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takt op.Destiny Episode Guide

Episode 1: Conduct -Creed-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 1 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 1, “Conduct -Creed-,” Takt Asahina was delighted to find an upright piano in nearly perfect condition. It had even been tuned! His spontaneous audience of market people were as delighted to listen as he was to have found the piano. That is, until a D2, one of the creatures who abhor human sounds and human music in particular, attacked. Fortunately, Takt’s Musicart, Cosette, was there to put the monster down. Unfortunately, the effort exhausted Takt so badly he collapsed. With their goal being New York, and them being somewhere in the area of Texas, how will they manage to get through the intervening D2, if defeating only one can almost exhaust them?

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Episode 2: Music -Reincarnation-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 2 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 2, “Music -Reincarnation-,” the show takes a step backward in time. Humanity, under the command of Grand Maestro Sagan, has reached detente with the D2. Takt Asahina, having seen his father perish at the hands of the D2, now lives with Anna Schneider and her sister Cosette. He struggles to perfect his musical skills. Anna and Cosette have their own struggle: Keeping the garage where he practices his piano clean and bug free. When Sagan’s Symphonica brings a party to their city, Cosette is bent on getting Takt to play. Will he perform for the crowd? Why is Sagan personally visiting? And why did the D2 agree to a cessation of hostilities?

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Episode 3: Awakening -Journey-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 3 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 3, “Awakening -Journey-,” Destiny and Takt attack the D2s who had taken Cosette’s life. Destiny had an instinctive ability to attack, but both she and Takt learned an important lesson a few minutes into the battle: Destiny has little stamina. And what she does have seems to come from Takt. As the D2s closed in all around them, Takt wondered if this was the end of his journey. The first two episodes proved it’s not. But what happened to save him? Or, who happened to save him?

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Episode 4: Let the Performance Begin -Showtime-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 4 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 4, “Let the Performance Begin -Showtime-,” Lenny and Titan led AnnaDestiny and Takt to Las Vegas. But not the Las Vegas you might expect. It’s a large farming community with destroyed casinos in the background. Against that idyllic setting, Lenny meets two old friends who have started a family. All seems peaceful and prosperous. That is, on the surface. Lenny suspects something, and Takt wonders what that might be. Then, that night, Destiny heard something that sent her on the hunt. What’s bothering them? What secret does Las Vegas hold? And what’s it mean for Destiny and Titan?

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Episode 5: Equitation -Valkyrie-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 5 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 5, “Equitation -Valkyrie-,” Anna was not at all happy that she’d gotten a flat tire. She was even less happy that Takt wouldn’t help. Actually, he sat on the hood as she tried to jack up the car! Their situation seemed to get even worse when a D2 showed up. But Destiny made quick work of it. However, she paid no attention to her surroundings, so she wasn’t even aware of the train that had to screech to a halt to miss hitting her — because she had killed the D2 in the middle of rail road tracks. Who’s operating a train in the middle of nowhere? Why are they so angry with Destiny?

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Episode 6: Sunrise -Rooster-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 6 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 6, “Sunrise -Rooster-”, Anna managed to get Takt and Destiny to New Orleans. Anna and Destiny go to get supplies, because Takt just can’t be bothered to get out of the car. Anna made Takt promise he would stay in the car, because she did not want him to get lost or into trouble. Guess how long Takt kept his promise? And guess what he found when he broke his promise? It was probably among the last things he expected.

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Episode 7: Truth -Noise-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 7 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 7, “Truth -Noise-,” AnnaTakt and Destiny continue their journey eastward across the devastated United States. It’s clear Takt was struggling, though neither Anna nor Destiny know why. Meanwhile, Sagan summoned Shindler to his office. In utterly clear terms, Sagan told Shindler to stay away from Takt. Will Shindler obey that order? What’s going on with Takt? And can Destiny help — or will she accidentally make matters worse?

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Episode 8: Destiny -Cosette-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 8 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 8, “Destiny -Cosette-,” Takt, having learned that Shindler had been responsible for Cosette’s death, declared that he would kill Shindler. Destiny, seeing that Takt had already taken a beating, tried to convince him to fall back. But he would not listen to her. He did something with his baton and rocketed towards Shindler, who acted completely shocked at Takt’s speed. Unfortunately for Takt, Hell blocked him, and her blades inflicted a deep wound in Takt’s chest. Can Destiny get him out of harm’s way? If she can, won’t Hell and Shindler just follow them? And how are they going to defeat a Musicart as powerful as Hell?

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Episode 9: Family -Eroica-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 9 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 9, “Family -Eroica-,” AnnaTakt, and Destiny finally arrive in New York City, New York. They’re exhausted but elated because the city is everything they had hoped it would be: bustling, eccentric, and best of all, free of D2s. They meet Charlotte Schneider, Anna’s sister, who is a top scientist for the Symphonica. Will she be able to tune Destiny? Will she be able to save Takt from the scars that have claimed nearly his entire arm and have started up his neck? Or was the whole trip for nothing?

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Episode 10: Master and Pupil -Lenny-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 10 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 10, “Master and Pupil -Lenny-,” Lenny agreed to meet with Takt and Destiny to answer all of Takt’s questions – about the Symphonica, about Sagan, about everything. But before Lenny call tell them, Sagan steped out, flanked by Heaven and Hell, and confirmed Lenny’s worst fears. Even with Titan by his side, does Lenny have any hope of standing against two of the most powerful Musicarts? Can Takt, as weakened as he has become, do anything to support his friend? And just why has Lenny supported Takt for all this time?

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Episode 11: Preparing for Battle -Orpheus-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 11, “Preparing for Battle -Orpheus-,” their last fight almost totally drained TaktDestiny, and even Titan. Yet news spread of trouble at the Symphonia. Destiny was most concerned that her older sisters, Anna and Charlotte, were still there. Our weary heroes make their way back to the seat of Sagan’s power. What can the three of them do? Are Anna and Charlotte okay? And just what is Sagan up to?

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Episode 12: Takt -Hope-

Takt Op.Destiny Episode 12 Review – Best In Show

In takt op.Destiny Episode 12, “Takt -Hope-,” an already exhausted Takt and Destiny faced Orpheus, the fusion of Heaven and Hell. And Orpheus intended to play for keeps. She immediately launched a missile attack that forced Takt and Destiny to regroup. Takt was not in the least bit surprised when Destiny said that since it was just her against Orpheus, she would have no problem. So, they attacked. Violently. But with both Takt and his Musicart already battered, how long can they hold out? And just what is Sagan planning to do – and why?

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