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takt op.Destiny Episode 7 Review – Quick Summary

In takt op.Destiny Episode 7, “Truth -Noise-,” Anna, Takt and Destiny continue their journey eastward across the devastated United States. It’s clear Takt was struggling, though neither Anna nor Destiny know why. Meanwhile, Sagan summoned Shindler to his office. In utterly clear terms, Sagan told Shindler to stay away from Takt. Will Shindler obey that order? What’s going on with Takt? And can Destiny help — or will she accidentally make matters worse?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from takt op.Destiny Episode 7

takt op.Destiny Episode 7: Destiny was quite serious about the sucker's magnificent sweetness!

There are few subjects that Destiny treats more seriously than sweets. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

This was a very efficient episode. With one set of scenes, the writers not only established Destiny’s growing sense of responsibility by showing her help the struggling citizens. They also humanized those citizens so that at the end, when Shindler played the eugenics card, we knew those people through Destiny’s eyes.

Think that Shindler is too ham-fisted? A little too cliche? Please do let me remind you that we live in a world where the Lieutenant Governor of Texas said that the elderly should let COVID kill them rather than suffer the economic downturn that would be associated with keeping them safe and alive.

I kid you not. Josef Mengele would have been so proud! I had thought (hoped?) we’d put his spirit to rest. Nah. It just moved north of the Mexican border.  Shindler would be pleased! And to be clear? I still oppose Mengele and everything he stood for. Always and everywhere. Didn’t want there to be any lack of clarity on this point! 

Boy, that escalated quickly, didn’t it? Well, to move things in a more light direction, Destiny had gone shopping for a mother caring for her infant. The little one was fussy, but Destiny had the perfect answer: A candy sucker!

“This is my highest recommendation,” Destiny said (12:17). “Its sweetness is truly magnificent.”

Destiny demonstrated some real empathy in this episode! Not like certain politicians whose names I won’t mention…

Best in Show Moment for takt op.Destiny Episode 7

takt op.Destiny Episode 7: Destiny's questions about broke Takt's emotional control

It’s interesting that the most emotional moment of the episode came from Takt, for whom the expression of emotion is not a strength. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: Gasoline, Meet Fire

This has been an emotional week for my anime reviews. First, seeing Yulia Niguredou change her phone’s wallpaper in Mieruko-chan hit me right in the feels. Such a subtle gesture, but so packed with meaning! Then, Roxy’s story from Jobless Reincarnation hit so close to home that it practically upended 30 years of careful emotional redirections. Then I watched this episode. 

For an episode with relatively slow action, it had a lot going on. All of it seemed aimed at my few remaining emotional centers that hadn’t been kicked in the head yet. 

Takt’s struggle to compose music was the start. I’ve been struggling to write novels for going on 40 years. Before 2021, the last novel I had written was back in the late 1980s. Only recently, in December 2020, did I finally figure out the re-ignition sequence. If you’re interested, you can follow my progress on my other site. I’m about to finish my second book of 2021. I would have finished the first draft tonight, but, well, a Family Real Life Event (FRLE) struck, and I’m still picking up the pieces.

takt op.Destiny Episode 7: Only Takt understood the horror of the blank page.

Anna could not appreciate just how horrifying those blank pages were. But, damnit, I could! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream

Bottom line: Takt’s struggle put me in an emotional state. I not only felt for the guy; I’ve lived those moments when the blank paper does more than just mock me. It goes into full “up in my grill mode.” Or something like that. Modern idioms are still opaque to me.

Anna’s emotional state hit me, too. “Hey,” she said to Takt as they watched Destiny interact with the local kids (14:35). “Do you think maybe she could still be… Cosette?”

Yeah, I didn’t need my heart. So, no problem with the show just ripping it out! Anna’s struggle to accept what happened to Cosette had been right there in front of us all this time. In this episode, she offered it to Takt, to see if he could help her. He kind of fumbled.

And then there’s Destiny.

Delivery: Destiny’s Struggle to Understand

I’m a guy. By that, I mean all those cliche things you hear about guys being emotionally insensitive? Yeah, they apply to me. But here’s the thing. It’s not intentional. Like Roxy’s inability to “hear” telepathy or a deaf man’s inability to hear sound, I don’t see these things. I don’t pick up on emotional cues. I have an elaborate emulation system I’ve built over the years, but let’s face it: A deaf man trying to emulate speech is doomed from the start.

Like me. And like Destiny.

I think that’s why I like her character so much. She’s trying hard to help those around her. She can’t see the subtitles of their emotions. She’s not terribly expressive herself. But in her, you can see a deep, deep desire to help. She doesn’t understand why the baby cried. But she thought candy would help. She doesn’t know why Takt is hurting. But she wants to help him write his music. 

takt op.Destiny Episode 7: Destiny really was trying to help

In her own special way, Destiny was trying to help Takt out of his funk. Too bad she almost twisted the poor guy’s head off! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream

Takt himself is a whole conversation about suppressed emotions, but let’s save that for another time. My favorite moment in this episode used Takt as the catalyst, but it was all Destiny. Takt sought her out, hoping to connect, wondering if she was the person for whom he should write his music. But then she started asking questions. “What exactly was Cosette like?” she asked, with equal parts innocence, curiosity, and unintentional cruelty. “I heard that I am using her body… Did the three of you know each other for a long time?… What was she to you?”

Takt had no way to process those questions. Each build on the other until all he could do was gasp (16:47), “Stop!” 

Without rancor, without indication that his words hurt her, Destiny simply said, “Understood.”

It’s been an emotionally tough week in anime. Maybe I’ll watch a few episodes of Sekirei. I think I could use some of Musubi’s relentless optimism.

What did you think of Shindler’s revelation? What were your favorite moments from the episode? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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