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takt op.Destiny Episode 5 Review – Quick Summary

In takt op.Destiny Episode 5, “Equitation -Valkyrie-,” Anna was not at all happy that she’d gotten a flat tire. She was even less happy that Takt wouldn’t help. Actually, he sat on the hood as she tried to jack up the car! Their situation seemed to get even worse when a D2 showed up. But Destiny made quick work of it. However, she paid no attention to her surroundings, so she wasn’t even aware of the train that had to screech to a halt to miss hitting her — because she had killed the D2 in the middle of rail road tracks. Who’s operating a train in the middle of nowhere? Why are they so angry with Destiny?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from takt op.Destiny Episode 5

takt op.Destiny Episode 5: Destiny knows her sweets

Destiny had heard that some parts of the cactus were edible. And there were parts that weren’t. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

How much does Destiny know about living? When I talked about Titan in the previous episode, I spoke of her as a weapon of war, at least when she confronted Lang (who we’ve not seen since!). In this episode, even Felix “Crow Wants To Punch Him In the Face Twice — At Least” Schindler referred to Destiny as a weapon. But Schindler acted as if Destiny were only a weapon, whereas I saw the Musicarts as powerful young women who could act as weapons when they chose.

Which of us is right? I’d like to offer evidence on behalf of Destiny being more than merely a weapon. The woman loves her sweets. More than that, though, she is able to distinguish between two critical states of nature: “Sweet” and “Not Sweet.” 

How do I know? It’s right there in my favorite quote! 

As Destiny poked at the spines on a cactus, she said (03:30), ““I must say that these prickly things do not look sweet.”

I ask you: Would a mere weapon wonder such a thing? I think not!

Best in Show Moment for takt op.Destiny Episode 5

takt op.Destiny Episode 5: Hell is a very, very dangerous Musicart

This one could do anything, at any time, to anyone. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Expectations and the Universe of Possibility

This show has me thinking about my time in college. My theology classes introduced me to Thomas Aquinas and, through him, Aristotle. That tradition’s treatment of the concepts potential versus actual fascinated me. I’m paraphrasing badly here, and I’m also injecting my own bias, but potential is the range of things that might happen. Actual is what came into being when potential expressed itself within space/time.

When I write a novel, when I’m on page 0, I could take the novel anywhere. Before I write the first word, that novel could be the most amazing thing that has ever been. The potential is there (putting aside probability, of course!). 

Then I write one word, then a sentence and a paragraph. Chapters turn into arcs, arcs turn into the novel. The more I write, the more the potential recedes, and the more the actual fills those gaps. At some point, the amazingness in my head collides with the reality of my skill set. The angelic choir becomes a garage band of dubious quality. The clash of titans turns into two kids hurling very tiny rocks at each other.

I want all of my stories to have “much adventuer”!

I’m exaggerating a little, but the point is that it’s impossible to fit the enormity of potential into a work of art. Works of art inhabit a specific point in space/time. A work of art is the crystallization of potential into one actuality. 

The more I love a story’s potential, the more aware I need to be. I need to be aware that its actual implementation cannot possibly satisfy me. That’s because no matter how good, it cannot be as good as the sum of all the possibilities I had imagined.

That brings me to my favorite moment of this episode of Takt op.Destiny.

Delivery: Mechanics Meet Idealism

Realism Always Feels Less Bright than the Ideal

This series hit my imagination’s sweet spot. I love everything about its setup. But we’ve moved from the potential and more into the actual. For example, we have to have an antagonist for the story to work. If it sounds like I’m disappointed, I’m not. I knew this moment would come, so I expected it. 

But even expecting it, if I’m honest (and you deserve no less!), there is a lessening of the raw enthusiasm I felt. At the same time, there’s good news. The I still love the show. It managed to avoid some of the more frustrating cliches. Walkre’s tsundere streak came across as the expression of a woman who’s young and vulnerable. It just seemed she was a sensitive soul who craved praise but got it so seldom that Takt’s casual words shocked her. Also, she didn’t just jump in the car with Takt. That wasn’t a Harem Growth Moment.

In another show, this might have been a Harem Capture Moment. I was afraid we were going to launch Sekirei seaon 3! Which would not been bad, really! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

And I will say that I’m happy it looks as if Schindler is actually the villain and not Sagan. That’s the impression I got back in episode 2. So now we have a villain, and he doesn’t really seem like he’s in control of the situation. His underlings fear him. But Takt? Jigoku/Hell? Not so much. I liked that slight twist of the trope.

Takt Ain’t Afraid of Nobody

At the end of the episode, Schindler made this ominous statement that he was going to put a collar on Takt and Destiny. So, flanked by Jigoku/Hell, he sauntered up to Takt, Destiny, and Anna as they prepared to leave. Schindler said as head commander, he could put Takt into a good position. No doubt, Schindler thought someone like Takt would jump at the chance.

takt op.Destiny Episode 5: Takt don't take crap from anyone

This is Takt’s “I would listen to you but you’re really stupid so go away” expression. It’s very much like all his other expressions. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

“I refuse,” Takt said (21:01), barely giving Schindler a chance to finish. Takt has this “I’m not trying to be rude but you are a complete idiot” vibe going on most of the time, and it was in full force here. Hell just stood there, grinning. I’m not sure if I expected her to attack them on behalf of Schindler, or what. That’s what makes this situation enjoyable, though. She’s a wildcard. Her presence brings up so many questions, like what hold does Schindler really have on her? Is she the property he seems to think she is? Is she only along for the ride as long as it’s fun?

As if to underscore all of that, she kept grinning as Anna drove away.

“There they go!” she said cheerfully (21:23). She was completely at odds with Schindler in that moment, and she didn’t see to care about that at all! She’s going to be someone we’ll need to keep an eye on. 

What did you think of Destiny and Walkre tag-teaming the D2? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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