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The ✨Eximius✨ Blogger Award

What is the Eximius Blogger Award?

Quoting from Megan Peoples’ post that nominated me on Nerd Rambles, here’s what this tag is all about:

The Eximius Blogger Award is an award which symbolises the exceptionality of every blogger. Eximius is the Latin word for exceptional, and this award is created to honour the exceptionality or uniqueness of every blogger out there. This award is for all those bloggers who put an insane amount of effort and thought into all of their posts and come up with exceptional content! This award is all about you!

From Nerd Rambles


Again quoting from the nominating post:

  1. Use the official logo/graphic of the award and display it on your blog post.
  2. List the rules
  3. Tag the original creator: Riddhi @Whispering Stories and the person who nominated you (which was Megan Peoples from Nerd Rambles)!
  4. Mention the most exceptional thing about you and your blog (One about you and one about your blog).
  5. Mention one thing you find exceptional about the blogger who nominated you (To show love for the blogging community!)
  6. Answer the three questions posed by the person who nominated you.
  7. Share your favourite blog post that you’ve written.
  8. Tag 7 people! (Because 7 is such a magical number!)

The Exceptional Thing about Me

This is a tough question. I’ve lived with myself for so long that nothing really stands out as exceptional. I mean, I’m pretty much used to me by now! So I’ll go with something that seems pretty normal to me, but seems to raise eyebrows when I talk about it: I can’t not write.

I like how much I can write, but there are times when I wonder how it would feel to get more sleep! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

I’m not sure when it happened, but it’s no longer a question of whether I want to write or not. If I go without writing for even a few days, it feels like my whole world destabilizes. So while it helps me write a lot, it really does worry me at times. It helps me post here every day and it helps me write novels, but it makes me wonder if it’s covering up some kind of underlying condition!

The Exceptional Thing about My Blog

Crow’s World of Anime celebrates anime. If a viewer is excited about an episode they just watched, I wanted to give them a site they could visit and just be happy about having enjoyed something. Even if I don’t like an episode I’m reviewing, I’ll find something good to say about it. I found out that was not only possible but healthy when I wrote this post in response to Irina’s post “When Anime Fans Hate Anime” on her site I Drink and Watch Anime.

Legitimate criticism absolutely has a place. As I refined this blog’s mission, I decided that there are a lot of other sites that are really good at providing balanced and insightful critiques. I wanted to provide a place for just celebration.

I suppose I need to apologize for times when I fall short! But, I’m working on it. Let’s say it’s a work in progress.

The Exceptional Thing about The Person Who Nominated Me

In her post, Megan Peoples said her exceptional strength is her site’s headers. That’s a great answer. The headers for Nerd Rambles are, in fact, exceptional! But I’m going to say the insights she shares on her site. They’re distinctive, and I always enjoy reading her posts.

Questions from Nerd Rambles

I’ll answer all of these from the perspective of anime. This is an anime blog, after all! I doubt you’d show up here to read about science fiction or astronomy!

What is your go-to comfort show/book?

There were actually several shows that I could list here, including Monster Musume and Chrome Shelled Regios. But if pressed, I know the answer. It has everything to do with character, the world they’re thrust into, and the spectacular soundtrack. I’m talking about High School of the Dead.

Everything about this show just clicked. Capture from the Hulu stream.

I’ve liked zombie movies since I watched Night of the Living Dead. But as many of those movies as I watched, they always felt like they were lacking something. High School of the Dead was the first zombie show that didn’t make me feel that way. Everything about it just clicked. Character like Saeko Busujima and Saya Takagi captured my interest the instant they appeared on screen. The rapid fall of civilization was just what I’d imagined it would look like. And the soundtrack? Songs like Hollow Men, Cold Bullet Blues, and Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi (ending theme 1) captured what the zombie apocalypse would sound like.

It sounds like a strange comfort show. But its theme of the main characters coming together and surviving through the strength of their teamwork really appeals to me.

