping keep my mind limber!

Noir started the series as a clean slate. She’s trying to figure things out. Kanata’s doing what he can to help, but he’s running into good-natured interference from Tokio, who’s very open with his sexual innuendo. Well, less innuendo and more explicit declarations. 

Turns out there are at least two other men who share Tokio’s view. They tried to suggest that Kanata had done the wild thing with Daisy. One even air traced breasts and mentioned “boing boing.”

Remember Noir being a clean slate? She absorbs a lot. After she and Kanata had gotten away from the two “boing boing” men, Kanata was horrified to see Noir air-sculpting large air breasts in front of her.

When he objected, she said (03:12), “This is the 12th time I’ve heard the word ‘boing boing.’”

I guess inquiring minds want to know!

Favorite Moment from Synduality Noir Episode 5

Synduality Noir Episode 5: Noir is learning to be closer to Kanata

Noir could tell Kanata had an idea – without him saying anything! Capture from the Hulu stream.

Setup: The Blind Leading the Blind

You’re probably detecting a reluctance for me to really get into this show, and you’re right. This is hard for me. It’s doubly hard because the show is not in the least bit bad. Considered on its own merits, it’s harmless fun. That’s the mindset I’m trying to stay in.

Trouble is, as I warm up to the characters, I want to learn more about them. I want to know more about why Noir is the way she is. I might actually get some of that. But I also want more about how Ellie grew up in this world with such a fresh, unsullied, and flat out naive view of the world.

Well, at least Ellie gets some great expressions. I’m not kidding. There’s nothing wrong with her artwork!

Synduality Noir Episode 5: Ellie's expressions are entertaining

Ellie has some very demonstrative expressions. Capture from the Hulu stream.

In this episode, Noir and Kanata wanted to become a better team. Lacking an emotional vocabulary to describe her goals, Noir relied on terms like marriage. She even suggested they act like an old married couple – eating the same food, watching the same shows, crashing on the couch at the end of a long day – so they could get into sync.

She even insisted they sleep together. Katana freaked out, as Kanata tends to do. “I want to be one,” she said (09:01), her face partially hidden by shadows. Even in the near darkness, you could see she struggled to express herself. “So, we can be great partners.”

At this point, I was like, “Dude, man up. She’s reaching out to you. Figure out how to connect with her!”

Delivery: Noir Takes the Lead – Someone Had To!

And no, I don’t mean connecting at a carnal level. That’s not what she wants. I was getting impatient for the guy to figure out how to help her. To his credit, he relented, and they slept together in the hammock that crashed to the ground under both their weight.

It set the stage for my favorite moment.

During the fight in the abandoned city, after they had discovered Claudia was involved in luring them to a trap to kidnap Noir, Kanata finally figured out how he wanted to attack. Noir immediately demanded he let her in on the plan. Confused, he asked how she knew he had one.

She answered (18:55), “Kanata’s nostrils expand by 2 mm when you have an idea.”

Synduality Noir Episode 5: Noir is serious about becoming a better partner

Noir is serious about becoming better partners. Capture from the Hulu stream.

You want emotional closeness? Find someone who can understand your inner dialogue based on a 2 millimeter dilation of your nostrils. That’s intimacy! In case it’s not clear, I’m really not kidding. I don’t mind sexual content. But I also welcome variety. Noir and Kanata coming closer together in this way is as satisfying in its own way as a more sexually charged relationship. Closeness is closeness!

And right now, that’s all Noir could deal with. So, good on Kanata for not pushing. Though to be honest, I don’t think he could deal with more right now, either!

What did you think of Claudia turning on them (sort of)? What were your favorite moments? Feel free to share in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Synduality Noir Episode 5: Favorites

  1. Claudia is a thief girl. The be helped and harmed by such is largely the same thing.

    I have to wonder about the group that goes through the trouble of violently subduing drifters, forcefully prying their magus out of the coffin, and doing whatever it is they do… only to go, “Nope, not this one,” and give them back. I mean… really? They couldn’t try just explaining and asking politely?

    The entire world seems set on getting Kanata and Noir into the sack together. And if that were the primary way of “growing closer” then I doubt either Tokio or Ellie would have gotten very far. Maybe just do it the old fashioned way of going through various life experiences together?

    1. I’m with you — the capture and release thing doesn’t fit in this world. Nor does Flamme’s laid back reaction. I just cannot see her or Claudia accepting something like that.

      I’m not sure the narrative is trying to force them together sexually — at least, I hope it isn’t. I don’t think it’s what Noir is looking for, and Kanata just doesn’t have the emotional framework to deal with it. Or the emotional composition, maybe.

      Though I am likely reading too much into this story. I doubt they’re going to delve into complex emotional issues!

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