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The Ancient Magus’ Bride Season 1 Cour 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: April showers bring May flowers

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 1: A Rescue from Slavery and a Rescue from Neighbors

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 1, “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” Chise Hatori, despairing of ever belonging anywhere, agrees to sell herself into slavery. Elias Ainsworth, a tall and imposing figure, appears out of nowhere to buy her — for a substantial sum! Just what are his intentions? Is her life going to be a never ending stream of misery? Or does she have a chance for something better?

You know, I should have suspected the neighbors from the start. Have you ever known anyone with a smug expression like that who had your best interests in mind? Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 2: One today is worth two tomorrows

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 2: Crystal Flowers and a Trip to Iceland

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 2, “One Today is Worth Two Tomorrows,” Elias Ainsworth takes his apprentice Chise Hatori into London to meet one of his suppliers, Angie Varley. Astonished that Elias had taken an apprentice, Angie decides to test Hatori’s powers — with astounding results. Later, the local village priest, Simon Kalm/Collum, asks Elias and Hatori to run an errand for him in Iceland, where disaster awaits.

Angie tries to find out if Hatori can practice magic. I think we got our answer! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 3: The balance distinguishes not between gold and lead

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 3: The Life of Dragons and the Search for Home

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 3, “The Balance Distinguishes Not between Gold and Lead,” Chise Hatori finds that her abductor, Lindel, is surprisingly polite, though he does task her with babysitting dragon hatchlings. An ancient dragon offers her a gift, and she tries to accept — but her past still tries to hold her back. Can even Elias Ainsworth, her mentor, help her free herself?

Pain can leave a lingering imprint. But so can beauty. Chise didn’t know how to accept the beautify of Nevin’s last flight. I hope she’ll learn how soon! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 4: Everything must have a beginning

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 4: Neko Land and the Duel of Faiths

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 4, “Everything Must Have a Beginning,” Chise Hatori and Elias Ainsworth travel to a land where cats are literally king. But an ancient evil is brewing and threatens them with death and disaster. Can Hatori unlock her powers in time to save them? Or will a new enemy’s plan destroy her — and her dreams?

Armed with her courage, incense, a branch, a cloak, and of course an Ariel, Hatori walks across the pond. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 5: Love conquers all

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 5: Family Ties and Flower to Seeds

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 5, “Love Conquers All,” Mikhail Renfred pushes his psychological attack on Chise Hatori in the hopes of shattering her bond with Elias Ainsworth. Why is the Thorn Mage just watching this happen? Later, Hatori discovers the heart-breaking truth behind Matthew and Mina. Must she grant Mina’s tragic request? Or can she find another way?

With the Ariel’s help, Hatori was able to bring about a much better ending for Mina and Matthew. She’s carving out quite the niche for herself! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 6: The Faerie Queene

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 6: Renfred’s Relief and the Faerie Queene

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 6, “The Faerie Queene,” Mikhail Renfred again taunts Elias Ainsworth for putting Chise Hatori in danger. Plus, despite having his own uses for the corruption that Hatori cures, he’s visibly relieved that Hatori is unharmed after she completed her mission. Concern for Hatori? Some other nefarious purpose only a sorcerer would understand? Exhausted from her effort, Hatori sleeps for weeks while Elias watches over her. She awakens to an infusion of magic from Oberon, King of the Faeries. He had tagged along (uninvited) when Titania, the Queen, paid Elias a surprise visit. What’s their interest in Hatori? And why do they all seem to want to keep Elias at arm’s length?

For some series, this might have been the stuff of fan service. For this series, Titania is simply who she is: the Queene of nature and overflowing abundance! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 7: Talk of the devil, and he is sure to appear

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 7: The Black Dog and The Rage of Thorns

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 7, “Talk of the devil, and he is sure to appear,” Elias Ainsworth takes Chise Hatori to work on the third and last errand from the Church: investigate a huge shaggy dog. They arrive to find police on the scene. Someone’s been killed by a creature with teeth and fangs. Can Hatori withstand the horror of such a death? What about the creature she meets in the cemetery? Finally, can any of then survive Elias’ rage?

We get to see Hatori learn some magic! She’s so polite about it, too! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 8: Let sleeping dogs lie

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 8: Boredom’s Price and a New Familiar

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 8, “Let sleeping dogs lie,” Elias Ainsworth attacks Cartaphilus’s preying mantis familiar in retaliation for it striking down Chise Hatori. Can Elias best the chimera? Can the man who’s also a church grim retrieve Hatori from the edge of death? With Hatori so injured, who will call Elias back to his previous form? And just what is Cartaphilus trying to accomplish, anyway?

While both seemed to benefit, it seemed Ruth got a whole new lease on life as Hatori’s familiar. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 9: None so deaf as those who will not hear

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 9: Perspectives on Love and Needed Adjustments

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 9, “None so deaf as those who will not hear,” it’s Chise Hatori’s turn to be worried about Elias Ainsworth as he hasn’t come out of his room for two weeks. When she finally confronts him, she sees him in a form he’d prefer to keep hidden. She also encounters a vampire who has an unusual attachment to a human — and a fondness for rose gardens. Finally, Hatori receives an invitation to visit the dragons, but this time it doesn’t involve kidnapping!

It might not be human love, but Joel’s eyes seemed to touch some deep emotion in the Leannán Sídhe. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 10: We live and learn

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 10: Mysterious Origins and Lindel’s Master

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 10, “We live and learn,” Chise Hatori accepts Lindel’s invitation to visit the Land of the Dragons, but with a strange twist — she’s to come alone with Ruth. Why does Lindel want to separate her from Elias Ainsworth? Why did Elias agree to let her go alone? And what’s this about Hatori being Lindel’s granddaughter?

This show blends fantastical elements like the selkie with the mundane so well it’s almost like a documentary. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 11: Lovers ever run before the clock

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 11: A Lonely Heart and Secrets Long Hidden

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 11, “Lovers ever run before the clock,” Lindel continues telling Chise Hatori about how he took on Elias Ainsworth as his apprentice. Apparently, it was quite a surprise — for both of them! The tale includes a nearly-fatal run in with villagers who mistook Elias’ shadowy presence for evil and lashed out on Lindel. How do you think Elias reacted to their attack on his master? Hint: You’ve seen how protective Elias can be if the people in his life are threatened…

For Elias (and some of us!), feelings are hard. It takes a lot of work to put them into words, and even more work to share them! Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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Episode 12: Better to ask the way than go astray

The Ancient Magus’ Bride Episode 12: A New Perspective and the Journey Home

In The Ancient Magus’ Bride episode 12, “Better to ask the way than go astray,” Elias Ainsworth finds that the longer Chise Hatori is away, the less he wants to do anything. And he still doesn’t understand why! Lindel puts the finishing touches on the wand Hatori had carved. As soon as she touches it, it transports her to the plane where Nevin’s soul resides. He gives her a new, healing perspective on her life. After the talk, Hatori’s anxious to get home to Elias, and she uses her wand to transform into a phoenix — with the help of some of the flame sprites — to fly home in style. What will she say when she sees Elias again?

After flying as a phoenix from the Land of Dragons, Hatori reunites with Elias. Capture from the Crunchyroll stream.

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