Who was your first fictional crush?

Wow. By my point in life, I can’t even remember what a crush feels like! I watched Speed Racer/Mach GoGoGo when it became available in the United States, but I doubt Michi Shimura would have appealed to my younger self! Thinking back to my next wave of anime watching, which started in the early 2000s, I’ll pick one of the first character that made me sit up and think, “Well, now!”

That would be Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach. There’s a lot to like about her. She’s smart, she’s decisive, she’s strong, and she’s really attractive. She also liked messing with Ichigo Kurosaki. I like the guy, but he could be a bit obtuse at times. I had to conduct research (which is to say, I Googled) to find out in which episode she first appeared in human form. For the first season and most of the second, she appeared as a cat. I found it was episode 41, which was in season 2, around 6:10. Here’s a screen cap:

Just check out how confident she looks! It’s tough to pull off that look when you’re starkers, but she did it effortlessly! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

And suddenly, I remembered why she made such an impact! All kidding about her hotness aside, I thought her attitude was amazing. She knows how strong she is, and on top of that, she knows how beautiful she is. That’s a great combination!

If you could have any magical power, what would you pick?

I almost started to answer from the perspective of Dungeons and Dragons, since it had a great magic power taxonomy. But this is an anime blog, so I’ll stay focused on magical powers as presented through anime. The trouble is, each anime series with magic has its own magic systems, and magical powers vary in effectiveness within each system. If I pick a fantasy world and its magic system, then only if I were in that fantasy world would the magic power have much meaning.

Yes, I’m probably overthinking this.

But since it’s hard for me not to overthink things, I’ll choose a world that’s similar to ours: the world of The Irregular at Magic High School. While I’m at it, I might as well aim high, so I’ll choose a power from Tatsuya Shiba: Eidos.

Eidos is not only useful to keep myself alive — I could keep my colleagues alive, too! Capture from the Netflix stream.

It sounds selfish, and it is: It’s a power that periodically backs up my physical form. In the event of catastrophic failure, Eidos would automatically restore my body from backup. Very useful skill! But it also works for colleagues. So if I’m in the middle of battle and one of my friends dies, I can bring them back.

It has a downside: I feel the pain they felt when they got shot (or blown up, or whatever did them in). That’s not optimal, of course, but I also like magic that’s balanced. Being able to blithely restore myself or my compatriots just doesn’t seem sporting!

My Favorite Post that I’ve Written

My post celebrating the induction of Re:CREATORS into the Caw of Fame is my favorite. That’s not surprising, given it’s my favorite series of all time (any genre, any medium). I let myself just gush praise about the show. It’s probably the post that’s closest to this blog’s mission.

My Questions

  1. Why is your favorite anime genre?
  2. If you had to add a new regular feature to your blog, what would it be?
  3. My last question has two parts, and they’re integral to each other, so I don’t feel guilty for apparently cheating!
    1. What question would you most like me (or anyone else) to ask you about anime?
    2. How would you answer that question?

My Tags

This is supposed to be a fun tag, so please do feel free to ignore it if you like! But I chose bloggers I think demonstrate the spirit of this tag:

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12 thoughts on “The ✨Eximius✨ Blogger Award

    1. Remembering her makes me want to rewatch Bleach!

      And you’re welcome! No rush on your answer — it’s supposed to be fun! But if you get time to write a response, I’m looking forward to reading it!

  1. Omg! My first ever tag!! Thank you! I’m looking forward to responding to this!

    Also, if you like zombie fiction, have you seen Netflix’ ‘Daybreak’? It didn’t do too well and seems like it won’t be getting a second season, but I thought it was pretty good for a spooky comfort watch.

    1. You’re welcome!

      I hadn’t heard of Daybreak! Watching the preview on Netflix, it looks like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” meets “The Walking Dead.” I’ll give it a shot! Thanks for the suggestion!

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