Synduality Noir Episode Guide

Episode 1: My Name Is

Synduality Noir Episode 1: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 1, “My Name Is,” Kanata and Tokio scoured the ruins for useful technology. Kanata was shocked to find a discarded Magus – a mech’s AI-powered artificial humanoid – lying on a bed of flowers. Before Kanata could investigate, a pack of Enders came on the scene. Can Kanata and Tokio rescue the Magus? How did she come to be there? And even if they can rescue her, can they get away from the advancing pack of Enders?

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Episode 2: My Master

Synduality Noir Episode 2: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 2, “My Master,” Kanata wants to help Noir recover her memories. At the same time, he’s mindful of his lack of skill in a Coffin. So it’s with mixed emotions that they found her original mech. Complicating matters was the camera under the seat. What was her mech doing there? What’s on the camera? And just how much damage did Noir do to Kanata’s Coffin in the previous episode?

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Episode 3: Behind the Mast

Synduality Noir Episode 3: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 3, “Behind the Mask,” Tokio decided to take Kanata out to celebrate his first battle experience as a Drifter. Did he take Kanata to a movie? A bar? No and no. Tokio planned to take Kanata to Desire Nest. He even said something about “boing boing.” What does Tokio have in mind? Will Kanata go along with it? How will Ellie react? And will Noir even know what’s going on?

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Episode 4: Wild Daisy

Synduality Noir Episode 4: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 4, “Wild Daisy,” Kanata felt absolutely determined to prove himself as a Drifter. To demonstrate his conviction, he asked Maam for work. That must have impressed her, because when two other Drifters at the bar tried to ridicule Kanata, she adjusted their attitudes. As it turned out, she had a job for Kanata. He took it, and insisted that Noir confine herself to navigation. Was that wise? Sure, his desire to be independent is laudable, but is it worth his life? And what does Tokio think about all of this?

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Episode 5: Drifting the Maze

Synduality Noir Episode 5: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 5, “Drifting the Maze,” Noir is serious about becoming a better partner for Kanata. He’d be serious about it, too, if he could get around his own awkwardness at how often Noir talks about “boing boing” and misunderstands subtle concepts like “husband and wife.” The good news? Claudia and Flamme had a suggestion for them! The bad news? Claudia and Flamme had a suggestion for them! Because nothing from Claudia comes without hidden clauses. Kanata finds he’ll have to risk everything to keep Noir safe.

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Episode 6: Die is Cast

Synduality Noir Episode 6: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 6, “Die is Cast,” KanataNoirTokio, and Mouton were out on a mission when it started to rain. The rain itself was dangerous. It also attracted Enders, so they needed to find cover. Fortunately, a city named Baccaranest was nearby. Unfortunately, it was a gambling city. You can guess what Tokio immediately set about doing! What will Kanata and Noir do? Who will they meet there? And isn’t it about time for Range and Dolce to find their way home?

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Episode 7: My Dear

Synduality Noir Episode 7: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 7, “My Dear,” Kanata felt grave concern: he could not perform the maintenance on Noir himself, so he had to ask Maria for help! Would Maria really perform just the needed maintenance – or would she install some “weird” programs, too? Meanwhile, Ciel insinuated herself more into Kanata’s life. What’s her angle? Why is she so interested in Kanata? And will the weather reports in this place ever be accurate?

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Episode 8: Pure Dream

Synduality Noir Episode 8: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 8, “Pure Dream,” Katana asked Ellie to go on a date. What he didn’t tell her is that they’d have company. That wasn’t the only unusual thing. Kanata had gotten tickets to an event from Tokio – who suddenly seems flush with cash! That was the unusual thing! Where’s he getting all of the money? Will Ellie ever get a moment alone with Kanata? And why is Ciel the only one not in the party?

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Episode 9: Legendary Hero

Synduality Noir Episode 9: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 9, “Legendary Hero,” Kanata and Noir felt impressed to see another Drifter take out a terrifying looking new kind of Ender. But it was raining, and Kanata knew better than to leave his carrier in the rain. Later, at a Nest, he met Ada, who happened to be the Magus they saw in the field. Who was this mysterious Magus? Who was her even more mysterious master? And what kind of Ender did they specialize in going up against?

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Episode 10: Drifters’ Pride

Synduality Noir Episode 10: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 10, “Drifters’ Pride,” some engineers worked on a new component for Kanata’s Drifter. Hearing some explosions, they first assumed other engineers had trouble with their experiments. But that wasn’t it. An Ender storm to end all Enter storms approached. The last time something like this happened, Amasia – 20 years ago. Is there anything Kanata, Tokio, and the other Drifters can do to push back this assault? Or will they suffer the same fate as Amasia?

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Episode 11: Storm of A.I.

Synduality Noir Episode 11: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 11, “Storm of A.I.,” Kanata raced to repair his Coffin. Noir, having been warned not to touch anything, walked a few paces away from the tent. Kanata was surprised to find that Ciel came to visit – but it wasn’t by accident. Kurokamen, acting under orders himself, had ordered Ciel to Kanata’s side. Why? What’s his goal? Will Ciel turn on Kanata after all? And how will Noir react?

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Episode 12: Mirage of the Ideal

Synduality Noir Episode 12: Favorites

In Synduality Noir episode 12, “Mirage of the Ideal,” Kanata and Noir tried to support Tokio and Michael when they attacked the central core of the twin-towered Silver Storm. But the attack did not go well. Kanata and Noir found themselves assaulting the monster alone. Their Coffin took a beating. With it taking more damage by the second, and with Noir having doubts about herself being a “dud,” will Kanata be able to protect his friends and nest? Or will the Silver Storm overwhelm them?

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