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The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 7 Review – Quick Summary

In The Detective is Already Dead episode 7, “In Time, You Will Recall this Day”, Alicia was super-excited to play the role of detective while Siesta recovered from a leg injury. One person who did not feel excited about the situation was Kimihiko Kimizuka. He had to follow Alicia all around the city as she searched for the Eye of Sapphire. Generally speaking, Alicia didn’t walk anywhere. She ran. After several days, they had gotten no closer to finding their objective. Would Kimihiko’s stamina last long enough for them to succeed? Can he last until Siesta heals? And are they sure they’re on the right mission?

Note: This post may include spoilers, so be cautious.

Favorite Quote from The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 7

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 7: Alicia is pretty perceptive for a kid

Alicia seems to have a discerning eye, whatever her past may be. Capture from the Funimation stream.

We still don’t know exactly who Alicia is. But we learned a few clues about her in this episode. For example, Alicia mentioned that running around town (emphasis on the ‘running’) was fun (05:51) “‘cuz it’s the first time I’ve been able to go outside in awhile!”

She also showed herself to be a shrewd judge of character. She thought she found the Eye of Sapphire in a jewelry store window. She started to go in and Kimihiko asked if she expected him to pay for the very expensive piece of rock.

Looking him up and down with a growing look of disdain, she asked (04:25), “Kimizuka, are you poor?”

She’s not wrong…

Best in Show Moment for The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 7

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 7: It appears Siesta remembers last night...

So, it’s possible for even Siesta to feel embarrassed! Good to know! Capture from the Funimation stream.

Setup: Do They Like Each Other or Not?

You know that I’ve been struggling with this series. It presents scenarios that are hard for me to understand, like security guards letting Kimihiko run all over a venue until he finally needs to go to somewhere specific — like what happened in episode 4

Or asking a child to take lead on an investigation — like what happened in this episode. I can try to explain Kimihiko running all around town to keep up with Alicia as Siesta’s plan to keep the child occupied while Siesta’s leg healed. But it just didn’t feel plausible. Or a smart thing to do with a child of unknown origins.

But I’m going to keep trying to find things to celebrate in these episodes. Fortunately, the show threw me a bone. The relationship developing between Siesta and Kimihiko continues to be fun in a slow, sexy “will they or won’t they” sort of way.

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 7: Alicia felt weirded out by how in sync Kimihiko and Siesta acted

Even Alicia noticed how much in sync Siesta and Kimihiko acted. Capture from the Funimation stream.

Consider the previous episode. Siesta put on an apron and tried to bake an apple pie for Kimihiko, just as an act of gratitude. It’s not her fault that he let Alicia eat all the apples. Just like it’s not her fault Kimihiko found himself unable to go back to the market to buy more apples. To me, it looked like she’s trying. 

I think she sent an even more clear signal back in the extended first episode. Remember when Siesta cos-played in a wedding dress? It’s been years since I was part of the dating scene, but back then, a young woman did not just wear a wedding dress unless she was trying to make some kind of statement. Even as a joke.

So, I think Siesta is sending signals that our lead-brick of a male lead just is not picking up.

Delivery: We Have An Answer! Don’t We?

In this episode, after Alicia went up to her room, Siesta and Kimihiko stayed in the restaurant to talk. Actually, unless my eyes deceived me, Siesta did her best to get Kimihiko to drink wine. Still under age at this spot in the timeline, he declined. So, Siesta did the only polite thing. She drank for him.

I’ll tell you this for free: I like drunk Siesta! Seeing her happily bounce around on the bed dressed only in a robe was probably the series highlight for me. And her voice sounded so carefree! You might think I’m kidding in a lewd way, but I’m serious. She looked so happy and carefree and absolutely gorgeous that this was peak Siesta. 

Our friend Kimihiko did not pick up on the vibes she was sending. Not even a little bit. He felt uncomfortable, so he knew something was going on, but I really don’t think he had a clear idea of what. Siesta’s bright, so seeing that her approach didn’t work, she invited him onto the bed with her.

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 7: Well, Siesta had to take the lead, because Kimihiko certainly wasn't about to!

So, this is what it takes to get the basic idea through to Kimihiko! Kinda feel sorry for the guy… Capture from the Funimation stream.

They flirted. Even then, he looked miserable. So, she played a card that had worked for her before: She asked (15:12), “So would you rather I never toy with you ever again, Kimi? Would you rather I not talk to you?” 

Finally, something that forced him to clearly evaluate the situation! The scene faded to black and…

And what?

The Aftermath

So, did they have a romantic encounter or what?

There are two pieces of evidence to consider. First, Kimihiko wore exactly what he had before the suggestive fade to black. That argues against any kind of intimate encounter. Second, did you see Siesta’s reaction? She woke up all adorably bleary eyed. She looked at Kimihiko, then she looked down at her disheveled gown. 

Remember I said I liked drunk Siesta? I also liked Embarrassed The Morning After Siesta, too! Dang, she looks cute when she get all embarrassed. In fact, that’s my favorite moment from this episode (17:07).

Yes, she wanted to erase Kimihiko’s memories. But I didn’t get a sense of personal regret. I don’t think anything happened. If she felt any regret, it was that nothing happened. I think Siesta fell asleep.

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 7: Siesta looks disappointed

She looks a little disappointed… Capture from the Funimation stream.

As circumstantial evidence, I’d like to add something that Reddit user kappaderickz mentioned in a Reddit thread about this episode. He linked to an interview with The Detective is Already Dead’s writer, Nigojuu. They asked him about that scene, and the writer said said, “Kimitsuka said in Volume 1 that there was nothing, but I also learned that he had lost his memory, and Kimitsuka is an unreliable narrator … Only Siesta knows what happened. I’ll leave that to the reader’s imagination (laughs).”

What did you think of the reveal at the end about Fubi Kase? What were your favorite moments in this episode? Let me know in the comments!

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