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The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11 Review – Quick Summary

In The Detective is Already Dead episode 11, “A Light in the Midst of Hope,” Kimihiko Kimizuka fired his pistol at Chameleon, which caused Chameleon to drop Nagisa Natsunagi into the ocean. Can she survive a fall from that height? Is there anyone left on the ship to rescue her, since Yui Saikawa had completed the evacuation? How long can Kimihiko hold out, given how well Chameleon’s monster form can deflect his bullets? And where did Charlotte Arisaka Anderson disappear to?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11: Well, at least he's honest

It takes courage to flat out admit you have no idea what you’re doing! Capture from the Funimation stream.

This episode had a couple of moments of honesty and insight, and I appreciated that. One of the first moments was my favorite quote of the show. Kimihiko had shot Chameleon’s tail, which caused Nagisa to plummet toward the ocean. Fortunately, Yui showed up just in time with a speed boat and an air rescue cushion. 

Talk about lucky! Someone paid attention to what was on sale…

Anyway, Kimihiko reflected on how well they’d done so far, what with Yui completing the ship’s evacuation and saving Nagisa and all. As he stood considering his next move, he realized he really didn’t have one.

“To be honest,” he said (04:43), “I’m just winging it.”

I appreciate that level of honesty in a character. It builds trust!

Best in Show Moment for The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11: Siesta is back, in Nagisa's form

Better late than never, I guess? Capture from the Funimation stream.

Setup: A Crowded House

It’s got to be getting crowded in the body that’s housing Hel, Alicia, Nagisa, and Siesta. How does that even work? I think Siesta’s heart probably has some kind of agency — she more or confirmed it when she said (14:24), “The truth is, my heart is of a slightly exceptional make.”

So, Alicia had been Hel but in psychologically suppressed form, right? Then, when Hel inserted Siesta’s heart (did that mean she had two hearts or did Siesta’s heart have some kind of quick-connect cables?), that gave Siesta a chance to take over Hel. But she then abandoned Kimi… why then? Why didn’t she just stay with Kimihiko? Or did Hel take over again, only to lose control later?

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11: Siesta looks out from Hel's face

I’m really not clear on how all this works. Capture from the Funimation stream.

I think I still don’t know how Hel/Alicia/Siesta became Nagisa. Or is Nagisa a new body? If so, how did she get Siesta’s heart? Or did Hel die and donate her heart to Nagisa, who then inherited Hel’s looks, Siesta’s eyes, and (maybe) Alicia’s… whatever? 

That could be awkward…

Maybe it’s not important to the narrative that I understand the mechanisms. That’s a legitimate consideration. But if that’s the case, I wish the narrative made it more obvious that the mechanism is not important. Because in a show about detectives and solving mysteries, that mysterious mechanism attracts a lot of my curiosity, and it’s hard to ignore it.

Delivery: Nice Seeing Siesta Again

All that said, I did enjoy seeing Siesta again in this episode, especially because she brought my favorite moment along with her. 

Kimihiko had survived the Chameleon’s lizard form demolishing the deck to crash him and Kimihiko to the compartments below. That put them out of range of Charlotte’s anti-materiel rifle, which seemed like it could do some serious damage to Chameleon.

As Kimihiko regained consciousness, he began to remember what the spores had made him forget. He remembered that Siesta’s heart had taken over Hel’s body, and we could tell because first one, then both of Hel’s eyes turned bright blue. Maybe remembering who he had lost made him despair, or maybe he’s just not that bright (though that’s probably a false dichotomy — he might well be a despairing idiot), Kimihiko decided to meet Chameleon’s charge head-on, bare-handed.

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11: If you're out of options, choosing to charge is as good as anything

Not his brightest moment. But I can’t deny he showed a bit of courage. Capture from the Funimation stream

Before I could even say to myself just how stupid that was, we heard a voice say (21:12), “How stupid are you, Kimi?” A single shot rang out, and Chameleon dropped. 

Kimihiko turned to see Nagisa with Siesta’s eyes, so that plus the attitude suggested we were now looking at Siesta. She removed any doubt I might have had when she added (21:22), “Hand-to-hand combat against a monster? You can’t even call that ‘rash’ — more like ‘madness’.”

She always did have a keen eye.

What did you think of Charlotte’s attack on Chameleon? What were your favorite moments? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11 Review – Best In Show

  1. Yeah the mechanics kinda became irrelevant to me when Hel just picked out somebody else’s heart and simply placed it into his own chest. Plug and play.

    So right, we have at least four people in one body. I’m still trying to filter through all that in my mind to consider if it even makes sense. It’s awfully convenient in one sense, as it allows all the loose ends of the story to be tied off in this ridiculous thing where we throw out all reality (those mechanics you mentioned). But on the other, it might be a really interesting play on the show’s title: the detective can’t actually die!

    Maybe one more episode is all it will take to resolve everything satisfactory. Though I am finding the show a little blah overall at this point. But, I’ve seen plodding shows become epic in a single final episode before, so we’ll see.

    1. “But, I’ve seen plodding shows become epic in a single final episode before, so we’ll see.”

      You know, it’s worth it to me to watch the last episode just to see if they could pull that off. I see no possible way they could do that! But I’ve come this far.

      And it would be amazing if they could do it!

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