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takt op.Destiny Episode 8 Review – Quick Summary

In takt op.Destiny Episode 8, “Destiny -Cosette-,” Takt, having learned that Shindler had been responsible for Cosette’s death, declared that he would kill Shindler. Destiny, seeing that Takt had already taken a beating, tried to convince him to fall back. But he would not listen to her. He did something with his baton and rocketed towards Shindler, who acted completely shocked at Takt’s speed. Unfortunately for Takt, Hell blocked him, and her blades inflicted a deep wound in Takt’s chest. Can Destiny get him out of harm’s way? If she can, won’t Hell and Shindler just follow them? And how are they going to defeat a Musicart as powerful as Hell?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from takt op.Destiny Episode 8

Destiny tried to stop Takt from attacking Hell. She gets credit for trying! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

What was that move that Takt used when he struck the back of his own head with the butt of the baton (01:45)? It seemed to shock everyone, Destiny included! But whatever he did, it gave him near-Musicart speed. He closed the distance between himself and Shindler in an instant. He would have planted a no-doubt impressive punch, too, if Hell had not intervened. She kicked him a couple dozen meters away. I’m surprised she didn’t shatter Takt’s entire skeleton with that kick.

That wasn’t enough to convince Takt to leave. He rose to his feet, barely, and demanded that Hell move aside. Of course, she was having too much fun to do something like that.

Destiny knew they were outclassed. Takt, her Maestro, could barely stand. She herself knew she could not stand up against Hell. So, she rushed to Takt’s side and, brandishing her sword, tried to take up a position between him and Hell. She encouraged him to calm down.

“Things are not in our favor right now,” Destiny said in her typical understated way (02:16). 

I think this is the most strategic thinking we’ve seen from Destiny. For all the good it did…

Best in Show Moment for takt op.Destiny Episode 8

Destiny was seriously pissed off when Takt showed up! She’d gone to a lot of trouble, including putting her own life at risk, to keep him safe. But no! He had to show up and ruin her plans! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

Setup: It’s Not about Shindler

I like reading the Reddit discussions. I often gain insights into the show that I either missed completely or didn’t quite catch. For example, user Aerodynamic41 posted about the changes in the ED starting with this episode. Very, very cool! And cripplingly sad at the same time. Subtle is sometimes the most devastating way to inflict melancholy!

The question isn’t whether or not Shindler was a good villain. No, the question is, why did Shindler think he was the villain? Why did he think he had power? Why did Hell play with him like she did? And how much better off would our world be if all despots and demagogues were allowed to play out their roles, never being able to affect anyone or anything?

Hell’s every interaction with Shindler screamed disrespect. Even more than she doesn’t respect most people! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream

Now, that’s not exactly what happened here. It’s not like Pink Floyd’s Fletcher Memorial Home. But in effect, Hell just let Shindler play around. He was never her maestro. Did you see his baton? Plain wood, no ornamentation. Compare that to Destiny’s or Titan’s batons. Hell herself barely ever listened to Shindler. In fact, the only enthusiasm she ever showed for what he said was when he told her to cut loose against the huge D2 in episode 5, because that’s what she wanted to do.

Just listen to the dialogue towards the end of the previous episode, or the beginning of this one. Schindler tried to be all intimidating by invoking the worst of eugenics (which was a thing — even in the United States!). But no one, not Hell, not Destiny, and certainly not Takt, took him seriously. And in case I had any doubts whatsoever, my favorite moment convinced me. Because at a climatic moment, the real stars shone brightly — and cast Shindler in deep shadows where he belonged.

Delivery: It’s About Takt and Destiny

I admire the way the writers have treated the grief that Anna and Takt felt for Cosette’s passing. In a way, both of them took it out on Destiny. Not intentionally. Neither set out to hurt Destiny. But I don’t know how either of them could not feel some resentment against Destiny. It’s irrational, but it’s also very human. 

Destiny herself has tried to grow. In the previous episode, we saw how hard she worked at helping the kids. We saw her procure a melodica for Takt. She’s new at this living thing, as far as we know. Certainly, she’s new to living with humans. So she’s made some huge progress — despite having to know that her mere existence evokes painful memories for the two people closest to her. From what I can see, the show’s dealing with the situation at that level. They’re not tip-toeing around it, and I like that.

The show is giving its characters time to grieve. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

My favorite moment in this episode is towards the end, when Shindler got all wound up for his evil monologue. Hell had been kicking Destiny around, and the walking wound that was Takt had found them. Shindler tried to speak, and Destiny completely ignored him to say (15:10), “Why did you come here?! Are you stupid?”

“I don’t need some idiot telling me I’m stupid! There’s no way you can fight on your own! You giant fool!” Takt said.

“You’re the giant fool!”

“Shut up, you good-for-nothing Musicart!”

“You good-for-nothing Maestro!”

They are the stars of the show. Not Shindler, and not even Hell, who had the sense to just stand back and watch the conversation unfold (she’d have some more of her fun later). Destiny and Takt talked all over Shindler, and that’s just as it should be. 

If only real life villains were that easy to ignore and derail!

What did you think of Titan’s arrival on the battlefield? Or about Heaven’s arrival? What were you favorite moments of the episode? I’d love to hear about the comments!

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